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					Atlanta, Georgia is unarguably the principle city of the Southeast. With
a population topping five million (according to the 2010 US Census),
Atlanta is only rivaled by Miami Florida in number of inhabitants. Its
geographic location, positioned in the center of the Southeast (Georgia,
Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and the Carolinas) makes it
ideal as a hub for interstate commerce, ground transportation and air
travel.It's little wonder why so many established businesses and
commercial enterprises have made Atlanta their home or regional
headquarters for Georgia and the Southeast. According to the Metro-
Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, the city of Atlanta headquarters an even
dozen Fortune 500 companies, 2100 international headquarters and
literally thousands of small businesses and business franchises.Other
than the vibrant population and bustling local economy, Atlanta has a
number of attractive qualities that makes it a formidable rival for
traditional business centers like New York or Chicago. To begin with,
Atlanta boasts a tremendous labor pool. With three major universities
(Emory, Georgia Tech and Georgia State University) Atlanta's local,
talented work force makes the city convenient to recruit executives,
engineers, attorneys, managers, or whatever else is needed. When
companies do find a need to import talent from other states or even
countries, Atlanta has a lot to offer and our Atlanta lawyers are always
here to assist your business.The cost of living is relatively low in the
Big Peach. This is very attractive to entry-level prospects and junior
executives who are looking to stretch their salaries. In addition,
Georgia is also known for it's moderate climate. Summers aren't
scorching, like you'll find in other southern cities, and winter snow is
a rare occurrence. Weather is important, as Atlanta is a culture and
sports Mecca. All four major sports franchises are represented and there
are events and celebrations the year round.Transportation to and from
Atlanta is yet another commercial advantage that this city has to offer
over its rivals. Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport serves as a hub
for several national and international airlines. Over eighty percent of
the United States is accessible within two hours from Hartsfield-Jackson.
That means shorter flights and fewer connections. Your executives,
lawyers and salespeople will less time in the air and more time
working.Whether you are already having a business concern in Georgia, or
are looking to relocate, it benefits businessmen and commerce companies
in every industry to consider Atlanta as a base for their business
operations. That's why the Atlanta business lawyers at Boling Rice, LLC
are always here to help with your questions and concerns.

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