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evaluation proposal by huanghengdong


									                                                   Evaluation Proposal   1


                           Evaluation Proposal

                               Jodie Hale

                          Boise State University


                              EDTECH 505

                            Dr. Jeremy Tutty

                             October 8, 2008
                                                                              Evaluation Proposal     2

Title of Proposal
Determing Instructional Purposes Training Package Evaluation

Statement of whom it’s submitted to and who’s submitting
       The proposal is being submitted to Far West Laboratories. It will be submitted by the
individual hired to do the evaluation.

        Far West Laboratory for Educational Research and Development (FWL) developed this
training package for the purpose of training school administrators and graduate students in
educational administration in skills related to planning of effective school programs. An external
evaluation will be done to determine how effective the training package is at meeting the
objectives of the organization. The training package as a whole as well as each component of the
package will be evaluated for value. This evaluation will be used to determine if it is profitable
to continue printing and marketing the units of the training package.

 Description of Program being Evaluated
    This program was designed to create a training package that could be distributed to school
districts and universities country wide. It was created to train administrators as well as graduate
students majoring in administration on how to develop an effective school. The package is
divided into units. There are three units, setting goals, analyzing problems, and deriving
objectives. The package is set up so that each unit can be taught individually or as a whole
concept. The units can be done in a relatively short time or as long as a few weeks.
    The workshops or other types of training courses conducted with materials are directed by a
coordinator. The coordinator’s role is to organize, guide and monitor the activities involved in
the training. There is a handbook and other materials included for the coordinator in the training

Evaluation Method
         The purpose of this evaluation is to make an informed recommendation to FWL to either
print and market the units or to quit distributing them. This evaluation will be used by FWL and
its affliates. The information collected about the effectivenss of the current use of this program
will be used to evaluate possible future expansions or retractions in the unit’s distribution.
         The program will be evaluated in several ways. First of all, the effectiveness of each
component and the package as a whole will be evaluated. Surveys will be used to understand
how effective the program is perceived to be at helping administrators create a more effective
school. Another important part of this evaluation will be looking at how well the training
provided was implemented in individual schools and universities.
         It will also be understood at the end of this evaluation how easy or difficult it is to
implementat and acquire the material contained in these units. The evaluator will also look at
cost effectiveness and determine if it is a barrier or aide in marketing the units.
         There will be many different tools utilized to collect data. First of all surveys will be used
to understand opinions of the coordinators and trainees as to the ease and functionality of these
units. Surveys will also be distributed to employees in the districts where these units are being
implemented by administrators as to if and how well these units are working. There will also be
tests given to understand how well the trainees are meeting the objectives of the program.
                                                                          Evaluation Proposal    3

Task Schedule
   1) Establish Evaluation Questions (5/1- 6/1)
   2) Create an Evaluation Design (6/2-7/1)
   3) Collect Data (7/2-9/1)
   4) Analyze Data (9/2-10/1)
   5) Draw Conclusions for Data (10/2-11/1)
   6) Make Decisions on Program’s effectiveness, efficiency and impact (11/2-12/1)
   7) Report to Stakeholders (12/2-12/31)

 Project Personnel
        The evaluator has a degree in Educational Technology from Boise State University. He
is owner of his own evaluation company, and has a long standing record of relevant and accurate
evaluations for over 10 years. There are a vast array of employees with many different abilities
that will be participating in this evaluation. The skills of the employees of this company include
understanding how to make dual arguments about a program’s components and being able to
effectively understand every aspect of a program and its importance. It is also important that we
look at this program from a variety of vantage points.


                    Type                                              Salary
   Dr. Reader: Senior Evaluator and Owner                      $10,000 for 8 months
          James Young: Employee                                 $5,000 for 8 months
              Project Secretary                                 $5,000 for 8 months
               Total Personnel                                 $20,000 for 8 months

Travel and per Diem
One 3-day round trip: Boise to Miami $ 800
Estimated miscellaneous mileage: 1500 miles at $.30 per mile $ 450
Four site visits at estimated average of $400 travel and per diem
per visit $ 500

Telephone (Estimated average of $300 per month for 6 months) $ 1800
Postage $ 200

Supplies, Materials and Photocopying
Supplies and Photocopying $ 1000
Materials (50 sets of all three units) 129.95 * 50 =$6500
Set of 10 Coordinator Handbooks 10*24.95=$250


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