Horse Stomach ulcers and prevention by anamaulida


									According to studies done in major countries around 80 to 90 percent of
racehorses in training, around 84 percent of yearlings and about 51
percent of foals have stomach ulcers. Ulcers in case of horses are the
consequence of erosion of the stomach lining caused due to over exposure
to digestive acids that the horse's stomach secretes continuously. The
presence of ulcers often causes a severe discomfort to the horse in worse
cases it also result in death.      Symptoms:

  If your horse is suffering from, Chromic colic, poor body condition,
Loss or low appetite, drop in performance, unusual attitude while
handling or riding over, Dull hair coat, change in eating habits, change
in drinking behavior, Losses temper or even continuous change in the body
weight than there is a possibility that your horse is suffering from
Equine Ulcer Syndrome,In case of foal symptoms such as, grinding of
teeth, laying back on their backs, intermittent diarrhea, Irregular
colic, alleviation, frequently interrupted nursing and poor growth lead
to having stomach ulcers.     Causes:      The horses that graze have les
chances of having ulcers as they eat many small meals frequently, the
stomach of such horses is never empty thus there is less chance of acids
to be produced in the stomach thereby avoiding ulcers. But if the horses
do not eat frequently then increase in acid levels in stomach are likely
to develop ulcers in them. Increase in the exercises or physical activity
by the horses, often leads to change in feeding i.e. increases fasting
which increase the risk of ulcer development. Medications given in higher
dosages also contribute to stomach ulcers in horses.       Preventive
Measures:      The causes itself give the preventive measures to avoid
stomach ulcers in horses. As we know that acids produced in the stomach
is the main cause of ulcer, than keeping it to the bay would be the first
step towards it. Keep your horse feeding at regular intervals allow it to
graze, feed the horse with food that is high of roughage which will
increase the production of saliva and help in neutralizing the acids
produced in the stomach thereby avoiding ulcers. Cut on the physical
activity until you observe improvement in the appetite. Keep the horse
food easily accessible in case you are not around to avid long
fastenings. Horses that are suffering from bleeding ulcers should be
provided with iron and blood building minerals.       Treatment:
Lomac Equine a generic version of GastroGard treats and prevents the
recurrence of gastric ulcers in horses and foal that 4 weeks of age or
older. Lomac Equine treats horses even while they are under physical
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