Stroke Screenings Can Save Lives

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					People these days seem to be nonchalant about their health and they just
go on with their daily lives. This results into millions of death with
stroke as the third leading causes. This condition leads to death because
people don't do the recommended preventive measures like recognizing the
symptoms, identifying your risk factors, taking stroke screenings and
changing your lifestyle.       Taking time to recognize the signs of
stroke will actually only take a few minutes of your time. To give you an
idea the American Stroke Association has come up with the list of the
most common signs of stroke and they are numbness on the face, arms legs,
headache, having hard time speaking and understanding, blurry vision and
experiencing trouble in keeping your balance and feeling dizzy.

  These are just some of the major symptoms of stroke and if you
experience any of these, you should seek medical attention right away
because you'll never know you might just had a minor stroke. It is
important to pay attention to little details like this because this can
help you prevent complications or even save your life.       Another way
to prevent stroke is by identifying the risk factors. Do you smoke and
drink a lot? Do you have diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure?
Do you have family history? If you have answered yes even in just one of
these questions then that makes you a good candidate to undergo stroke
screenings.       These risk factors actually help in preventing stroke.
These serve as an eye-opener to people, to make significant changes in
their lives as early as possible. Say if they smoke a lot, they can kick
this habit slowly but surely. It's hard to quit smoking but if you really
care about your health and you want to live much longer then you should
do whatever it takes to take this out from your system.      Most don't
recognize the risk of eating fatty foods and those that are high
cholesterol. Over time this will take a toll on you much more if you
don't exercise regularly or you don't have any activity that can help you
burn everything you eat and drink. You should watch what you eat and it's
highly recommended that you exercise regularly like jogging around the
neighbourhood or by going to the gym.      Taking preventive measures
like changing your lifestyle will never be enough. It is recommended to
seek the opinion of a physician and undergo screenings that can identify
if you're really at risk for stroke. In this way, you can easily prevent
this condition and extend your life. You should take screenings at least
once a year and make sure to strictly follow the orders of your physician
in order to prevent having minor or major stroke.       If you want to
live a healthier and much longer life then start paying attention to your
health now and take stroke screenings once you've identified your risk
factors and if you're experience any of the symptoms mentioned
beforehand. Early prevention is the key to save your life so make sure to
do the necessary steps if you want to live longer.

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