Will Your STD Ruin Your Life by anamaulida


									Developing a suspicion that you may have a sexually transmitted disease
can be nothing short of devastating. Whether it's because symptoms are
beginning to crop up or you've found out a partner is infected and/or was
unfaithful, your heart will race. If the STD testing proves your fears
were properly founded, the consequences may influence your relationships
and therefore your entire life.       Take a deep breath. It's normal to
panic in such a situation, but the advancements of medicine have made it
possible to either cure or manage almost every sexually-related

  That doesn't mean you can be lax where your health is concerned,
however. Any sexual activity necessitates a routine STD test. It may be
best to utilize the specialized services of a women's health clinic in
order to complete an STD screen during your PAP appointment, which should
occur annually.       In between PAP smears and infection screening, make
sure to pay attention to what is happening with your body. A regular
inspection with a hand mirror is always advisable, just as self-exams for
the breasts should be part of the monthly routine of every adult woman.
If you have a legitimate reason to believe you've been exposed, don't
wait for symptoms to manifest before making an appointment. It may be
embarrassing, but illnesses like gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and syphilis can
be banished quickly and easily when caught early on.       Herpes and HIV
are certainly on the more severe end of the spectrum, but with close
communication with your gynecologist and a degree of caution and plenty
of protection in your sexual encounters, you can still proceed to have
fairly normal relationships. With the right treatment, HIV doesn't have
to be a death sentence anymore.       But it is better to take
preventative measures. Be respectful and open in your sexual encounters,
and remember that protection should never be taken for granted.
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