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					This winter J R Perry's Sickle Cell Entertainment Show & J R Perry's
Sickle Cell Telethon will be Aired on Punch TV Network with a footprint
of 80 million homes. This network will be the first To support awareness
for sickle cell anemia in the history of television. This is a long
overdue Platform for sickle cell anemia with the blessings of two great
men coming together. Mr. Joseph Collins CEO of Punch TV Network   and Mr. J R Perry CEO of J R PERRY'S SICKLE CELL
& LOVE DROP RADIO to whom both will fulfill
the void by replacing The Jerry Lewis Kids Model with the

  Sickle Cell kids movement. J R Perry has been a worldwide activist and
highly published author for sickle cell anemia for over 12 years. J R
Perry's son was born with sickle cell anemia in 1999. J R shut down his
recording studio and TV production company out of Los Angeles as a single
father and took his son to Detroit, Michigan in which medical providers
had more experience with sickle cell anemia and could offer the best
treatment for his son.       Although LA is big city, Detroit has much
more experience with Sickle Cell Anemia because blacks are affected more
in larger numbers. Detroit having 90 percent blacks thats what motivated
J R Perry to move back to detroit Michigan. THE J R PERRY SHOW was on the
air for many years      Since 1983 until 2003 airing over 900 hundred
shows worldwide. J R Perry was one of the first African American Talk
Show Host / Producer's to hit cable or television.. Mr. Perry's show was
a outlet for many national acts and music videos when MTV and others
didn't play urban videos when Mr. Perry gave the exposure. J R has always
been a portal for the underdog, he was the only media to interview the
FOOTHILL POLICE 3 weeks after the Rodney King riot.      So again J R
Perry is fighting for the underdog like Sickle Cell Anemia by using his
TV Directing skills for Sickle Cell Entertainment variety shows, to
telethons. The show will be broadcasted from LAS VEGAS, NEVADA at THE
inside the Swingers Club       You will see
history on Punch TV Network coming this winter. Punch TV believes in
giving back to the community and by touching on topics that make a
difference in people's lives. J R Perry's Sickle Cell Entertainment Show
has a 4 year track record on the ground in Las Vegas, Nevada and now it
will be on the air on Punch TV Network coming in February 2012 into
80million homes all over our nation. Mr. Joseph Collins has a passion to
educate and uplift his viewers on the oldest inherited disease on the
planet. Sickle cell anemia and Mr. J R Perry has a voice that must be
heard and a commitment to bring global awareness to cure sickle cell
anemia off the face of this earth by supporting THE SICKLE CELL CURE
FOUNDATION that has a cure that is
in clinical trials and as the bible says THE LAST WILL BE FIRST AND THE
FIRST WILL BE LAST. Please call your cable providers and request PUNCH TV
in your area as we are Eradicating a Deadly Disease Through Science, Love
and Music Are you thirsty yet?

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