; Autism Causes - What Are the Roots of This Troubling Malady
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Autism Causes - What Are the Roots of This Troubling Malady


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									There has been a lot of research till date by medical professionals and
research workers on the autism causes but still there is not one opinion
on the autism causes. Many experts have different ideas on the autism
causes. Some experts may say that one of the autism causes is due the
combination of environmental and genetic factors. Some say one of the
autism causes is due to the fact that it has been inherent in the child's
family. Hence, even the experts will not agree on one single statement.
The fact that there are no specific autism causes is very frustrating for
many. There have been a lot of funds invested to continue the research
work on autism causes and take the information to a higher level.
Therefore, in the months and years to come we can expect some major
findings on the autism causes. http://autism-therapies.com There is a
big controversy related to the autism causes. Large numbers of people
have their own beliefs and are passionate about this issue so they keep
contributing to the research work. Lately we have seen that the general
public has been provided awareness on autism causes by articles, books
and different TV programs. All this contribution by the forms of media
has definitely heated up the controversy. We will look at a few autism
causes which are backed by strong supporters. http://autism-
therapies.com There are two theories that are related with vaccines and
autism. The first of these autism causes theories states that MMR (Mumps-
Measles-Rubella) vaccine is in some causes likely to cause complications
that May later on lead to the development of autism. The second autism
causes theory explains that thimerosal (preservative based on mercury)
used in specific vaccines could lead to autism. To know more about autism
causes you can read Do Vaccines Cause Autism? http://autism-
therapies.com When it comes to autism causes, there is a strong
possibility that the autism runs through the family of the person
affected. This has been proved by studies that people who have had
history of autism in their family are more likely to have a child with an
autistic disorder. Moreover, parents who have a child with an autistic
disorder are likely to have another child with autistic disorder.
Therefore, having one child with the disorder is also one of the autism
causes for another child. http://autism-therapies.com Dr. Kanner
believes that one of the autism causes is bad parenting. Moreover, autism
can be mainly caused by atypical brain development, an immune deficiency
problem, poor nutrition and food allergies.   http://www.autism-

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