Joint Pain Medications For Arthritis

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					Joint pain medications have been used by many people suffering from joint
pains. This proven method of joint pain treatment has been the initial
recommendation of most doctors to their patients. Different medications
offer different results, but they generally provide relief for joint
pain.      Joint pain could be caused by a lot of conditions. But the
most complained of them may be osteoarthritis. Various factors affect the
occurrence of osteoarthritis. The most common cause of this condition is
aging. It could also be caused by obesity or a previous injury.

  NSAIDs, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, contain pain-killing,
anti-inflammatory, and fever-reducing properties. Among the most
recommended NSAIDs are ibuprofen, naproxen, and aspirin. These joint pain
medications have been proven of their efficacy. However, these may give
side effects such as stomach problems, bleeding, and may even lead to
ulcer if taken in high doses.      A popular drug that doctors recommend
to joint pain sufferers is Tylenol. This is not a type of NSAID as it
only reduces one's fever and pain. It does not contain any property to
treat inflammation in the joints, but it contains fewer side effects than
NSAIDs. This is advisable for people having joint pains without any
inflammation.      Celebrex is another joint pain medication that lies
along the group of NSAIDs. This drug can reduce joint pain caused by
arthritis. This also relieves other symptoms of the condition like
stiffness and swelling. However, high dosage may raise the risks of
serious heart problems, so this should be taken in moderation.
Corticosteroids are also effective in relieving joint pain, as well as
the inflammation. The effects of this medication can be felt immediately,
but only last for a little period.      There are artificial fluids that
help in adding lubrication to the joints. These give additional
flexibility and mobility to the injected joint. In this method, pain is
relieved and may last for about 3 to 6 months.      Herbal supplements
are also being promoted to help relieve joint pains. Although most
doctors do not advise people to use these supplements as a general
treatment for pain, many still rely on these products because of the
effectiveness experienced by most users. These have been known to have no
side effects as natural ingredients have been used in their formulation.
However, it's still best to consult your physician first.       A healthy
diet and adequate exercise also add to the relief of joint pains. Obese
people should be more aware of losing weight as it greatly adds to the
pressure brought to the joints. With proper diet, exercise, and these
joint pain medications, you can focus more on enjoyable and more
productive activities than just sitting and watching television.       If
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