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					Read the current materials which can be found. If you are nevertheless
intrigued, contact any of the naturopathic associations for a referral to
a quality naturopath in your area.   A acceptable word of caution. You
have to keep up your contacts with all your medical doctor as naturopathy
is a complementary not a stand alone health care system. You might
consider a visit to a functional medicine physician or an osteopath. Both
are medically trained and may provide naturopathic options to their
clients. What ever choice you make you should become informed
approximately naturopathy. It is a process that is working well for many
who wish to have a more nature centered health care focus. .Naturopathy
is simply another word for natural medicine. It is a very old science
(the word 'science' means knowledge) that's its roots in American indian
and Chinese healing traditions. In the west these traditions have
branched out into many different disciplines, but the core of them all is
naturopathic nutritional therapy, or simply naturopathic nutrition.
Naturopathy Educational institutions    Naturopathic training nowadays
fall into two types. The first type is sometimes known as 'natural
hygiene'. It is about eating fresh, natural (quite often raw) food,
intrinsic cleansing, detoxification and going on a fast. With this type
associated with naturopathy, little has changed since pre-antibiotic
times, any time naturopathy was practised just by Harry Benjamin, Henry
Lindlahr and similar leaders with the natural health movement. It was a
very real and frequently effective treatment choice for killer infectious
diseases. Before the advent of antibiotics, diseases like scarlet fever,
diphtheria and tuberculosis were the biggest public health problems in
the day.   Today, chronic ill-health in the form of arthritis, heart
condition or hormonal problems is actually our greatest challenge.
Traditional naturopathy can occasionally help these conditions, but this
is the 'one diet fits all' approach which can be limited in its effect.
The other form of naturopathic school tends to help model itself on
standard medical schools, with an ever-stricter adherence to what has the
name the 'evidence-based' model. Your teaching of important curing
knowledge gleaned by professionals over many decades, is often left out
of these courses in preference of teaching the results associated with
clinical trials on nutritional supplements and herbal medicines.    These
schools can also phase out older editions of books highlight only texts
which have been rewritten to omit so-called 'unscientific' extremely
helpful insights, leaving only references to clinical trials together
with similar research. A notable example is the wonderful original
edition of Rudolf Fritz Weiss' book 'Herbal Medicine' which was bursting
with pure gold to get a practitioner whose priority may be to help sick
people. I have a copy of this book which i would not trade for 1, 000
copies in the latest 'scientifically censored' edition.    Becoming
People Well Again    Sadly it can be all too common now for any most
famous schools of naturopathy to go by this so-called 'evidence-based'
choice. After a student comes with spent 100, 000 dollars and four years
of her or his life on this version of training, the student may find that
he or she is actually lacking one simple grasp of holistic wellness, and
does not discover why many patients are not giving an answer to the

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