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					Heartburn is a condition that brings too much pain and discomfort to
millions worldwide. If you are a heartburn sufferer yourself, it is
common sense to know its causes if you want to effectively avoid it. This
article discusses the most frequent heartburn cause and ways how to avoid
them.Heartburn Cause #1. CaffeineCaffeine causes the lower esophagus
muscle, the part that opens when you swallow food, to weaken, thus,
allowing stomach contents to travel to the esophagus and irritate it.
That's why it is advised that you avoid food and drinks that have
caffeine, like coffee and tea.

Heartburn Cause #2 . Chocolate and cocoaCocoa, tea and coffee plants
contain a compound called theobromine, which can cause the les to
weaken.Heartburn Causes #3 SmokingNicotine is another factor that makes
the les relax too much. Additionally, it was found that smokers are
seventy percent more prone to getting heartburn, and are going to suffer
from worse symptoms unlike non-smokers. Other Causes of Heartburn include
#4. ObesityBeing overweight adds more pressure to the stomach, which
later adds more force to the les to further weaken, making the stomach
contents travel and reach the esophagus lining. 5. Tomato productsYou
should avoid anything that is tomato-based because those products are
shown to make the les relax and allow the stomach contents to reach the
esophagus. 6. Eating large mealsEating too much in one sitting will add
more force against your abdomen and more force to the refluxed food.7.
Lying down immediately at mealtimeWhen you eat and lie down, the stomach
contents will slide back to the throat, instead of staying in the
stomach.If you want to avoid these main heartburn cause, one of the best
things you can do is following the right diet for heartburn. The right
diet for you should be free from the Foods Reflux that cause heartburn,
of course. You should not eat fatty and acidic food because they cause
the les to weaken. Additionally, you should also avoid any pressure on
the stomach because it is another cause to make the les relax too much.
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