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Fairfax, VA Chiropractor Alleviates Headaches Naturally with Chiropractic


									Headaches are a common occurrence that can throw one off their stride,
while a chronic headache, which is defined as one that lasts for 15 days
of one month and goes on for three months straight, can make it
impossible for someone to function. How many people suffer from this type
of pain? Over 80% of the world's population must deal with common
headaches each year while 5% experience chronic head pain. Although drugs
may be used to combat the pain, they don't really solve the problem.
Natural Relief

  Chiropractic treatment for headaches, including migraines, is non-
intrusive, safe and effective. Working with the patient and using various
analytical techniques, the chiropractor determines the cause of the
headache and rather than simply treating the symptoms, which is what pain
relievers do, they focus on alleviating the cause.       Often the cause
of a headache will involve nerves or muscles that have been compromised.
However, other factors including environmental, dietary, social and
behavioral situations may have to be addressed in order for the patient
to remain pain free.       Finding and Neutralizing Triggers      One
aspect of chiropractic therapy focuses on identifying and neutralizing
triggers. A trigger is an activity, situation or food that may act as a
catalyst for a patient's headaches. Discovering the trigger is essential
in finding a cure for the pain. Some headache triggers include:       ·
Any type of stress-”emotional, physical or mental. ·     Poor posture. ·
Sudden changes in weather. ·     Odors. ·     Extreme emotions, either
pleasant or unpleasant. ·     Exposure to nitrite compounds, which are in
processed meats and specific medications. ·     Monosodium glutamate
(MSG), which may be found in soy sauce, meat tenderizers and various
processed foods ·     Foods that contain high amounts of tyramine, which
is an amino acid, such as cheddar cheese, chocolate and pickled products.
·    Exposure insecticides, cleaners and other household poisons.
Although it is often impossible to totally limit exposure to many of the
items listed above, moderating it can make a big difference. Patients who
get headaches from the above substances or situations will find that
symptoms and intensity vary from person to person.       Does
Chiropractic Work?      The Duke University Evidence-Based Practice
Center in Durham, North Carolina released a report based on headache
research that said, "spinal manipulation resulted in almost immediate
improvement for those headaches that originate in the neck, and had
significantly fewer side effects and longer-lasting relief of tension-
type headache than commonly prescribed medications."       In addition,
there are other studies, including one published in the Journal of
Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, revealing that those with
tension headaches who received chiropractic treatment experienced
benefits four weeks after stopping treatment. This was not the case with
drug therapy. Headaches related to stress, tension headaches and
migraines have all been relieved and cured by chiropractic methods.
The Process      In the Fairfax office of Dr. Hegazi, the process for
relief involves a physical examination, lifestyle evaluation and analysis
of all factors including physical, situational and psychological. Concept
Chiropractic and Rehab offers a complete evaluation of each patient's
headache pain. In this way, they work towards offering a solution that
will be effective for the long term.       Have you been in a car
accident? Fairfax chiropractor, Dr Shirine Hegazi can help. Visit for more information

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