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Hair Loss


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									Okay for the start out, I first stopped the many causes that I believe
have contributed to my hair loss and that is certainly to discontinue
with the topical treatments and the nimigen consumption. But even with
which, two months down the road, the hair loss fails to subside, so it
was time for you to take some real actions.    From the web, I came to
learnt of two drugs called Propecia, an oral medication, costing about
$95 dollars at the beginning for 28 pills, to become taken one pill a
day; and a topical locks spray called minoxidil (termed Regaine, Rogaine,
Growell, etc in the market) also at a $95 for starterst bottle that can
last 30 days. I went to a health care provider and was prescribed
Propecia, taking one pill on a daily basis for three months, after which
I stopped.    Why must stop? Firstly, there had been no improvement and
additionally, I began to experience what was mentioned as the side
effects of this drug, we. e. I begin to feel less manly, though it was a
minor side effect that the drug claimed and therefore it affect only a
small percentage of users. With these factors, I stopped using this drug
and the less- than- manly feeling, which was temporary finally subsided.
I did not use Minoxidil, as I also learnt of its unintended side effects
too. I want to checklist down the possible adverse reactions of these two
meds here: Propecia: Lack involving 'manliness'Minoxidil: Increase scalp
level of responsiveness, itchiness, dandruff, increase sensitivity to the
sun. And the most important drawback of these two scientific proven drugs
is that as soon as you stop using these several drugs, whatever new hair
that there is grow will fall ever again! Thus these two drugs are to be
used for life! Imagine the purchase price involved to maintain these
newly formed hair: $100 (for each of these treatments per month), this
amount means $1200 and more per year, and so on......    So after ending
the use of the Propecia, I began to explore natural ways associated with
cure. One method that i thought of was applying mild shampoo like Manley
Baby Shampoo, however its mild concentration was not strong enough to
clear the oilness of my own scalp. My hair loss may be due to oiliness
and dandruff when i did notice these symptoms like dandruff on my own
pillow.    So We decided to explore the help of professionals and there
was a huge array of choices from the dermatogists and hair treatment
centres. I went to one such hair treatment centre for a free consultation
and a lot of these 'professionals' scanned my hair, only to reveal many
patches of oil together with these 'professionals' introduced people a
package to crystal clear my scalp greasiness. The package cost a bomb and
I did so not like the pushiness of these professional in introducing
these packages to me. Also I have heard many stories of people having
spent more as compared to $10, 000 on these supposedly good cures only to
lose even more locks or having no progress seen, besides wasting their
own hard-earned money! Thus, hair treatment centres scared me off at that
point and I decided to consult a top hair dermatologist in Singapore
alternatively. It was not inexpensive. First consultation alone charge

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