; Can Cold Sore Lead To Encephalitis - Cold Sore Sufferer Got into Accident After Virus Affects His
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Can Cold Sore Lead To Encephalitis - Cold Sore Sufferer Got into Accident After Virus Affects His


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									According to a recent news on MSNBC.com, a person named as Steve Johnson
met with an accident after cold sore virus struck his brain and forms the
condition known as Encephalitis. He was completely blacked out while
driving his Ford F250 and mistakenly flipped his truck on the roadside.
The doctors diagnosed his condition and came to know that he was having a
recurrent fever blisters min. 3-4 times a year and was suffering from
cold or flu whenever he was distressed.      The doctors who checked his
condition also told to the press that he was having constant fatigue and
nausea since few last months. His memory was not very stable since last
few days. All these symptoms can be attributed to the excessive growth of
cold sore virus which is also known as Herpes Simplex Type 1 virus in
medical field.

  Doctors still can't believe the fact that such a minor viral infection
can turn into a disastrous physical condition. All these symptoms can
lead to only one disease which is known as Encephalitis, a dangerous
brain disorder. According to a recent survey, more than 50% of the entire
US population is affected with cold sore virus. And the cases of Herpes
Simplex Encephalitis infections are more than few hundred a year.
Considering these dangerous events of cold sore conditions, we must
prepare ourselves to prevent excessive cold sore infection. There are
several types of cold sore remedies available in the market which you can
try to control the growth of this virus. There are various types of
creams, lotions, drugs, medicines, steroids available in the market which
you can try to get the cold sore relief.      But most over the counter
products provide only symptomatic relief and can't provide complete cure
from cold sore infection. This is why natural remedies for cold sores are
most effective and they help to curb the growth of cold sore virus
organically. These natural cold sore treatments are harmless and not so
expensive like most OTC products.      You can either research these
natural cold sore remedies on the internet or else you can consult with
your family doctor regarding your condition and get proper cold sore
treatments. Natural cold sore remedies are most effective and helpful
when you combine them with right diet as well as regular exercise routine
on a daily basis. So I strongly recommend you to try only the best cold
sore remedies along with proper diet as well as exercise routine in order
to get maximum health benefits.

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