Colon Cancer Symptoms in Men and What Cures Them by anamaulida


									We need our colons. The colon stores matter to be excreted from the body
at our convenience. Without colons we would be like birds, having to
eliminate all the time. But like all cancers, colon cancer is only
representative of what is happening to the whole body. We don't suddenly
'catch' a cancer and it lodges in our colon. Things have been
deteriorating for quite some time when we finally realize we have cancer.
The whole body must be cured with nutrients, detoxification, and dietary
and lifestyle changes.Even if a section of the colon has to be removed,
because the tumor was growing quickly and pressing on adjacent
structures, the body can still be brought to a state of health whereby it
can eliminate cancer cells as they are being made daily and prevent the
formation of another tumor.Symptoms of colon cancer in men are numerous.
There could be constipation, blood in the stool, abdominal pain and
cramping and if a tumor is large enough it may be palpable. Diagnosis can
include a digital exam, endoscopy/colonoscopy, and the cancer blood test
markers, CEA and/or CA 19-9.We are encouraged by TV commercials for
cancer treatment to put up the good fight and beat Cancer. This gung-ho
approach is also fostered in what is called Heroic Medicine and it has
been said this Heroic Medicine is responsible for 90% of all health care
dollars being spent in the last two weeks of life. Shouldn't we be
spending 90% of health care dollars on the time period before we end up
in the hospital or feeling forced to undergo chemo and radiation?I once
had a patient with pancreatic cancer who informed me that he'd researched
that if he went the conventional route he had less than a 2% chance of
living 5 years. We began alternative measures but in two weeks he
returned saying he'd made up his mind to follow the conventional chemo
and radiation treatments only. I asked, 'why?'. He said his kids wanted
him to, that they would feel safer that way. This gives us much to think
about.It is difficult to determine if it is likely that you have colon
cancer. The symptoms of chronic constipation mimic those of colon cancer.
Whether you are simply constipated or whether you suspect tumor
formation, many with these symptoms feel more comfortable combining
conventional medicine with holistic approaches in what is referred to as
Complimentary or Integrative Medicine. Often the holistic measures
employed to alleviate chronic constipation will initiate the cure of any
cancer that may be forming. So why not begin doing the right thing even
if you diagnosis is not confirmed? Then, as you are doing the right
thing, taking the right nutrients for health and detox, you can pursue a
more firm diagnosis.Regarding treatment there is an important question to
ask here: If radiating a tumor is good because it kills cancer cells and
reduces the pressure the expanding tumor is applying to adjacent body
parts, is it also of concern that radiation mutates genes and causes
cancerous cells? And if chemo therapy is designed to kill cancer cells
while at the same time it destroys the immune system, will that make it
harder to have a cure with a compromised immune system? Both these
conventional therapies are aiming at the tumor, but neither is aiming at
the 'systemic' aspect of cancer.Viewing cancer as an ailment that is
everywhere in the blood at the same time and seeing tumors as just
conglomerations of cancer cells tells you that removing the tumor by
surgery, chemo, or radiation, will not stop the body from forming new
cancer cells as it does in all of us every day. Our immune system is
constantly working on reducing the number of cancer cells on a daily
basis. It is only when it can't keep up with the load that the cancer
begins to accumulate in what we call tumors.Combining alternative
therapies with conventional methods for the treatment of colon cancer
symptoms sets two different approaches in motion - reducing the tumor
size with surgery, chemo and/or radiation while at the same time boosting
the immune system with nutrient measures to deal with the problem of
reducing the daily number of cancer cells produced anyway!Doctors like
myself measure cancer blood markers through lab analysis to keep track on
the progression of the cancer. We also measure over 50 blood elements and
toxic metals and minerals from hair analysis, combined with saliva, stool
and urine tests as well.What combination of therapies a person chooses is
purely their own. The cancer patient can discuss their concerns with all
their doctors to achieve the most viable approach. But may I say that
without a systemic approach through nutrification and detoxification the
cancer is most likely going to show up as tumors again in the future. Be
sure one of the approaches you choose is holistic and don't get caught up
in statements like, 'we went in and removed all of the tumor, we got it
all' for the body is still not able to handle the overload of cancer
cells still being produced daily. The systemic aspect of cancer must be

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