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					If you are feeling sick or catching a cold, its now time to make a habit
of drinking 8 glasses or more each day. You may find it hard to believe
that drinking water will not cure colds and flu, because maybe you
haven't tried doing this. Miraculously it would help drain down your the
bacteria inside of you.Drinking warm water will help you lessen your
colds and flu, you can also add up drinking your medicine then drink lots
and lots of water.Make sure what you are drinking is clean, drink
purified water to ensure good health and avoid worsening your fever and
colds. Do this daily even if you are not sick, because this will actually
prevent you from catching any harmful disease or bacteria. Drinking water
is the easiest and best way to save your health at any cost or times. If
you do this daily, then you are releasing toxins inside your body and
will lessen your colds and flu.Getting sick can be really stressful, just
do the simplest thing in drinking 8 glasses of water a day to prevent and
help you get well. And also a reminder, drinking cold water will not
worsen your cough or colds, it will only hurt you a little.Since mucus is
building and blocking your throat so drinking cold water will have this
little itchy feeling. Just drink warm water or add up a squeeze calamansi
or lemon juice and add a bit of salt to gargle after drinking one glass
of water.This will release the mucus in your throat and nose and will
hurt a bit less when blowing or spitting the mucus out of your body.Don't
rely much in drinking cough syrup or drinking pills for cough and colds
because this would take longer than you expect. Drinking a lot of water
is the best and fastest way to ease down your sickness.Especially to some
people who are allergic at some medicine, this will be the safest way to
cure your cough and colds. Have a bit patient and let the water do its
magic, and the next thing you know. You will be exhaling the freshes air
you can breath inside and outside your home. Water can save lives, so
save water, save health and save planet earth."Of all parts of wisdom the
practice is the best."John Tillotson

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