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Yaz Blood Clots


									Yaz is a contraceptive that has been in use by a very sizeable proportion
of women especially in the US. It is listed as the most popular
contraceptive for many women today who wish to avoid pregnancy. However,
like most drugs, it does have some side effects which one should be aware
of before using the drug. One of these is Yaz blood clots.      A little
while ago, Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals which are responsible for
manufacturing the drug included a variety of symptoms that they said the
drug could cure and yet they weren't authorized by the Food and Drug
Administration (FDA). Moreover, harmful effects of the contraceptive like
blood clots were either not mentioned in some commercials and
advertisements or mentioned just in passing in others.

  The Food and Drug Administration did finally intervene especially after
receiving a very strong petition from more than 25 attorneys general from
the US and asked the pharmaceutical giant to revise their advertisements
to those only approved by them. In no small way, the damage had already
been done if one considers the huge proportion of the market that Yaz
enjoys.      There is a steady increase in the number of women who have
fallen victim to this contraceptive who are seeking legal options in
seeking compensation for the side effects of this pill. Some of these
side effects include:       · Blood Clots ·     Heart Attack · Stroke ·
      Pulmonary Embolism · Deep Vein Thrombosis ·          Acne Vulgaris
Most women suffering from Yaz blood clots have reported blood clots in
areas of their bodies like the legs, arms, feet, chest, pelvis and even
unfortunately the head. An amazing factor to consider when considering
this fact is that most of the women who have reported suffering from
blood clots after using Yaz have absolutely no family history of blood
clots.       Yaz, being a fourth generation type of drug is a
combinational hormone contraceptive. The types of hormones contained in
these birth control pill (estrogen & drospirenone) are known to have the
potential of increasing blood clots in people. Blood clots can in turn
induce other serious problems to the victim like         · higher risks of
developing more blood clots ·       Future pregnancy complications ·
      Having to use blood thinners ·      and even pain on the affected
area.      There are a number of symptoms that may signal deterioration
in the health effects of women suffering from blood clots induced by this
oral drug like:       · Coughing blood · Acute chest pains ·
      Inexplicable severe headaches · Acute pain in the legs or arms
that is accompanied by swelling · Blurred or complete loss of vision
Etc.      If you are a victim of this side effect or if a loved one is,
then it is important to know that there are legal options available in
which the victim of such health problems arising from the use of Yaz or
Yasmine could seek compensation for the same. Filing a lawsuit against
the pharmaceutical giant, Bayer or even including the doctor or
healthcare providers that prescribed or recommended the use of the drug
is an option many women victims are exercising today.        No victims of
Yaz blood clots should be allowed to continue suffering in silence. Talk
to Yaz lawyers or attorneys today. Go to for
more information. visit at for free
information packet regarding your legal rights.

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