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Non surgical treatment for back pain and neck pain by anamaulida


									One of the most common problems found these days irrespective of age and
gender is back pain and neck pain. A change in our lifestyle has brought
us a plethora of materialistic comforts but along came a great deal of
health problems primarily fed due to lack of exercises. With long working
hours, sitting for long hours, undue stress, excessive traveling, and old
age problems caused due to osteoporosis are some of the issues
contributing to back pain and neck pain. These pains are commonly found
across a wide category of people, including software professionals,
office workers and people lifting excess weight. Though the new age
technological facilities comfort us, this new lifestyle of all work and
no play is turning into a bane.Gone are those days when it was thought
that back pain and neck pain were a part of life and people just learnt
to live with it. Thanks to the advancing research and technology which
made us realize and discover that such problems are curable and
recoverable. Almost all forms of pains and aches today have treatment
solutions. The most fundamental rule for any type of treatment suggests
a non-surgical procedure unless the condition is critical to go for
surgery. Exhaustive research and technology in the field have led us to
develop apparatus and machines like the MAX, a revolutionary new age
treatment available to provide effective and log lasting therapy for back
pain, neck pain and several other muscle spasms. Back pain or neck pains
are irritable and nagging in nature, a kind that interferes with our day
to day activities. The interference is pressuring as the discomfort
caused by such nagging pains affect a person's personal life and
commitments. In such cases the patient needs plenty of rest and need to
make amendments to their lifestyle so as to bring some relief. Daily dose
of basic exercises without over exertion are a must as it keeps our body
fit and active. The latest 21st century machine in physiotherapy, MAX,
imported from Germany is working wonders for people with not only back
pain and neck pain but also effectively treating arthritis, spastisity
and contractures. Implemented in cases with chronic back pain, Dr.
Avneesh believes that MAX has done wonders by bringing great relief to
the pain faced by their patients. MAX helps us tune our disturbed body
rhythm and greatly helps in reducing the spasms, swelling and tightness.
Emphasizing on back exercises, Dr. Avneesh suggests that in order to
avoid any complications in the future basic back exercises are a must for
everyone. As the famous adage goes, "Better Safe Than Sorry." The MAX
vibration therapy has proven that it is equally effective for chronic
pains which literally impact daily life to limits to complete disruption.
Surgery is suggested as the last means, but unlike before the patients
are encouraged to walk within 1 to 2 hours of surgery making the recovery
period shorter and less cumbersome.

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