The Quilt Maker by tommygerard17


									                                    Short Story Analysis Sheet

 Story Title:     The Quilt Maker
 1. Time          Indistinct time

 2. Place         In Texas and In London

 Point of View:   The marks of past clean people’s mind nonstop.
                  Letty         The friend of writer, the one having a wild garden
                                (cherry). Letty has not been on speaking terms for
                                twenty years.
                  Rita Hayworth She purchased red hair at the same mythopoeic
                                counter where Marilyn Monroe acquired her fatal
                  The Writer    She worked as a barmaid in the Orient. She a
                                skinny redhead, craft about henna. She has the
                                greatest respect for the desires of other people.

 Internal:        The maker of patchwork must have Patience, she give
                  information about henna etc.

 External:        The weird stories which she tells, Letty’s cat, Letty's basement etc.
Plot:             After she tells about destiny, she tells her destiny.

1. Climax:        She tells patchwork. And tells the events which she lives in Texas.
                  Then, she goes London. A lot of events happen in there as well.

2. Resolution:    The end of writer’s life story
 Theme:           The living marks of hers and the life which changes constantly

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