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									  *CAREER                        CAREER                                         CAREER

                            #1 Respiratory Therapist
                                                                      #2 Registered Nurse
       Job              Respiratory therapist also referred to as      Nursing is a profession that combines
    Description       respiratory care practitioners provide care     physical science, social science, nursing
                      treatment diagnosis and rehabilitation for       theory and technology in the care of
                           patients with breathing problems.        others. The RN is educated to provide care
                      Disorders such as asthma and emphysema         to all individuals who are sick or healthy
                      and emergency care victims of stoke heart       though on-on-one hands-on care or to
                       failure drowning or shocks are but as few     groups of patients. RNs coordinates care
                         types of problems seen by respiratory          and thorough patients educations

     Working              Respiratory therapist may work in         Most RNs work in well-lighted, comfortable
    Conditions          hospitals nursing homes; home health           health care facilities. Home health and
                        agencies or probate companies. They            public health nurses travel to patients’
                         work with patients of all ages – from       homes, schools, community centers, and
                        premature infants to elderly patients.        other sites. RNs may spend considerable
                        Respiratory therapist work under the           time walking, bending, stretching, and
                              supervision of a physician.           standing. Patients in hospitals and nursing
                                                                         care facilities require 24-hour care;
                                                                     consequently, nurses in these institutions
                                                                    may work nights, weekends, and holidays.
                                                                    RNs also may be on call—available to work
                                                                        on short notice. Nurses who work in
                                                                    offices, schools, and other settings that do
                                                                    not provide 24-hour care are more likely to
                                                                       work regular business hours. About 21
                                                                     percent of RNs worked part time in 2006,
                                                                       and 7 percent held more than one job.
High School courses   High school students should study health,        There aren't any required high school
      needed             biology, mathematics, chemistry and        classes for a nursing degree, but any classes
                       physics. Accredited training programs for        that focus on biology, chemistry and
                      repository therapist may either be a 2year        anatomy & physiology would be very
                      program leading to an associate degree or                        helpful.
                        a 4year program leading to a bachelor’s
    Continuing                   High School Diploma                           High School Diploma
                                  Average $ 50,380                  Salaries may vary depending upon place of
      Salary                                                         employment and specialty. a sampling of
                                                                                 nursing position

                                     Chiropractor                                  Doctor & Emt
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