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Ben, In the World by WU70cbQ


									           Ben, In the World
• Doris Lessing
             Be aware…
• “Ben had leaped out, and the bird was in
  his hand. He was tearing off feathers
  when he heard the cat’s sound, which is
  always heard when a bird was out there,
  or on the railing, a rusty, hungry noise.
  Ben ripped some flesh off the bird and
  flung it down. The cat crept out and ate.
  The blood was dripping from their mouths.
  Then there were only feathers blowing
  about, and some blood stains.”
   • Conflict
   • Difficult relationships
• This novel captivates you as if you were in the
  shoes of this grizzly yeti. It is actually about a
  young man who is out in the world on his own at
  the age of eighteen. He comes from a decent
  family with five brothers and sisters and declares
  himself a misfit in the family. Ben Lovatt is afraid
  and powerful. Awkwardly shaped and gruesome
  he tries to identify himself and fit in, in several
  ways such as being a drug smuggler and finding
  work wherever possible. Ben, In the World is a
  sympathetic novel in which Ben has various
  internal conflicts.
• London
     •   Ben Lovatt
     •   Ellen Biggs
     •   Rita
     •   Alex
     •   Johnston
     •   Richard
     •   Teresa
• Ben- young man, distorted image/
• Ellen Biggs- old woman, took care of Ben
  since she found him at supermarket
• Rita- hooker
• Johnston- cab organizer, Rita’s pimp, drug
              Point of View
• This novel is told by the author in a Third
  Person point of view.
• Indifference
• Society’s treatment
• I would recommend this book along with
  reading it’s partner The Fifth Child. The
  sequel Ben, In the World has great
  intentions in reflecting Ben Lovatt’s
  feelings with outsiders. You are easily
  able to see several conflicts he has with
  himself. I believe this is important to allow
  others to understand and comprehend
  what people with disadvantages may be
  going through.
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         Sources and Cites

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