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									     California Association of Probation Service Administrators
                                             Executive Board

                                Minutes of the May 6, 2005 Meeting
                                       John Wayne Airport


        Sheralynn Freitas – San Mateo County
        Bob Ochs – Sonoma County
        Lane Cash – Riverside County
        Colleene Preciado – Orange County
        Isabelle Voit – Solano County
        Lois Gardella – Riverside County
        Bonita Vinson – Alameda County
        Patty Mazzilli – San Joaquin County
        Mike Collins – Orange County
        Lisa Grogan – San Diego County
        John McCormick – Solano County
        Don McFadden – Sacramento County

I:      Welcome and Introduction
        Self-introductions were completed

II:     Honoring old State Board Members
        Sheralynn expressed her appreciation to the outgoing Board members for their
        support and hard work by presenting each of them with a beautiful desk plaque.
        She, Bob and Lane also offered to continue to be resources to CAPSA.

III:    Welcoming new Board Members
        Colleene formally accepted the role of President of CAPSA and introduced the new
        Board Members. They are: Isabelle Voit – Vice President, Lois Gardella –
        Secretary and Bonita Vinson – Treasurer.
        Colleen provided a welcoming speech, thanking the previous Board for their hard
        work and for the fabulous job they did. She promised the new Board was
        committed to success and would carry on with the prior Board’s commitment.

IV:     Set Meetings (Times/Location/Dates) for 2005-2006
        May 6, 2005 - Orange County,10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. New Board meets with old
        Board, discuss roles of State Board positions, meeting schedules for the year,
        review status of current projects, review status of current projects, review
        evaluations from conference, discuss topics/potential speakers/location for 2006

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        August 5, 2005 – Alameda County, 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Conference Planning –
        assign responsibilities to regions, identify 2 support staff to staff registration desk
        and coordinate STC Certification of Training.

        November 3 & 4, 2005 – Conference site. Board dinner meeting at local
        restaurant. Formal meeting the following day: Conference planning, discuss
        addition of CAPSA Regional Awards for upcoming conference.

        January 30 – February 3, 2006 – Annual Conference Board dinner meeting at local
        restaurant on January 30: State Board Meeting January 31; conference held
        January 31 – noon on February 3.

        May 5, 2006 – location TBD

V:      Pending Projects
        Sheralynn presented an overview of current CAPSA projects. They included:

        California Criminal Justice Data Exchange Project – Colleene will replace
        Sheralynn on the Integration Subcommittee that is involved in identifying the types
        of documents and reports that are routinely exchanged by justice system agencies
        throughout the state.

        Prop. 36 – CAPSA will provide CPOC with an update as to how well Prop. 36 is
        working and assist CPOC in identifying a funding source for adult similar to TANF
        for juveniles. At the quarterly meeting, (May 17-19, 2005), CPOC will look at Adult
        Continuum of Services and will work on developing a strategic plan.

        CPOC-CAPSA Awards

        CYA Re-entry – still possible. Counties may be required to complete re-entry
        case plans for Youth Authority adult parolees.

        a. Membership Drive – A discussion was held regarding raising the yearly
        membership per county or leaving it at $50.00 per year. The committee voted to
        increase the membership fee to $100.00 per county. This additional money will be
        used to offset the rising cost of business expenses, particularly the upcoming
        conference. Treasurer Vinson will send out invoices to all counties beginning
        July 1.

        b. Website – A discussion was held regarding CAPSA’s website located within
        CPOC’s website. It was determined the site could be improved upon. Board will
        look at CAPIA’s site. Orange County will look at modifying it and will present a
        draft design at the August Board meeting.

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VI:     Treasurer’s Report
        The balance in the CAPSA account as of May 6, 2005 is $3,104.19. Colleen and
        Bonita will accompany outgoing Treasurer Lane Cash to Wells Fargo Bank
        immediately following the meeting to transfer the account.

VIa: 2005 Conference Debrief
     A summary of reviews from last year’s conference was presented. Most believed
     the speakers were good. Attendees offered suggestions for this year’s conference.
     Suggestions included: Realistic Prevention Programs, Media & Marketing,
     Title IV-E, Courage by Mark Carey, Restoration of Adult Services, Out of State
     Placements, Juv./Adult Break-out sessions and free afternoon-evening session.
     118 people attended the 2005 conference.

VII: Conference 2006
     The dates for the conference were set for January 31 – February 3, 2006. After
     discussion, three locations will be evaluated for price and accommodations: San
     Diego, Shell Beach and Monterey. Mike Collins, Orange County, will contact
     several hotels and report back to the Board at the August meeting.

        The theme selected for this year’s conference is: Probation – A Community
        Solution. The conference will be built around best practice workshops drawing
        from CAPSA members’ expertise. It will also focus on building relationships with
        stakeholders in the community, in the county and at a state level.

        The Board will meet Monday evening at a local restaurant. The conference will
        begin Tuesday morning at 11:30. Lunches will be hosted and an Awards
        ceremony will be held on Wednesday during lunch. Award categories and the
        nomination process to be developed later in the year.

        The conference will culminate on Friday, February 3rd at noon. Friday’s wrap-up
        session will be presented by two Chief Probation Officers. The topic for this
        session will be: Building Partnerships and Relationships.

        Next CAPSA State Board meeting is August 5, 2005, hosted by Alameda County

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