Mitt Romney The Race To The White House

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					   Mitt Romney
The Race To The White House

      By: Brooke Ricketson
         Experience Facts
Education: Harvard Law School
Experience: Former Massachusetts Governor
Opposes: Gay Rights and Abortion Rights
Standings: Finished Second In Iowa And is Trailing
McCain In New Hampshire
On February 13, 2007 Romney formally announced his
candidacy for the 2008 Republican nomination for
• Wife: Ann

• 5 Children: Tagg, Matt, Josh, Ben, Craig.

• Birth date: 03/12/1947

• Birthplace: Detroit, MI

• Home City: Belmont, MA

• Religion: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
• President/Chief Executive
  Officer, Salt Lake Winter
• Organizing Committee, 1999-2002
• Boy Scouts of America
• City Year
• Visiting Committee
• Harvard Business School
• Points of Light Foundation
• Board of Directors,
• Mariott, Staples, Babbages, and
  Duane Reade.
Early in the campaign, Romney looked almost as strong
as the U.S. car companies in the 1960s, flushed with
cash, blessed with good looks and know-how.
But after coming in second in Iowa and New Hampshire,
Romney returned to Michigan Wednesday badly needing a
win to counter his losses to John McCain and Mike
Huckabee. He won the Wyoming caucuses last weekend,
but that lightly contested race didn't seem to help him
in New Hampshire, where he came in 5 percentage
points behind McCain.
• Romney has run more television ads in
  the state than McCain and has raised
  nearly twice as much money through
  late October, $1.9 million to McCain's
• No other GOP candidate has run ads so
  far, although Huckabee planned to start
  on Wednesday. Huckabee is facing a TV
  ad campaign against him, paid for by
  the conservative Club for Growth, which
  is unhappy with his record on taxes and
  spending while Arkansas governor.
•   Romney has been trying to
    exploit his Michigan roots and
    his ties to the U.S. auto
    industry since he officially
    kicked off his campaign here
    last February. His father,
    George Romney, ran
    American Motors Corp.
    before becoming governor.
•   This week, Romney's
    campaign tried to paint
    McCain as a candidate who
    would further injure the
    domestic auto industry with
    his calls for higher fuel
    efficiency standards for cars,
    SUVs and trucks.
• Declining to discuss details about his religion also
  reduces the risk that doctrinal differences will alienate
  evangelical Christian voters. Instead, Romney has
  addressed religion in general, saying that as president
  he would "need the prayers of the people of all faiths,"
  and that he would "serve no one religion, no one group,
  no one cause, and no one interest. A president must
  serve only the common cause of the people of the
  United States."
 Mitt Romney Wants Your Vote For
          U.S President!

Will he be the one on your ballot?

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