Attendance and Punctuality Policy April 2011 SUMMARY by huanghengdong


									                                Attendance and Punctuality
                                    Summary of Policy
Thomas Deacon Academy aims to maximise the achievement of all our students. A minimum of 90%
and a good punctuality record are expected to enable students to fulfil their potential. The school
aims to work in partnership with students, parents, carers or guardians and the local authority to
achieve this target.

What are the school’s responsibilities?
All teachers are expected to set a good example to students by always being punctual and have a
good attendance record themselves. Teaching staff will provide an interesting, varied and engaging
curriculum and keep accurate records of attendance for all lessons taught. Teachers will set
appropriate work, as required, during periods of absence and help students return to learning after
periods of absence.

Tutors will monitor messages from parents via the student planner and pass all absence notes to
administrators .College administrators will contact home whenever absence is unexplained and
discuss any concerns with tutors and Student Achievement Leaders. College administrators will
communicate with parents in response to requests for compassionate leave, though the school only
authorises absence during term time in exceptional circumstances. The school will also issue 100%
attendance certificates and report summaries of attendance on written reports that are sent home
twice a year, though attendance rates are available via e-portal.

What are parent’s responsibilities?
Parents and carers or guardians are expected to send the student to school in good time to start
lessons at 8.45 am and be equipped and dressed appropriately for learning. They should contact the
home college by 9am of the first day of absence to explain the absence and provide a written note
on their return. They should notify the academy in advance of any known absence but must put any
requests for absence for compassionate reasons in writing to the College Leader. Parents should not
take students out of school during term time as it seriously affects their progress and will result in
unauthorised absence on the student’s record and could lead to a student losing their place at the

What is the student responsible for?
The student is also responsible for being dressed and equipped for learning at the beginning of every
lesson and to catch up with any missed work due to absence from school. If the student arrives late
for period one, s/he should register in the home college. If there is a good reason for an individual
lesson being missed, it must be with the written or email permission of a member of staff and the
student should formally seek permission as a matter of courtesy in advance. This applies particularly
to trips and sports fixtures.

What rewards and sanctions are there?
Students who attend 100% of the time will receive certificates to acknowledge this. Colleges will also
issue certificates to students who make improvements in attendance and record positive events
which lead to vouchers as rewards every two terms.

Each lateness to school results in a 30 minute detention. On the third occasion of being late, this
becomes a 90 minute College detention and the student is placed onto report. On the fourth
occasion, the student is placed into isolation, the parents are required to attend a meeting and the
student is placed onto a punctuality report for a term. On the fifth occasion there is a pre-SAM
meeting to investigate fully all circumstances around the student’s attendance and to warn parents
about their legal obligations with regard to attendance and punctuality.

Louise Moir
Director of Learning 15-19
April 2011

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