Article-Summary-Directions-Rubric by huanghengdong


									                             Ms. Dark’s Advanced Science – Life Science Article Summary


       Articles are due every two weeks on Friday (unless Ms. Dark changes the date).
       Summary must follow the same format for each submission. See attached example.
       Article must be about life science. Topics may include human health issues, genetics/DNA, forensics, veterinary
        science, bacteria/viruses, cell biology, advances in medicines/treatments for disease, exercise science, sports
        medicine, ecology, and the like. If you are not sure of an article, please ask me first.
       Avoid “fluff” articles that have no scientific substance. Examples include “10 Ways to Destress Right Now,” “How
        to Plan a Healthy Menu with Your Kids,” and “100 Year Old Woman Shares Secrets to a Long Life.”
       Choose articles from reputable news magazines, science magazines, newspapers, or websites. Examples include
        The Birmingham News Health section, Fox News, CNN, Scientific American, National Geographic, Popular
        Science, Discover, etc. If you have questions about a source, ask me first.
       Choose current articles. The article should be no more than one month old.
       Articles should be at least one printed page in length. Avoid editorials and one paragraph long news updates.
       You will turn in your article (printer copy, newspaper clipping, copy machine copy) AND your summary on the
        due date.
       Students may occasionally be asked to present their research.


       Times New Roman font, 12-point-font size, bold underlined headings, normal margins setting, double space
        between sections, single space between text
       Follow my format exactly (see attached example).
       See me early on if you have an issue with computer/printer access.
       Each summary will contain the following:
            o Name, due date, teacher name, class/period
            o Article citation – MLA format (see below)
            o Summary answers to the following questions:
                    Summary of Article (state the issue, findings, conclusion, the future of this issue)
                    What is the Relevance of this Information? (How does this information relate to real life and
                       life science? How does this help/hurt real individuals? Will this change the way this issue is
                    What Did I Find Most Important About This Article? (Why did you choose this topic? What one
                       or two items do you think are most important? What did you learn?)

MLA Citations: (good reference: )

Website Article

Associated Press. “Artificial Pancreas Successful in 11 Patients.” Fox News. 01 Aug. 2011. Web.
        07 Aug 2011. <>.

Magazine Article (for monthly magazines)

Davis, Clay. “Tactile Gloves Use Small Vibrations to Improve the Wearer’s Sense of Touch.”
        Popular Science. Aug. 2011: 37-39.

Newspaper Article

Howard, Jim. “UAB Researchers Say Just a Little Nicotine Can Change the Brain.” The Birmingham News.
      10 Aug. 2011: A1+.
 Category              10                    9-7                     6-4                      3-1
Source         Source is
               credible. Student
               turned in article
               with summary.
               Topic relates to
               life science.
               There is one clear,    Main idea is clear     Main idea is             The main idea is
Summary        well-focused topic.    but the supporting     somewhat clear but       not clear. There is a
               Main idea stands       information is         there is a need for      seemingly random
               out and is             general. Conclusion    more supporting          collection of
               supported by           and future of the      information.             information.
               detailed               issue only generally   Conclusion and           Conclusion and
               information.           address the article.   future of the issue is   future of issue is not
               Conclusion                                    unclear or parts are     present or randomly
               concisely sums up                             missing.                 presented.
               the article and
               points toward the
               future of the issue.
Relevance      Clear statement        Relevance is clear     Relevance is             Relevance does
               of topic’s             but student fails      somewhat clear           not relate to the
               relevance to real      to give specific       but needs                topic, is not clear,
               life. Student          supporting             additional               or not present.
               obviously              evidence.              supporting
               understands the                               evidence.
               issue’s impact on
               science as
               evidenced by
Importance     Student clearly        Importance is          Importance is            Importance is not
               states why this        clear but              somewhat clear           clear, not related
to Student     topic is important     supporting             but student fails        to topic, or not
               with supporting        evidence is            to clearly explain       present.
               evidence of why        sufficiently           topic’s
               topic was chosen       descriptive.           importance
               and what was                                  and/or what was
               learned.                                      learned.
Styling:       Paper is               Paper is easy to       Writer makes a           Writer makes
               exceptionally          read. Writer           few errors in            multiple errors in
Grammar,       easy to read. No       makes 1 to 2           styling that catch       styling that ruin
Punctuation,   errors in              errors in styling.     the reader’s             the flow and
Spelling       grammar,                                      attention and            meaning of the
               punctuation, or                               interrupt the            paper.
               spelling.                                     flow.
Citation       Citation is            1 – 2 errors in        3 – 4 errors in          Multiple errors or
               correct.               citation               citation                 not present

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