Oral Arguments by WU70cbQ


									                                             Oral Arguments
                                               Craig Eben

You will have to construct two Oral Arguments for the class. They should be 2 minutes in length, since
every 10 seconds from 2 minutes will result in a point lost. The topic must be debatable, since you will
be presenting both Pro and Con arguments on the same topic. (If you do Pro for the first Oral Argument,
then you will do Con for the second Oral Argument.) The format you choose is up to you; however, I
believe the one presented below to be most effective. (It has all the components I will be looking for
when grading.)

    1. Introduction: (Restate) (Structure of a right side up “V”)
           a. Start with a broad statement of the topic.
           b. State your 3 points.
           c. End with your thesis.
    2. Body: (3 Supports)
           a. Start with a transitional topic sentence. (Relates to your previous paragraph, but starts a
               new topic)
           b. Have one properly cited support from a legitimate source. Discuss how this relates to
               your thesis.
           c. Repeat the process until you have three supports for your thesis. (3 separate paragraphs
               of your body)
    3. Conclusion: (Extend) (Structure of a upside down “V”)
          a. Start with a similar statement to your thesis.
          b. Restate your three key points in at least 3 separate sentences. (Not word for word)
          c. End with at least one sentence concluding why your position is clearly correct.

You will not be handing in your speech, merely presenting it. Notice how the above format states your
thesis twice and your three key points three times. (I will be looking for that in grading.) You may use
PowerPoint to help with your argument, but be cautious because it can distract your audience.
Remember your goal is to convince your audience your position is correct!

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