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					   Agreement made in duplicate original at _________ this _________ day of _________, between
_________, of _________, called seller, and John Fisher of SellLeads.TV, called buyer, witness:

      Seller is engaged in business as a _________ in the City of _________, State of _________, and has
   agreed to sell to buyer all his [her] right, title and interest in his [her] business and the goodwill in the

   Now, therefore, it is mutually agreed as follows:

      1. Seller sells to buyer all his [her] right, title and interest in his [her] sales leads.

       2. Buyer purchases above-described property from seller and agrees to pay seller $_____ payable as
   follows: _________.

      4. Seller guarantees all sale leads are their own property and not stolen.

       5. Seller, for himself [herself], his [her] executors, administrators, and assigns, covenants with
   buyer, his [her] executors, administrators, and assigns that seller will at all times save harmless and
   keep indemnified buyer, his [her] executors, administrators, and assigns, and his [her] and their estate
   and effects, from and against all losses, costs, expenses and damages which may be incurred by or by
   reason of any action or proceeding which shall or may be brought and instituted against buyer, his [her]
   executors, administrators or assigns, for or in respect of any debts, contracts, and engagements for or on
   account of the business or credit thereof which do not appear from the books or from seller's affidavit of
   creditors furnished buyer, and also all interest, costs, expenses, losses, claims, and demands on account
   of the debts, contracts, and engagements respectively or otherwise in relation to the premises.

       6. This agreement shall bind and inure to the heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns
   of the parties.

      13. In witness of these things, etc.


   [Acknowledgment where required]

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