AEPi by huanghengdong


									                                         Week 1: August 21st – 27th

                        Sunday: Hillel Welcome Back BBQ, Dessert at the house

                                               Tuesday: Gaga

                                             Thursday: Laser Tag

                                       Week 2: August 28th – Sept 3rd

                                           Tuesday: Driving Range

                                        Thursday: Buffalo wild wings

                                    Friday: Life of an AEPi (All day event)

                                     Week 3: September 4th – Sept 10th

                                           Wednesday: Dodge ball

                                             Friday: Poker Night

                                                   Week 4:

                                  Sunday: Formal dinner (by invitation only)

** Times for events are subject to change. Contact for information. Events start at 7:00pm.

    Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity       1051 David Ross Road, West Lafayette

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