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									      2012 Kingwood/Atascocita Tournament
                       Varsity Baseball Invitational

           Kingwood                                                    Atascocita
             Spring                                                     Cy Woods
           Cy Creek                                                    Barbers Hill
          Clear Creek                                                  Klein Collins

                                   Thursday, February 23
        at Kingwood H.S.                                           at Atascocita H.S.

   Kingwood      vs.      Spring              Noon            Atascocita      vs.    Cy Woods
    Spring       vs.     Cy Creek             2:30             Cy Woods       vs.   Klein Collins
   Cy Creek      vs.    Clear Creek           5:00            Klein Collins   vs.   Barbers Hill
 Clear Creek     vs.     Kingwood             7:30           Barbers Hill     vs.   Atascocita

                                      Friday, February 24

   Kingwood      vs.    Barbers Hill          Noon            Atascocita      vs.    Cy Creek
 Barbers Hill    vs.      Spring              2:30             Cy Creek       vs.   Klein Collins
    Spring       vs.     Cy Woods             5:00            Klein Collins   vs.   Clear Creek
  Cy Woods       vs.     Kingwood             7:30            Clear Creek     vs.   Atascocita

                                   Saturday, February 25

 Clear Creek     vs.      Spring              Noon           Barbers Hill     vs.    Cy Woods
   Kingwood      vs.     Cy Creek             2:30            Atascocita      vs.   Klein Collins

***Saturday: Home team will be determined by a coin toss.
***Kingwood and Atascocita will occupy 3rd base dugout during there games.

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