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actors_toolbox by huanghengdong


									                          Actor’s Toolbox 2011-12
                       8-9th Period Monday/Wednesday

Amber Wolfe Wollam                        

I think you will enjoy taking this class—and I enjoy teaching it—because it is not
focused solely on script analysis and scene study. This is an introduction to theatre as
a whole.

                                        Class Goals
My overall goal is to give you the tools to be a competent actor, able to step into an audition
or rehearsal situation and feel confident. You will also gain basic knowledge and skills
relating to several subjects within the theatrical vein. Please see the list of topics below for
more detail.

My expectations of you are simple. Be on time for class, finish assignments on time,
participate in class activities, work well with classmates and you will do fine. Talk to me if
you are having trouble with an assignment, need more time or need more information
about anything in class.

                                      Teacher Pages
I will post any document I give you. Otherwise I will notify you if you need to refer to my

You grades are largely based on participation and level of mastery, then on projects. An ‘A’
or ‘A+’ is reserved for excellent or exceptional participation, project completion and level of
mastery of the topic. ‘A-‘ & ‘B+’ are not bad grades.

You are expected to check my teacher page or contact me for missed homework. If you
miss several classes in a row you may need to complete a performance or research project
to make up time missed.
My goal is for you to have a basic understanding of these topics. We will have guest
teachers and lecturers to augment several segments.
    Improvisation, and improvisation as it relates to scripted work
    Body and voice work
    Understanding the production process
    Script analysis
    Character creation
    Scene Study
    Audition techniques
    Viewpoints –movement based process to create group scenes
    Suzuki –physical training and body awareness
    Group scenes –how to maintain your performance and give focus when you aren’t
       the center of attention
    Stage Combat: unarmed and sword techniques (This is an entire quint.)
    Musical Theatre –don’t be scared, it won’t hurt, really (and will not be an entire
    Design for the theatre

                                       Field Trips
We will go on several trips to local theatres during school days. I am trying to set up some
backstage tours as well. We may also have optional trips to Sunday matinees. Depending
on the theatre, I can get complimentary tickets or lower-priced tickets for parents who
wish to join us (chaperones will get a comp ticket, this would be anyone in addition to a

Places we have gone in the past include the Intiman, Seattle Repertory, Seattle Public
Theater and ArtsWest.

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