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									Socio-Economic Impact of mHealth

28 February 2012
Impact of mHealth in 12 countries

                                                           Socio-Economic Impact of mHealth
                                                              Socio-Economic Impact of mHealth
                                                           Country deck – Norway
                                                                   Socio-Economic Impact of mHealth
                                                              Country deck – Norway
                                                                  Country deck – Norway

                                                           February 2012
                                                               February 2012
                                                                   February 2012

197940-54-mHealth draft Barcelona story-20Feb12-v20.pptx                                              1
Good health fundamental
              Better health has significant
             positive impact for individual...                 ...leading to clear benefits for society

                           Improved quality of life for
                           self and family
                                                           +     Less pressure on chronically
                           More likely to attend                 overburdened healthcare systems
                                                           +     Positive impact on population,
                                                                 workforce participation, and
                           Less absenteeism from work            productivity

                                                           +     Economic growth in the long term
                           Higher lifetime income

197940-54-mHealth draft Barcelona story-20Feb12-v20.pptx                                                  2
Mobile key to solving health challenges

                                                     Patient                  Information on
                                                   monitoring                     disease
                                                  & compliance                  prevention


                                                      Remote                Health
                                                    data access          surveillance

                                         Smartphone most popular technology among doctors
                                                      since the stethoscope

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mHealth: An idea whose time has come
        Mobile has worldwide                                                        ... and sufficient richness
  reach across all levels of society...                                                 in health technology
  World mobile penetration approaching 100%                                    Simple feature phones can
                                                                               provide important health
  Mobile penetration [%]

                                                                 103    105
    90                  85

                                                                                                     Smart devices and
                                                                                                     mobile broadband
                                                                                                     enable advanced
                                                                                                     medical appliances

           2010       2011       2012       2013       2014      2015   2016
                Mobile penetration
Source: Forbes; Apple; OVUM; BCG analysis
197940-54-mHealth draft Barcelona story-20Feb12-v20.pptx                                                                  4
"...transform health service delivery" (WHO1)

                                                                                                        • Reach twice as many
    • Can Reduce costs in elderly                                                                         rural patients per
      care 25%                                                                                            doctor
                                                                                                        • Improve TB treatment
                                                                                                          compliance by 30-70%

                                                                          • Save mothers and children
                                                                            by reducing maternal and
                                                                            perinatal mortality 30%

1. WHO Global Observatory for eHealth: "mHealth - New horizons for health through mobile", 2011
197940-54-mHealth draft Barcelona story-20Feb12-v20.pptx                                                                         5
mHealth: The promise of a better life

   Information SMS saves mother and child                                       Empowered to live independently

"Karishma", 26,                                                           "Lennart", 69,
pregnant mother                                                           widower with

                                       Public                                                Remote
                                    information                                             monitoring

• No doctors available                            • Receives birth-       • Unable to call for   • Automatic alarms to
  to ask                                            related information     help when in need      HC professionals
• Does not understand                             • Understands warning   • Frequently forgets   • Easy to understand
  warning signs                                     signs, gets help        medication             med. reminders
• Risk of death during                            • Mother and child      • Constantly worried   • Wireless check-ups
  labor                                             lives                   next-of-kin            and communication

197940-54-mHealth draft Barcelona story-20Feb12-v20.pptx                                                                6
More than 500 projects world-wide to date

Source: GSMA mobile health deployment tracker; BCG analysis
197940-54-mHealth draft Barcelona story-20Feb12-v20.pptx      7
Opportunity to accelerate process

                                   Application providers
                        NGOs, medical community, specialists                        Innovate

                               Health service providers
                               Governments, hospitals, private                      Embrace

                                Infrastructure providers
                                   Telcos, IT service providers                     Empower

                              Ministries of Telecom, Health etc.                    Unleash

                                       (...) whatever can be done will be done. The only question
                                                is whether it will be done by you or to you1
1. Thomas Friedman, "Friedman’s Five Rules for a Flat World", 2010
197940-54-mHealth draft Barcelona story-20Feb12-v20.pptx                                            8
Telcos could take facilitator role

                                                            Key infrastructure

                                                                 Required
                                                            technical competence

                                                               Experience in
                                                           user-focused innovation

                                                              Trusted partner

                                                            Global partnerships

Source: UN Foundation; GSMA; BCG experience
197940-54-mHealth draft Barcelona story-20Feb12-v20.pptx                             9
Countries struggling to deliver MDG targets...
Pakistan example

                     MDG 4:                                                        MDG 5:                             MDG 6:
                     Reduce                                                       Improve                       Combat HIV/AIDS,
                 child mortality                                               maternal health              malaria and other diseases

 Under-five mortality/1,000 live births                           Maternal deaths pr/100,000 live births   Tuberculosis prevalence per 100,000
 100                                                              300                                      400


                                                                  200                                                            -60%
                                       -53%                                                -53%

                  87                                                             260

   20                                    41                                                 123                                   123

     0                                                               0                                      0
              Current1            Target 20152                               Current1   Target 20152              Current1    Target 20152

1. As of latest WHO data from 2009 2. According to MDG targets development from 1990
Source: WHO; United Nations; BCG analysis
197940-54-mHealth draft Barcelona story-20Feb12-v20.pptx                                                                                     10
... and to avoid healthcare squeeze
Norway example

                                             Norwegian government realizes
                                current welfare model not sustainable as the society ages

                                                           "With what we know today about the coming increase
                                                              in the elderly population, what it's going to cost,
                                                             and how many hands we need, it's time to face it
                                                                           – it's not going to work"

                                                            "We have been too focused on building more elderly
                                                            homes, instead of empowering the elderly to live
                                                             full lives in their own homes as long as possible"

                                                           "(...) there is a different approach that offers a higher
                                                            quality of life for the elderly. In addition, it's cheaper"

Note: Paraphrased from Norwegian article
Source:, 06.02.2012
197940-54-mHealth draft Barcelona story-20Feb12-v20.pptx                                                            11
Focus on four key healthcare challenges
Key mHealth applications depend on countries' challenges

                             Key challenges                   mHealth application
                                                           Public and HC worker
                            Maternal and child health

                                                           Remote diagnostic/
                                                           treatment support

                                                           Remote diagnostic/
                        Non-communicable diseases
                                                           treatment support

                                                           Patient monitoring/
                                         Overall cost

197940-54-mHealth draft Barcelona story-20Feb12-v20.pptx                            12
Provide essential health information

     Country-specific                                                           Potential mHealth impact:
        situation                                                      Public and HC worker information/education
  18% of births attended
  by skilled personnel                                Improve information among
  % skilled birth attendance                          pregnant women through SMS
  100                                                 campaigns
                                  18                  Education of health workers
      0                                               reduce mother and child
              Region        Bangladesh                mortality 30%
  High maternal mortality
                                                      Could save 40,000 mothers and
  Maternal deaths1
                                                      children annually
  400                            340
                                                      Example from pilots/projects in
  200                                                 Bangladesh and Pakistan

              Region        Bangladesh

1. Per 100,000 births, 2008 numbers
Source: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of Bangladesh; Musoke/World Bank; Cochrane//WHO; Jayachandran/Princeton; BCG analysis
197940-54-mHealth draft Barcelona story-20Feb12-v20.pptx                                                                              13
Increase HC access in remote areas

     Country-specific                                                      Potential mHealth impact:
        situation                                                      Remote diagnostic/treatment support
  Large regional
  Annual HC expenditure/
  capita [USD]
  100                                                 Remote diagnostic and tele-
                                                      medicine bring healthcare to
    80                                                rural areas with lack of coverage

    60                          -65%
                                                      Doctors can reach twice as many
                                                      rural patients
    40         85.1
                                                      Example from pilot in India

          Moscow city          Tomsk

Source: AFNF; Ericsson; WHO; BCG analysis
197940-54-mHealth draft Barcelona story-20Feb12-v20.pptx                                                     14
Reduce costs and free up capacity

     Country-specific                                                              Potential mHealth impact:
        situation                                                              Remote diagnostic/treatment support
  Respiratory problems                                Enable patients
  key burden from NCDs                                suffering from chronic
  DALYs from NCDs1                                    diseases to rehabilitate
                                                      at home

  400                                                 ~4% of Nordic
                39%         Cardiovascular            populations have COPD2
                                                      Trials in Nordics show
                                                      50-60% reduction in
  200           34%         Neoplasms                 hospital nights and re-
  100           11%         Digestive
                6%          Diabetes                  Example from pilots in
                  6%        Other NCD                 Denmark and Norway
     0        4%

1. Number of annual Disability-Adjusted Life-Years lost due to Non-Communicable Diseases 2. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 3. Having lung capacity < 50%
Source: WHO; UN Foundation; Medisat; BCG analysis
197940-54-mHealth draft Barcelona story-20Feb12-v20.pptx                                                                                                          15
Empowering patients in need of care

     Country-specific                                                                   Potential mHealth impact:
        situation                                                                     Patient monitoring/ compliance
  Aging population                                    Home monitoring
   % population > 70 years old
                                                      services can greatly
   20                                                 improve lives of elderly

                                                      Sensors connected to
   15                       14
                                                      Home Alert Systems can
                                                      improve safety, security
                                                      and ability for elderly to
                                                      stay independent

                                                      Up to 25% cost saving
                                                      potential in assisted
                                                      home care

                                                      Example from projects/
                                                      pilots in Scotland and
         2011     2015     2020    2025

1. 5-10% of people without HIV and 30% of those co-infected with HIV develop active disease
Source: WHO; United National Foundation; Telenor; Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care services; OnSat; Healthier Scotland; BCG analysis
197940-54-mHealth draft Barcelona story-20Feb12-v20.pptx                                                                                    16
Potential impact significant for all countries
  Maternal information                                      SMS treatment     Remote treatment     Remote monitoring
 service saves mothers'                                    compliance helps    reduces COPD       reduces elderly care
   and children's lives                                       cure TB          hospitalizations         costs

       Bangladesh                                                                 Hungary
                                                                Russia                                 Norway
       Save 40 000                                                               Save 40 000
                                                             Cure 50 000                            Save €1,5 billion
    mothers and children                                                           annual
                                                            of tuberculosis                            annually
         annually                                                               hospital nights

           India                                                                 Montenegro
                                                               Thailand                               Denmark
       Save 290 000                                                               Save 2000
                                                             Cure 40 000                           Save €1,25 billion
    mothers and children                                                           annual
                                                            of tuberculosis                            annually
         annually                                                               hospital nights

         Pakistan                                                                  Serbia
                                                               Malaysia                                Sweden
       Save 75 000                                                              Save 40 000
                                                             Cure 10 000                            Save €2,4 billion
    mothers and children                                                           annual
                                                            of tuberculosis                            annually
         annually                                                               hospital nights

197940-54-mHealth draft Barcelona story-20Feb12-v20.pptx                                                                 17
mHealth: What we do today matters tomorrow

                                                             7 billion people...
                                                           7 billion beneficiaries

197940-54-mHealth draft Barcelona story-20Feb12-v20.pptx                             18

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