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									Home Interior decoration

Home Interior Decoration – The process of decorating a home in order to make it look
good becomes easier to use and gels well with the architecture. Home interior decoration
provides a certain "feel" to the home; it includes applying wallpaper, painting the walls,
choosing of furniture and fittings such as light fixtures, and adding decorations such as

Home interior decoration is professionally done by interior designers/ decorators and also
by a few architects. There is a distinctive difference between home interior decoration
and interior design.

Home interior decoration is focused on finishing, such as wallpaper, window covering,
furnishings and paint. Interior design is more integrated with the architecture, and in
addition to home interior decoration involves cabinet making, room layout etc and host of
other design parameters that go into making a home.

Although the concept of home interior decoration evolved in Paris and London in the late
18th century, modern home interior decoration began with Jeanselme in Paris, Lenygon
and Morant in London and Ogden Codman from New York. This concept of home
interior decoration has gone through many trends and discussions. The current trends of
this industry is to discover innovative ways to decorate on a budget mostly shoe string.

The whole objective of home interior decoration is to functionally improve the home and
make it reflect your tastes and personality at the same time rendering it unique. A big
challenge, nevertheless, undertaken by artistic scientists.

Homeowners spent approximately $175 billion in the year 2003 to improve their homes.
About 65% of this can be attributed to home interior decoration. The new trends indicate
most spending on expanding kitchens and livening up bathrooms with new fittings.
Current trends also indicate that emphasis is being given to creating specialty rooms and
areas for individual members of the family. Growing in popularity are massage suites,
spa areas, media space, craft rooms, wine cellars and home library areas. Even though
luxury is a synonym for space, most small home owners are eagerly using home interior
decoration to create definition areas for each individual.

Colors are also undergoing a new preference towards earthly, natural and warm brown
tones from the vibrant and loud colors of the past. Blue and gray hues are preferred today
over dull reds and dark blues of the past.

Innovative home interior decoration ideas, which cost less but at the same time giving the
impression of an ornate design scheme are in vogue for new career professionals and
newly married couples.
The new trend of Life-styling has given home interior decoration industry a boost. This
has given rise to eclectic decorating styles which include High Tech and Shabby Chic
replacing the good old Victorian or Early American.

Focus has changed to harmony and function compared to uniqueness and good looking.
Rightly so, since uniqueness can never be 100% and neatness has always been good
looking, which can be brought about by good functionality.

Home interior decoration has changed more drastically over the past 15 years or so than
in its long history. Keeping track of new trends is almost as essential as for a computer
professional keeping track of new software or hardware.

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