World War II Homefront by 4gOSA81Q


									World War II

The Home Front
  The “Arsenal of Democracy”
• “We must be the great arsenal of
  democracy.” FDR, 1940
• US industrial production was a key to
  winning the war.
        Women & The War
• The War created new opportunities for
  women to serve their country and to
  disprove sexist stereotypes.
Rosie the Riveter
        African-Americans and
              World War II
• The War created new opportunities for
  African-Americans to serve their country
  and to disprove racist stereotypes.
• The war was used as an opportunity for
  Civil Rights leaders to push for change.
• The war highlighted the ugliness of hate
  and racism.
    World War II & African-Americans
•   Double V
•   CORE
•   A. Philip Randolph
•   Executive Order 8802
• Rationing is the controlled distribution of
  resources and scarce goods or services. It
  restricts how much people are allowed to
  buy or consume.
• Good that were rationed during World War
  II include: gasoline, meat, butter, rubber,
  steel, coffee, and sugar.
• In the spring of 1942, the War Production Board
  became the nation's premier clothing consultant
  by dictating styles for civilian apparel that would
  conserve cloth and metal for the war effort. For
  example, menswear rid itself of vests, elbow
  patches on jackets, and cuffs on pants.
  Women's clothing also relied on fewer materials
  and skirts became shorter and narrower. Two-
  piece bathing suits became patriotic.
Yes   No
Sports—The Pete Gray Example
Ted Williams Lifetime Stats
         The Manhattan Project
• The Manhattan Project refers to the project to develop
  the first nuclear weapons during World War II by the
  United States, the United Kingdom and Canada under
  the administration of General Leslie R. Groves, with its
  scientific research directed by the American physicist J.
  Robert Oppenheimer.

• The project succeeded in developing and detonating
  three nuclear weapons in 1945: a test detonation on July
  16 in New Mexico; an enriched uranium bomb code-
  named "Little Boy" detonated on August 6 over
  Hiroshima, Japan; and a plutonium bomb code-named
  "Fat Man" on August 9 over Nagasaki, Japan.
       Japanese Internment
• 110,000 Japanese were placed in "War
  Relocation Centers"
• 62% were US citizens

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