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									              Unit 7: Instructional Performance Skills
                  Preparing Information Utilizing Various Technologies

OBJECTIVE: Students will create a presentation using different forms of technologies.

         Resource(s) Needed:           Activity Type:        Time        Written By:
     South Carolina Model pgs            Individual           180         Adapted
     180-184                                                              from SC
                                                                         Model (Ted

                Teacher Activities                    Student Activities
        Bell Ringer 5 min. Free Write on      5 minute Free Write
         How technology has aided
         classroom presentations
        Ask for student responses and         Create a list of technologies
         create a list of technologies
        Introduce SC Model pgs 180-184        Review SC pgs 180-184
        Assign “Letter to Mars” project       Create “Letter to Mars”
         (may use one or more of
         technologies discussed)

ASSESSMENT (Student Performance): Oral presentation and/or grading of Letter to
Mars project

FIELD EXPERIENCE CONNECTING ACTIVITY: Have student create a presentation of a
lesson to their class using one of the various technologies discussed or a parent letter

AUTHOR’S COMMENTS: Instructor may choose a different exercise than the Letter to
Mars from the SC Model exercises.

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