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By: Ms. Scicchitano

Grade: 2nd Grade
Subject: Reading, Writing
Learning Objectives

 Students will to take pictures of three
  different emotions and write two sentences
  with correct punctuation to describe each
 Students will create a PowerPoint which
  includes the pictures and two sentences
  about each emotion.
 Students will use action and descriptive
  words to show the emotions and feelings of
  the person in the picture.
ISTE Standards

 6. Technology Operations and Concepts
 Students demonstrate a sound
 understanding of technology concepts,
 systems and operations. Students:
 understand and use technology systems
Florida Standards
 LA.B.
  The student writes and revises a variety of simple texts (for
  example, sentences, paragraphs, stories, letters, explanations
  telling why or how, picture books, poems).
  The student uses conventions of punctuation (including but
  not limited to periods, question marks, exclamation points;
  commas in dates, series of words, and in greetings and
  closings in letters).
  The student uses basic word processing skills and basic
  educational software for writing (including but not limited to
  proofreading, using appropriate fonts and graphics, using
  technology to 'publish' writing
Content Knowledge
 What content knowledge do you possess in this area?
    The teacher must know how to take a picture and know how to
      use PowerPoint. The teacher must also think of different kinds of
      emotions in case the class has difficulty with coming up with
      various emotions.
 How did you prepare for understanding the content of this lesson?
    I prepared for understanding the content of this lesson by creating
     an emotions PowerPoint to serve as an example.
    Preparation
    Make sure your classroom computers have a word processor and
     Internet access.
    Make sure that all digital cameras are charged and working.
Activities                                                                                                                               Time
Read Today I Feel Silly & Other Moods That Make My Day to the students. As we read the story as a class I will have my students          10 minutes
look at the expressions on the little girl’s face. I will then have the students state how they feel or think the girl feels when they
make that face.

Have the students come up with different emotions that the story talked about and state how you feel with each emotion and               5 minutes
things that make you feel this way. Write the emotions that the students come up with on the board. Additionally, show a
picture of the Today I feel:

State to the students that today in groups you will be taking pictures of four different emotions that will be given to you on a         5 minutes
piece of paper. You will need to take a picture of each emotion and write two sentences with correct punctuation about each

Here is an example from the story:
“Today I am sad; my mood's heavy and gray.
There's a frown on my face and it's been there all day.
My best friend and I had a really big fight.
She said that I tattled and I know that she's right.”

Students will take a picture of them feeling sad. They can then write a sentence like the one below:
I feel sad when my friend does not listen to what I say. I feel that no one in the world cares about me and I just want someone
there to cheer me up.

Show students the example PowerPoint that you made dealing with emotions.                                                                5 minutes

Show students how to take pictures with a digital camera and insert them into a PowerPoint. Students will break up into groups           30
and take the pictures and create a PowerPoint.                                                                                           minutes

 Today I Feel Silly & Other Moods That Make My
  Day by Jamie Lee Curtis
 White board
 Dry erase marker
 Digital camera and uploading cord
 Computer with PowerPoint, scanner, and
  Internet connection
 LCD projector
What have I chosen these
 I have chosen these materials, because I feel
  that many students in the classroom are
  visual learners and also learn by writing the
  words and drawing a picture of the definition.
 Accommodations
   Place students in a group where their partners are
    encouraging and helpful.
   Extra time on assignments if needed.
        Assessment- Flat Stanley Rubric
               1                               2                             3                                       4
         Unsatisfactory                    Borderline                  Satisfactory                              Commendable                       Score

The report had mistakes and          The report was created   The report was created neatly.   The report was created with extreme neatness.
showed little regard for neatness.   with little regard to
The project was turned in more       The project was turned   The project was turned in one    The project was turned in before or by the due
than three days late.                in two to three days     day late.                        date.
All group members’ names were        N/A                      N/A                              The project was labeled and included all the
not included in the PowerPoint.                                                                student’s names in the group.
The project was missing more than The project was missing The project contained all the        The project contained more than the required
2 required elements.              1 to 2 required         required elements.                   elements.

No photographs with were           The student included 1     The student included 2         The student included 3 photographs of three
included.                          photograph of an           photographs in a PowerPoint of different emotions in a PowerPoint.
                                   emotion in a               two emotions.
The group wasted his/her time, did The group made poor        The group made good use of       The group made excellent use of his/her time, was
not cooperate and put no effort    use of his/her time, did   his/her time, was cooperative    very cooperative and put forth great effort.
forth.                             not cooperate very well    and put forth good effort.
                                   and put little effort
The group had 3 or more            The group had 2            The group had one punctuation The group had zero punctuation errors.
punctuation errors.                punctuation errors.        error.

The group included no sentences      The group included 1     The group included two           The group included two sentences with each of the
with the pictures.                   sentence with each       sentences with one or two of     pictures.
                                     picture.                 the pictures.
Tips for Taking Good Photos

 Use a flash when you have very little light.
 Take multiple pictures because most likely
  one of the pictures will turn out.
 Try to have bright light sources behind you
  (e.g. the sun). Make sure your shadow is not
  in the picture frame.
 Use a fast shutter speed when taking pictures
  for emotions.
Good Resource for Emotions
to show to the class:
 http://www.d11.org/springcreek/treatment/0
Resources on Taking Good
 http://www.kodak.com/eknec/PageQuerier.jh
 http://digital-photography-
I feel sad when my
friend does not listen to
what I say. I feel that no
one in the world cares
about me and I just
want someone there to
cheer me up

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