110309_gkr_steering committee_minutes by huanghengdong


									          Meeting Date: Tuesday, November 03, 2009                         Time:     11:00am – 4:00pm
               Location: OIIT Conference Room 231 & Conference Call

           Participants:     P. Toby Graham, Wallace Koehler, Fatih Oguz, LaVerne McLaughlin, W. Bede Mitchell, Merryll Penson, Julie Speer,
                            Laura Burtle, Jennifer Campbell-Meier, Robin Fay, Tyler O. Walters, David Evans, Jon Hansen, and Andrea Williams

Decisions Made/Informational Items:
Project Website: The project website will include the project charter, list of participants, reports, and has the ability to have threaded/discussion
Project timeline:
    Component 1
        September 2009 – Grant recipient
        October 2009 – Advertised two positions and setup budgets
        November 2009 – Held Kickoff meeting of the GKR Steering Committee and GKR Technology Committee
        December 2009/January 2010 – Interview for two positions
        January 2010 / February 2010 – Hire for the two positions
    Component 2:
        Purchase server
        Install DSpace
        Design site for three institutions (Albany State University, College of Coastal Georgia, and Medical College of Georgia)
    Component 3:
        DSpace developer, GT systems staff, and partners work together to design and program interface
    Component 4:
        Digitization / Rights Assistance / Content Submission Services
    Component 5:
        Hire/train technical writer
        Sponsor Consortia Repositories Workshop
        Provide consultation services
        Improve the GKR web site for repository instruction and learning purposes

Roles and Benefits of the GKR Project
   Institution: Partnership with other USG institutions, outreach and promotion program for repository services at your institutions, content
       recruitment program at your institutional repository, content submission routines for your institutional repository, user interface design for
       your institutional repository.
   Benefits: Receive a repository, opportunity to share best practices, outreach/promotional of repository, single search site, showcase their
       own faculty/students in the repost, and create additional collaboration between students and faculty across institutions
The Steering Committee decided to meet monthly in the beginning and adjust later if necessary. The next meeting is scheduled on Wednesday,
   December 9, 2009 @ 3-4pm via Wimba. Wimba login information will be distributed before the meeting.

Status              Item #        Action Items                                           Responsible          Due Date
New                 1)            Send Ga Southern examples of business                  Toby Graham &        11/10/2009
                                  process/procedures, copyright info, and guides used    Tyler Walters
                                  for GKR
New                 2)            Send a copy of the USG library survey to Tyler         Jennifer             11/10/2009

New                 3)            Follow up with Catherine Finnegan about surveying      Merryll Penson       12/01/2009
                                  faculty within the USG (best mechanism for reaching
                                  faculty, how do they do their surveys, and pros/cons
                                  of surveying faculty.
New                 4)            Visit the GKR-hosted repository sites ( MCG, Albany,   Toby Graham &        2/28/2010
                                  CCG).                                                  Tyler Walters
New                 5)            Identify library staff member(s) from MCG, ASU,        Tyler Walters &      2/28/2009
                                  CCG, who will liaise with GKR technologists on         Toby Graham
                                  designing their institutional repositories

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