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                       KHUTBAH JUMAAT
         42 SEPTEMBER 2004M / 9 SYAABAN 1425H

                       THINKING DEEPLY

Dear blessed brothers in Islam,

I call upon myself and all of you to increase the level of our
worship to Allah swt by always striving to do all that He
commands and avoid all that He forbids. May we be among those
who fear Him, and are successful in this world and the hereafter.

My blessed brothers,

We are thankful to Allah swt for, with His blessing, we are
gathered every Friday; because through the messages and

reminders given on these Friday gatherings, we are given a
chance to improve ourselves.

Last week, we were reminded to continue to search for
knowledge. We must use the knowledge available for the good of
our own self, family and society. Certainly, for knowledge to be
useful, we must continue to think, reflect and analyse until
ultimately, that knowledge will point us towards the greatness of
Allah swt.

As narrated by Ibn Hibban, Rasulullah s.a.w. once said

One second of reflecting is better than one thousand years of

According to scholars, this Hadith is weak, but if we consider that
Islam commands us to use reason in order to establish and
strengthen Faith, then the aim of this Hadith is in line with the
basic teachings of Islam. In fact, there are many verses in
AlQuran that enjoins us to continuously think.

AlQuran is from Allah; it is the book of Truth, of which there is no
doubt; and we are called upon to reflect upon its teachings and
think about its commands. As Allah says in surah Annisa: 82

Do they not then consider the Quran carefully? Had it been from
other than Allah, they would surely have found therein much

Thus, by reflecting upon the contents of AlQuran, we will find
many verses that calls us to observe the creations of Allah s.w.t.

By thinking and reflecting upon all the creatures on earth, we can
see clearly that all of them have been created according to some
order and for a certain purpose. This shows that there is a certain
wisdom and power. And this therefore, without a doubt, show that
there must be a God.

With this, our Faith becomes stronger, we will be more
hardworking in doing acts of worship and acts of charity; and we
will do them with more sincerity. We will find it easier to stay away
from evil deeds and sin. As a result, our rewards will increase and
our sins will be lesser; and then Allah will love and have mercy for
us. When this happens, we will prosper; we will be happy in this
world and will be placed in Paradise in the hereafter; and this will
be our abode forever.

Dear respected brothers,

A scholar once said, “Whoever has known himself, has known
God ” What we can understand from this Sufi saying, is that if we
study, examine and observe carefully each and every part of our
body, and with thinking deeply about the functions of the different
parts of our body, their features and how they are arranged with
such accurate coordination, surely, we will witness the greatness
of Allah s.w.t. As Allah says in surah Adz Zaariyat, verses 20-21:

And on the earth are signs for those who have Faith with certainty,
And also in your ownselves. Will you not then see?

Allah swt begins our formation with just a drop of sperm. But this
drop of sperm will be of no value if Allah had not protected it and
given it life, by giving it what it needs to live in a mother’s womb. It
will still be of no value if Allah had not made it easy for it to come
out of the womb as a new human being. And this human is of no
value if Allah had not caused it to grow and given it minds to think.

It is with his mind, as given by Allah, that man can become kings,
ministers, professors, doctors, engineers, lecturers, teachers and
so on; man becomes clever, strong, rich and lives freely on earth.

It is with his mind, that man can climb the highest mountains, soar
through the skies, dive into the deepest oceans and explore the
earth according to their wishes. But this is not to be forever; man
cannot live according to his wishes.

We will die; we will surely die. After death, Allah has promised to
raise and bring us back to life on the day of reckoning. What then
is our excuse for not believing in Allah’s promise? Who are we to
deny it? Allah swt says in surah Luqman: verse 28

The creation of you all and the resurrection of you all are only as
(the creation and resurrection of) a single person. Verily, Allah is
All-Hearer, All-Seer.

Think of Allah’s favours that we have right now. Our eyes, ears,
feet and hands; all of these are very important as life’s necessity.
Allah gave these to us without asking for a single cent. Whereas,
a pair of false legs can cost thousands of dollars; false teeth is
also expensive. What more the eyes, ears, hearts, tongues and
minds that Allah has given; surely, these are priceless.

So how can we repay Allah for the many favours that He has
given? Let us think; have we thanked Allah? Have we done all
that He commands? Have we stopped doing those things that He
forbids? Have we, as servants of Allah, done enough good deeds
to thank Allah, our Protector, for all His generosity and mercy
towards us?

Look at the rice that we eat. Can the padi plant grow on its own if
Allah had not brought down the rain? Can man produce water?
Can man dig fine tunnels in the soil for the roots of plants to travel
in search for food and water? Man sows, but it is Allah who makes
the plants grow.

Look at how Allah looks after man with His teachings. Solat will
prevent us from committing mischief and sins. Zakat will ensure
that wealth is fairly distributed. Fasting, in turn, will develop the
qualities of compassion and piety.

After reflecting, insya Allah, we will realize; our hearts will open
and will see Allah’s swt existence, generosity, and power. Our
hearts will wake up our minds, to make it see how important it is to
worship Allah. Our hearts will command our feet, hands and all
the parts of our body to obey Allah and to stop doing what He

There is cause to cry if our hearts don’t do this, because blindness
of the heart is more serious than blindness of the eyes.

We pray that with knowledge and deep thinking, we will bring
ourselves closer to Allah swt. Insya Allah


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