KNOW YOUR STATE!

Objective: To apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate knowledge and learning
about one state in the U.S.A.

Introduction: You will spend one class period taking notes on certain aspects of
your state using your state’s tourist websites on the Internet. You will be given a
graphic organizer to assist you in the note-taking process. These notes will be
used to complete the Know Your State activities detailed below. It is important
for you to remember that your final products need to be in final draft form – no
pencil showing, please. Use fine-line pen, markers, computer-processing and/or
colored pencils.

   1. The map: You will create a hand-drawn map of your state which shows the
      topography and population density. Neatness, accuracy and legibility will be
      important. These elements common to quality maps must be included:
       legend
       proper symbol for capital
       symbols for cities of different populations
       landform symbols
       correct spelling and capitalization of places
       color
       scale

   2. The synthesis activity: You will choose one of the following options to
      synthesize information you’ve learned from studying your state. However
      you choose to present your information, make sure it is quality work
      (remember those guidelines??!!)
         a. The people in your state are tired of the old state song. Compose a
            new song that reflects modern ideas and values about your state.
            Type up a final version of the song.
         b. Plan a day-long celebration of your state’s ethnic diversity. Write out
            a detailed schedule of events that honor the people of your state.
         c. Imagine how things might be different in your state today if
            ________________________ (name of famous person from your
            state) had not lived. Make a “needed” poster for this person, detailing
            all of his/her accomplishments and contributions to your state.
         d. The legislature in your state has provided you with money to design a
            state-wide summer recreational program for fourth, fifth, and sixth
            graders in your state. Design a detailed, informative flyer that
            explains what the kids will be doing and learning in June, July and
         e. In the game of Monopoly, all of the street names come from Atlantic
            City, New Jersey. Design a brand new game celebrating your state.
            Develop a list of names for the Monopoly squares that reflect the
            cities and places of your state.
         f. Plan a historical circle tour of your state. Write out a complete
            itinerary, including stops on the tour, sites to visit, mileage, and places
            to stay.

   3.The travel brochure: This one’s homework! Design a travel brochure for
     your state that is colorful and eye-catching. It also must entice tourists to
     visit (and spend money in!) your state. Your brochure will have 6 panels (see
     sample template) and include the following:
          recreation opportunities
          historical sites/landmarks
          national or state parks/monuments
          pictures
          writing (ie. captions, lists, labels, etc.)
          title (with your state name in it!)
          can be computer processed or hand-drawn

    You will be given 4-5 class periods to work on both the map and the
      synthesis activity. The travel brochure, as mentioned earlier, is to be
      completed entirely at home. All three assignments are due on the last
      day of class: Tuesday, May 8.
    Stay tuned for exciting information about the 5/6 Challenge State Float
     Parade, details to be announced and presented on the last day of class! And,
     save the date for the parade: Thursday, June 14, at 2:30 p.m.

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