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									                                         THE NEXUS

VOLUME XXIV, NO. 2                                                                      JULY, 2004

                                   MEET FATHER MULLEN

The Church of St. Ann has been blessed with the help of a Weekend Assistant for some time
now. Let us introduce Fr. William J. Mullen.

Fr. Mullen, who retired two years ago, resides at St. Thomas Seminary in Bloomfield. Fr.
Mullen generously gives of his time to St. Ann’s parish, not only by helping to ease the weekend
Mass schedule, but by hearing confessions during special Church holidays, such as Christmas
and Easter.

St. Thomas Seminary was also where Fr. Mullen began his studies for the priesthood at the age
of 13. He remained at St. Thomas’ for six years, after which, he entered St. Mary’s Seminary in
Baltimore followed by St. John’s Seminary in Brighton, MA.

In 1951, a special dispensation was required to allow Fr. Mullen to be ordained at the young age
of 23. Father’s first Mass was celebrated at St. Margaret in Waterbury, where Fr. McCarthy was
a subdeacon at the time.

Fr. Mullen’s first appointment was in the Charter Oak Terrace area of Hartford where he stayed
for two years. He felt he learned much during that assignment.

All of Fr. Mullen’s appointments were either in Hartford or West Hartford. He had worked with
Fr. Sas before coming to St. Ann’s. Fr. Sas was deacon during Fr. Mullen’s appointment at St.
Thomas in West Hartford. Then after Fr. Mullen’s three month attendance in Rome, he joined
Fr. Sas in 1991 as co-pastor of St. Mark’s in West Hartford.

Fr. Mullen began his life in Waterbury, where he spent his early years with one brother, four
sisters and three cousins (raised as siblings). He “teased” that he entered the priesthood to “get
away” from all the women in his life - six girls.

Fr. Mullen, who has a degree in Canon Law, enjoys classical music. He delights in attending
concerts by the Hartford Symphony and is looking forward to performances at Tanglewood this
summer. Warm weather will also find Fr. Mullen out on the golf course - for his “exercise”.

If you have not yet met Fr. Mullen, please stop to say hello and introduce yourself after Mass.
                               The Rev. Thomas J. Sas, Pastor
                        The Rev. Thomas E. McCarthy, Pastor Emeritus
                                  Deacon Alan D. Campbell
                                    Deacon John Mylott

Janine Cote, Director of Religious Education         Joan Gould, Youth Ministry Coordinator
Tom Stockton, Director of Music                      Joanne Dibble, Confirmation Coordinator
Richard Tourville, Cemetery Superintendent           Sheila Ward, Office Manager

                                       The Nexus Staff

                                       Jean Frey, Editor

         Carole Anderson           Columbine Kulikowski        Valerie Meader
         Elaine Atiyeh             Alice Kuzia                 Lois Poplar
         Becky Blankenbicker       Rosemarie Larkin            Lois Sheridan
         Michele Ciment            Dave Loomis                 Barbara Smith
         Liz Dwyer                 Ida Maillet                 Sophie Sopelak
         Bev Gagne                 Florence Malentacchi        Chris Womac
         Evelyn Gresh              Marjorie McGuinness



Sept. 11-12           Tools for Schools Collection
Oct. 8-10             Women’s Retreat, Holy Family Retreat Center
Oct. 23               Scholarship Tag Sale

                                     PARISH COUNCIL

Congratulations to the newly elected members of St. Ann’s Parish Council. Adult members
elected to the Council for a term of three years are Tom Carlone, Mike Rubino, Jim Serruta, and
Anne Yurch. Also elected was Erin Buonome, youth member. This year’s officers were
re-elected to serve for another year: Paul Smits, Chairperson; John Lloyd, Vice Chair; and Ann
Brescia, Secretary. Thank you to outgoing members Janet Black, George Caspar, Tom Corso,
Eileen DiMauro, Mark Dymersky, Robert Fish, and Jenifer Kayan (youth).


Registration forms for GRADES NURSERY THROUGH 8 are available outside of the Faith
Formation office and Sheila Ward’s office anytime.              CONFIRMATION STUDENTS:
Registration forms have been sent out for all incoming 9th grade students. If you have not
received a registration form, please call Joanne Therrien at 673-2137.

                                    RECTORY RAMBLINGS

Wow! Time flies when you’re having fun! It’s hard to believe that I have been at St. Ann for a
full year already. Much has been accomplished in terms of repair and refurnishing the physical
plant of the church, rectory, grounds, and equipment. More is yet to be done, especially
regarding a Faith Formation Center on site. A “Dream Team” has been meeting regularly to
discuss needs, explore options, and work with the Archdiocese on implementing our vision for
the future. We were fortunate to be able to purchase property next door on Arch Road. The
closing should be some time this month.

In addition to these material accomplishments, I hope we as a community have grown spiritually
as well. A new committee, the Worship and Spiritual Life Committee, has been formed. The
ideas and enthusiasm of its members are beginning to bear fruit. Additionally, the Liturgy and
Liturgical Environment Committees have been reconstituted. New and experienced members
have much energy and many initiatives as they coordinate themes and decorations, with Andrée
Grafstein coordinating the various groups.

Educationally, the Religious Formation Program continues to flourish under the direction of
Janine Cote (D.R.E.) and others, such as Joan Gould (Youth Ministry); Joanne Dibble
(Confirmation Coordinator); the support staff, especially Joanne Therrien; the dedicated
catechists; and numerous volunteers as well as supportive parents and eager students. The
Summer Bible Camp has had another successful year.

This summer we will begin the process of forming Small Christian Communities by inviting
interested parishioners to a series of meetings with Brother Bob Moriarty from the Office of
SCC. Once a core team has been formed and trained, groups of 8-10 will be gathered to connect
faith and life on a regular basis.

This fall, a three-part program centered on the Bishops’ document, Faithful Citizenship: A
Catholic Call to Political Responsibility, will be offered to help us as we elect officials. We will
explore the Church’s social teachings to discover for ourselves how it might impact our
individual choices of candidates this year.

All in all, things are moving along with only a few surprises (a frozen waste pipe line and burner
problems in church being but two). Thank you for all your support and encouragement as well as
your financial generosity, which enables the parish to do all it does.

May we all continue to grow in wisdom, grace, charity, and peace.

                                       MEN’S RETREAT

You’re invited to the St. Ann Annual Men’s Retreat at the Holy Family Passionist Retreat Center
in West Hartford, January 21-23, 2005. Please call Gregory Doyle, 658-6807, or Jim Serruta,
673-6691, for information.

                                    FIRST EUCHARIST

On May 1 and May 8, the Church of St. Ann Celebrated the First Eucharist of the following
children. Two dates were necessary due to the number of children who were prepared to receive
the Sacrament.

    Jonathan Arciero             Conor Hans                       Cole Petano
    Sara Behringer               Rachel Hanuschak                 Michael Pinkerton
    Sarah Breckinridge           Erin Hartigan                    Elizabeth Poggio
    Jessica Brighenti            Emma Hartman                     Catherine Ponziani
    Jennifer Bruzik              Rebecca Hartman                  Mary Ponziani
    Catherina Buechler           Quinn Hayes                      Dana Prisloe
    Kelsey Burton                Erin Heston                      Matthew Regan
    Keith Burwood                Sarah Howard                     Giselle Reyes
    Cassandra Campagna           Sean Janson                      Elizabeth Rodier
    Kathryn Carpenter            Alejandra Jaramillo              Kevin Rosato
    Elise Curcio                 Madeline Johnson                 Jayna Roy
    Alice D’Arcangelo            Aislinn Jordan                   Bernnan Rucker
    Isabella DeFaria             Haley Kachmar                    Matthew Santoro
    Stephen DelGallo             Mary Kaminski                    Tyler Scalise
    Kelly DelGallo               Tyler LaChance                   Rebecca Sherry
    Derek DelGross               Daniel Leszczynski               Lauren Sitaro
    Carolyn Detora               Alexa Lisevick                   Kayla Skrzyniarz
    Sarah Dolan                  Madison Mains                    Gabriel Slama
    Ryan Donahue                 Mary Mallozzi                    Jack Smith
    Britt Douglass               Brian Malone                     Olivia Smith
    Connor Dunn                  Griffin Maloney                  Harrison Stanczyc
    Thomas Dzis                  Sarah Katherine Mascoli          Sara Stokesbury
    Evan Edgar                   Joshua McCamish                  Brendan Supple
    Kathryn Emery                Erin McLaughlin                  Connor Supple
    Olivia Flannery              Connor McNamara                  Benjamin W. Suski, IV
    Delaney Foster               Kimberly Mecca                   Alexandra Tassielli
    Emily Gackstatter            Matthew Memmo                    Heather Todoroff
    Kristen Garcia               Rachel Mersch                    Fabrizio Tropea
    Jacob Gatmaitan              Calum Milligan                   Ryan Tyler
    Erin Getz                    Morgan Molnar                    Catherine Valzania
    Brooke Giansanti             Allison Morini                   Patrick Vignati
    Anna Grant                   Sean Neagle                      Joshua Weist
    Emily Green                  Nicole Nistal                    Matthew Williamson
    Tyler Green                  Timothy O’Brien                  Diana Wojciechowski
    Stephen Griffin              Elizabeth Olmstead               Nicholas Zacchio
    Paige Hammick

                          PREPARING TO BE INFORMED VOTERS

In anticipation of the presidential election in November, St. Ann’s will be participating in a
parish-wide education about and celebration of Catholic Social Teaching. The Bishops’
statement, Faithful Citizenship: A Catholic Call to Political Responsibility, will be our guide.

The text of the Faithful Citizenship document is available to all at (the National
Conference of Catholic Bishops’ web site) and is worth reading in its entirety. It is easy to read,
morally challenging, and simple in its clear statements about Catholic Social Teaching. In the
Introduction, the Bishops say: “This election will test us as American Catholics. A renewed
commitment to faithful citizenship can help heal the wounds of our nation, world, and Church.
What we have endured has changed many things. But it has not changed the fundamental
mission and message of Catholics in public life. In times of terror and war, of global insecurity
and economic uncertainty, of disrespect for human life and human dignity, we need to return to
basic moral principles. Politics cannot be merely about ideological conflict, the search for
partisan advantage, or political contributions. It should be about fundamental moral choices.
How do we protect human life and dignity? How do we fairly share the blessings and burdens of
the challenges we face? What kind of nation do we want to be? What kind of world do we want
to shape? Politics in this election year and beyond should be about an old idea with new power -
the common good. The central question should not be, ‘Are you better off than you were four
years ago?’ It should be, ‘How can we - all of us, especially the weak and vulnerable - be better
off in the years ahead? How can we protect and promote human life and dignity? How can we
pursue greater justice and peace?’”

St. Ann’s will be integrating this document into all facets of parish life. The Worship and
Spiritual Life Committee is planning an adult education series to address the Bishops’ document;
to introduce us to CenterEdge here in Connecticut; and to provide us with a Scriptural foundation
to Catholic Social Teaching. In addition, they will also be hosting a Voter Registration session
after Masses on a weekend later in the fall. The Liturgy Committee is working with the Sunday
Scriptures and the issues highlighted by the Bishops to weave a social teaching thread through
the 10 Sundays before the election. Our presiders and homilists will work creatively to reflect
these issues in our Sunday celebrations. Music, which will help us give Voice to our
responsibility as Catholic voters, is in the process of being selected and will be part of all Sunday
celebrations during this time. The Environment Committee is planning ways to make this theme
present to us visually and symbolically. Children in Faith Formation and teens in Youth Group
will have exposure to the Social Teachings of the Church as well.

The various components and activities that are being planned will follow the Bishops’ guidelines.
Parishes are encouraged to: “Address the moral and human dimensions of public issues. Share
church teaching on human life, human rights, and justice and peace. Apply Catholic values to
legislation and public issues. Conduct a nonpartisan voter registration drive on church property.”
Parishes are asked not to: “Endorse or oppose candidates for political office. Distribute partisan
campaign literature under church auspices. Arrange for groups to work for a candidate for public
office. Invite only selected candidates to address your church-sponsored group. Conduct voter
registration slanted toward one party." (cont. on Pg.6)

Preparing to be Informed Voters (cont. from Pg. 5)
All members of the parish are encouraged and welcome to participate in all of the activities
taking place this fall. Those who would like to help with any part of the preparations (from
planning to publicity or simply to host an event or make coffee) are asked to contact the
committee chairperson for the following committees: Worship and Spiritual Life, Liturgy,
Environment, Music, Faith Formation, or Youth Group.

                                   VACATION BIBLE CAMP

We had a Lava Lava great time! Summer vacation was kicked off this year with a hugely
successful vacation bible camp at the Church of St. Ann. Over 70 children gathered for fun,
games, and crafts, all centered around various bible stories. We want to say a special Mahalo
(which means thank you in Hawaiian) to our volunteers: Our wonderfully innovative decorating
team: Ann DiStefano, Diana Bourke, Karen Cianci, Karen Edgar, Jean Hartigan, Sue Ollstad,
Sheryl Sitaro, and Mary Ann Sutter. Our tremendous Coco’s Playhouse crew: Chris Tyler, Meg
Donovan, Jodi Messier, and Becky Raynor along with Christina Carlone. Our energetically fun
Jungle Gym Games leaders: Jean Hartigan and Gayle Bieluch along with Brendan Tyler, Patrick
Lesczynski, Peter Deckers, Julia McCamish, and Jillian McCann. Our fabulously creative crafts
team: Karen Edgar along with Katie Murphy, Allie Pinkerton, and Emily Sawicki. Our
fantastically enjoyable Hot Bible Adventures team: Susi Blatz and Carol McNamara along with
Kara LaMonica and Chloe Kryszpin. Our yummy tropical treats and after-party luncheon team:
Dawn Kryszpin and Paula Graziano. Our terrifically organized registration team: Elaine West
and Sharon McCutcheon. Our wonderfully musical Sing and Play Bay & Lava Lava Luau team:
Janine Cote and Susan Davey along with Ryan Edgar. And our incredibly talented and fun Island
Guides: Hannah Cook, Ashley Dearstyne, Sara Dully, Andrea Gorkofsky, Katey Kryszpin,
Jennifer LaMonica, Veronica Martinez, Kellie Murphy, Caitlin Nill, Alex Sauerbrunn, Justine
Shopis, Erica Stewart, and Leanna West.

                                 TOOLS FOR SCHOOLS 2004

Imagine trying to make a cake without a wooden spoon or mixer, digging in the garden without a
spade or shovel, driving without a car...wooden spoon/mixer, spade/shovel, car....all are tools
necessary to complete a task at hand. So many of these tools, we take for granted for we are
blessed with those and more. Yet others don't have the most basic of tools: tools for education.
These "tools" which are required to build an education include the following NEW school
supplies: book bags, trapper keepers, notebooks, calculators, loose leaf paper, crayons, art paper,
colored pencils, pens and pencils, rulers, dictionaries, thesauruses and more. All items will
benefit the tutorial programs of Family Life Education, San Juan Tutorial and the Catholic
Worker House.

The 12th annual collection will be held the weekend following Labor Day (September 11 & 12) .
If you are away during that weekend, donations may be left in the Fr. Bennett Hall. Your support
in the past has been most generous and so appreciated. For more information, please call Bill or
Theresa at 693-8297.


On Friday, May 7, the following students received the Sacrament of Confirmation.

  Confirmandi          Confirmation Name             Confirmandi         Confirmation Name

Lauren Ahern           Anastasia                   Kayla Joyce            Ann
Laura Arciero          Cecilia                     Timothy Jurczak        Richard
Steven Arose           Patrick                     Scott Kalustian        Richard
Benjamin Beaulieu      George                      Kristen Kardas         Rose
Alyssa Bellingham      Catherine                   Danielle Kick          Faith
Michelle Beloin        Margaret                    Katherine Kryszpin     Monica
Christopher Bieluch    Casimir                     Esteban Lara           Nicholas
Anne Bonner            Patricia                    Benjamin Lauzon        Anthony
Anne Bowlby            Rose                        Bridget Lennon         Maria Teresa
Erin Breitzka          Ann                         Joseph Liberator       Michael
Elissa Brown           Hermione                    Gregory MacKinnon      Patrick
Katie Burnett          Veronica                    William Magarian       Thomas
Sean Campbell          Patrick                     Ryan Maloney           Patrick
Jaclyn Carlson         Mary                        Veronica Martinez      Gemma
Laura Chilson          Mary                        Meara McCarthy         Holy Innocents
Christiana Ciment      Catherine                   Brendan McGuff         Thomas
Nolan Cleary           Christopher                 Lauren Mecca           Catherine
Catherine Coté         Catherine                   Jacqueline Oakes       Joan
Jamie DeFelice         Teresa                      Kevin J. O’Leary       David
Curtis DiMauro         Stephen                     Valerie Potanka        Rosalia
Zachary Donino         Francis                     Joseph Quattrochi      Francis
Erin Dougherty         Margaret                    Alexander Quinn        Sebastian
Ryan Douglass          Patrick                     Susie Quish            Cecelia
Katherine Doyle        Judith                      Chip Rubino            Ignatius
Alaina Dubiel          Victoria                    Nicole Santarsiero     Elizabeth
Lauren Elliott         Mary                        Katherine Savarese     Joan
Alison Evans           Joan                        Paul Severni           Frederick
Sean Fahey             Francis                     Michael Scatchell      Sebastian
Stephanie Frask        Nicolette                   James Senerth          Henry
Matthew Freimuth       Valentine                   Jeffry Senerth         Nicholas
Ryan Gallagher         Alphonse                    Kyle Skrzyniarz        Anthony
Lindsay Gengras        Mary                        Colin Smith            Matthew
Andrea Gorkofsky       Elizabeth                   Erica Stewart          Bernadette
Matthew Gouveia        Alexander                   Kelsey Tarczanin       Justina
Meredith Grindrod      Margaret                    Jacqueline Vicino      Juliana
Danny Heelan           Joseph                      Coleen Wilhide         Cecilia
Wesley Horbatuck       Felix                       Ryan Williams          Lawrence

                             2004 HALLELUJAH OPEN RECAP

The tournament was once again a great success. There were around 100 golfers who enjoyed the
day, plus many more for dinner and the raffle. Thank You, All!!

                               2004 Hallelujah Open Accounting

        Golf                                                                    $15,360
        Dinners                                                                   1,760
        Sponsors/Donations                                                        9,210
        On the Course Contests & Raffle & Auction                                 5,191
       TOTAL INCOME                                                              $31,521

        Golf Club of Avon, Expenses & Supplies                                  $15,793
        Operating Expenses                                                          562
       TOTAL EXPENSES                                                            $16,355

       GROSS INCOME                                                              $15,166

        Team Christine Recovery Fund                                            $15,000

        Beginning Balance                                                       $   611
        Income                                                                   31,521
        Expenses                                                                -16,355
        Donations                                                               -15,000
       ENDING BALANCE:                                                           $ 777

        ENDING BALANCE will be kept for up-front expenses for next year’s Hallelujah
         Open, tentatively scheduled for June, 2005.

                                    WOMEN’S RETREAT

In past years, many of the women of the parish have not been able to attend the June retreat when
30 or so of our parish have gone the last weekend of the month. In view of this and to answer
their need, we are encouraging all who can to attend the October 8-10, 2004, retreat at Holy
Family Retreat Center in West Hartford. The team usually chooses the “Theme” in July. So as
soon as we know, we will post new registration forms with the theme on the bulletin boards at
the church entrances. Several women already have signed up because they were not able to
attend the June retreat. Consider bringing a friend. Watch the weekly bulletin for more

The automated external defibrillator device, or AED, is quickly becoming commonplace in
airports, health clubs, malls, golf courses, synagogues and other public areas. Soon, our
community of faith will join the list of those in possession of the life-saving device. Through the
generosity of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, the American Heart Association has donated
200 units, at a cost of $2,500 to $3,000 each, to be made available to schools, churches, and
others. An application was filed by St. Ann's Church, and our parish was granted a device! The
parish will need to train a minimum of six parishioners (including Fr. Sas!) to use the device.
Once training is complete and an emergency plan is in place, the device will be released to the
church. AED's analyze heart rhythm to determine whether a shock is needed to restore the heart
to a normal rhythm. This portable device delivers the shock through electrodes which are applied
to the victim's chest. Currently, only 5 percent of the victims suffering sudden cardiac arrest
survive as CPR and defibrillation occur too late. With the AED and CPR being more readily
available, an estimated 40,000 lives per year will be saved in the U.S. according to the American
Heart Association.

           Megan Grace Aloia                           Matthew Michael Mancini
           Brook Casey Bartkiewicz                     Gabrielle Marcuccio
           Declan James Bernetich                      Emma Zoe McMahon
           Riley Jennifer Bernetich                    Isabelle Marie McMahon
           Jonathan Peter Ciottone, Jr.                Alden Berit Melo
           Cecilia Elizabeth DiStefano                 Owen Patrick Murphy
           Riley Elizabeth Dos Santos                  Sophie Marie Nelson
           Grace Kelly Falk                            Benjamin Michael Reyes
           Makenna Lillian Feurer                      Austin Thomas Robert
           Cael Patrick Finn                           Connor Logan Seeley
           Ryan Connor Finn                            Kellen Christian Seeley
           Sophia Maria Foschini                       Liam Michael Seeley
           Griffin Stuart Franz                        John (Jack) Markus Teri-Savage
           Connor Jackson Gold                         Ryan James Toomey
           Jack Montgomery Gorman                      Concepcion Sevastian Valentino
           Emma Lee Kane                               Justin Gregory Vitkauskas

                              WELCOME, NEW PARISHIONERS

Allan & Katy Bredice & Jacob, 50 Westridge Drive, Avon
Anthony & Michalina Centofanti & Giovanni, 185 Northington Drive, Avon
Scott Dykema, 239 Old Farms Road, Avon
Mary-Rose Jaschinski & Lisa Jaschinski, 33 Old Farms Crossing, Avon
Stephen & Diane Link & Taylor & Thomas, 190 South Main Street, West Hartford
Greg & Margaret Osiecki & Matthew, Sarah, & Michael, 61 Deepwood Drive, Avon
Robert & Ann Pinciak & Christopher & Jeffrey, 16 Cold Spring Road, Avon
Salvan Ross, Jr., 4 Heathcote, Avon
David & Denise Santoro & Adam, 31 Chepachet Road, Avon
Phil & Cindy Waldeck & Thomas & Anna, 24 Northington Drive, Avon

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