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									           Harvey Public School District
                        Section C ~ Administration
        CA        School Administration
              o Policy CA     School District Administration

        CAA    Superintendent
           o Policy CAAA Superintendent Recruitment & Appointment
                      CAAA-E Superintendent Job Description
              o Policy CAAB    Superintendent Evaluation Procedure

        CAB    School Administration
           o Policy CABA Creation and Elimination of Administrative Positions
              o Policy CABB    Hiring Administrative Staff

        CBA    Policy Implementation
           o Policy CBAA Administrative Regulations
              o Policy CBAB    Administration in Policy Absence

        CCA    Superintendent & Administrative Professional Development
           o Policy CCA    Superintendent & Administrative Professional

        CCB    Superintendent Grievance Procedure
           o Policy CCB    Superintendent Grievance Procedure
Descriptor Code:               CA             School District Administration
Adopted Date:                  8/10/2010
Amended Date:                  7/19/2011
The Harvey Public School District’s Board of Education recognizes the
purpose of school administration is to help create and foster an
environment in which pupils can learn most effectively. Because proper
administration is vital to a successful educational program, the School
Board expects the educational administration to lead, coordinate,
supervise, and direct students and staff in all facets of the educational
process in an effort to attain the goals and objectives adopted by the

Within the guidelines of School Board Policy, law, and the negotiated
agreement, the School Board expects the educational administration to:

        Effectively manage the District's facilities, funds, and programs;
        Provide leadership in keeping abreast of current developments
         and provide up-to-date educational information and sound
         professional advice to the School Board as an aid to rational
        Plan, organize, implement, and evaluate the educational programs
         established by School Board Policy in order to provide optimum
         educational opportunities to the students of the District;
        Arrange for professional development necessary for establishing
         and operating educational services that meet students’ needs as
        Use efficient administrative and management procedures;
        Coordinate cooperative and collaborative efforts amongst all
         stakeholders to improve learning programs, facilities, equipment,
         and materials, as well as to coordinate the resources of the
         community with those of the District.
The following flow chart represents the direction of authority and
responsibility within the Harvey Public School District #38:

                                    School District

                                School District Board of

                                    School District

          Elementary /                                             Secondary
          JH Principal                                              Principal

  Building          Building                                Building       Building
Certified Staff    Classified                              Classified    Certified Staff
                     Staff                                   Staff

             Parents &                 Parents &                  Parents &
              Pupils                    Pupils                     Pupils
The Superintendent:
The Harvey Public School District’s mission is “All students will be
personally and academically successful.” As the educational leader of the
District, this shall be the guiding principle the Superintendent shall follow
in all decision-making and recommendations.

The Superintendent shall be hired as the educational leader and the chief
educational officer of the District. In addition to the educational
leadership role, the Superintendent is also responsible for not only
planning, organizing, directing, and evaluating all aspects of the School
District in accordance with the policies and goals established by the
Harvey Public School District Board of Education, but also insuring the
financial viability and stability of the School District.

The Superintendent shall be in attendance at all School Board meetings
and shall participate in Board discussions and help conduct Board
business. The Superintendent's general duties include, but are not limited
to the following:

      Serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the School Board and
       the unitary leader in the operation of the District’s School(s).
      Providing educational leadership to guide the District.
      Nominating and/or recommending individuals to the School Board
       for employment, promotion, or release from employment.
      Drafting School District policies for the approval of the School
      Preparing an annual School District calendar.
      Preparing an annual School District budget.
      Preparing for and managing long-term strategic planning for the
       School District.
      Approving all purchases made throughout the year (unusual or
       special needs shall first be brought to the attention of the School
      Supervising the School District’s financial accounting processes.
      Supervising the School District’s transportation.
      Ensuring a viable curriculum which will meet State requirements
       and guidelines.
The Superintendent shall be a member of the North Dakota
Administrators’ Association and the cost of this membership and related
travel costs shall be borne by the School District.

The Superintendent is not included in any seniority policies with the
Certified Teaching Staff. Seniority policies affecting the Certified
Teaching Staff shall not affect the Superintendent.

The Principal(s):
The general duties of the Principal(s) include, but are not limited to the

      Providing educational leadership.
      Planning and conducting staff meetings.
      Planning and preparing the building-level or grade-level school
      Preparing regular reports and/or meeting with the Superintendent
       to discuss plans, needs, and requirements of the school(s).
      Supervising teachers and providing instructional leadership.
      Making formal evaluations of the teachers at least two times
       during the school year on evaluation forms approved by the
      Supervision of students.
      Assuming responsibility for student discipline and handling major
       discipline issues and problems.
      Managing school building inventory.
      Approving building-level or grade-level requisitions.
      Maintaining cumulative folders for students and filling out student
       transcripts for transfers and graduates.
      Supervision of buildings and grounds.

The Principal(s) shall be a member of the North Dakota Principals’
Associations and the cost of these memberships and related travel costs
shall be borne by the School District.
The School Principal(s) shall:

      Ensure all school activities and functions are properly supervised
       and/or chaperoned.
      Ensure order is maintained during all activities and events.
      Ensure students are appropriately supervised at all times before,
       during, and after the school day when students’ presence is
       related to either the school day or school activities.
      Ensure an environment conducive to education is maintained at
       all times.
      Perform substitute teaching duties when necessary.

The Principal(s) will develop a format approved by the Superintendent that
will be suitable for use for regular staff meetings which will be held at
least once a month.

The Principal(s) are not included in any seniority policies with the
Certified Teaching Staff. Seniority policies affecting the Certified
Teaching Staff shall not affect the Principal(s).
Descriptor Code:              CAAA            Superintendent Recruitment &
Adopted Date:                  8/10/2010
Amended Date:
The Harvey Public School District’s Board of Education will construct a
set of desired qualifications and a job description for the new
Superintendent. The Board will establish a salary range for the position
and determine the method of advertising the vacancy. The Board may
actively seek qualified applicants from within and outside of the system.
The Board may appoint a screening committee or hire consultants to
assist in the search and selection. However, the final selection will rest
with the Board.

The Board will make available to each applicant the job description and
list of desired qualifications. Candidates shall be required to consent to a
criminal history record check and shall be subject to the same
adjudication standards that the Board has established for instructional
staff. The Board President or designee shall be charged with adjudicating
the criminal history record of Superintendent candidates in accordance
with the procedure established for adjudicating the criminal history
records of instructional personnel. Because the contents of criminal
history records are confidential, any Board discussion about a
candidate’s criminal history record shall be held in executive session.

The Board shall narrow the pool of candidates based on adjudication of
the criminal history record and upon assessment of each candidate’s
qualifications. The Board shall schedule an interview with final
candidates for the Superintendent’s position. A procedure for the
interview will be established that attempts to give every candidate an
equal opportunity to answer similar questions.

Interviews with the final candidates will be at an open meeting with as
many Board members as possible in attendance.

Selection will be based upon professional qualifications not upon race,
color, religion, gender, age, physical disability marital status, national
origin, or other class protected by law.

A majority vote of the Board members present at a Board meeting for
which due notice was given of the intent to employee the Superintendent
will be required for the employment of a Superintendent.
Complementary Documents

   CAAA-E  ~ Superintendent Job Descriptions
   DBAC    ~ Recruitment, Hiring, & Background Checks for New
              Instructional Personnel
   DBAA-AR ~ Background Check Screening Procedure
Descriptor Code:               CAAB           Superintendent Evaluation Procedure
Adopted Date:                  8/10/2010
Amended Date:
The School Board shall evaluate and assess the performance of the
Superintendent according to state law.

An evaluation instrument shall be adopted by the Board. The evaluation
and assessment shall be reasonably related to the job description of the
Superintendent as set forth in Board Policy and to the goals and
objectives of the School District for the year in question.

The President of the Board shall schedule the evaluations. All meetings
shall be open to the public as required by law. Board members should
come to the meeting prepared to discuss the various areas of evaluation.
Every effort should be made to provide notice of recommendations for
improvement in all areas of unsatisfactory performance, in the event that
contemplated nonrenewal is a possibility.

The Board President shall have the evaluation reduced to writing and,
after it has been approved by the Board, the President shall give one copy
to the Superintendent, attach one copy to the minutes and put one copy in
the Superintendent's personnel file. The Superintendent has the right
under law to respond to the evaluation in writing. Such response shall
become a permanent attachment to the Superintendent's personnel file.
The Board may meet with the Superintendent to discuss the evaluation
and response after the Superintendent has had an opportunity to respond.
Descriptor Code:              CABA            Creation and Elimination of
                                              Administrative Positions
Adopted Date:                  8/10/2010
Amended Date:
The Harvey Public School District’s Board of Education shall establish all
administrative and supervisory positions in the District. Although
positions may remain temporarily unfilled, only the Board may abolish a

In each case, the Board will approve the broad purpose and function of
the position in harmony with state laws and regulations, approve a
statement of job requirements as recommended by the Superintendent,
and delegate to the Superintendent the task of writing a job description for
the position.

The job description shall set forth the broad purpose and function of the
position, the qualifications necessary, and a detailed list of
responsibilities and duties. The Superintendent will maintain a
comprehensive, coordinated set of job descriptions for all such positions
so as to promote accountability, efficiency, and economy in staff
Descriptor Code:               CABB           Hiring Administrative Staff
Adopted Date:                  8/10/2010
Amended Date:
When a vacancy occurs in the administrative staff, the Superintendent
may choose to either reassign those responsibilities among existing staff
or declare the position open. If the position is declared open, the
Superintendent shall advertise the opening within the District and through
accepted channels outside the District. Employees of the Harvey Public
School District who are qualified to fill such a position shall be
encouraged to make application.

In appraising qualifications of candidates, appropriate consideration shall
be given to their educational preparation, experience, and personal
characteristics. The method of screening and interviewing candidates for
administrative positions shall be at the discretion of the Superintendent.
The Superintendent shall submit names of persons selected for specific
administrative positions to the Board. If the position is filled by the lateral
move of an employee, Board approval is not required. If it is the
recommendation that the position be filled by promotion or by an outside
candidate, the Board reserves the right to accept or reject the
recommendation. In the case of rejection, it is the duty of the
Superintendent to make another recommendation to the Board.
Descriptor Code:               CBAA           Administrative Regulations
Adopted Date:                  8/10/2010
Amended Date:
The Superintendent shall prepare and disseminate administrative rules
necessary to implement Board Policy and shall review such rules
periodically to determine their effectiveness in carrying out policies.
These rules shall constitute the School District's administrative

The Board shall not approve administrative regulations. However, the
Board reserves the right to review and veto any administrative regulation
should it, in the Board's judgment, be inconsistent with the policies
adopted by the Board.
Descriptor Code:               CBAB           Administration in Policy Absence
Adopted Date:                  8/10/2010
Amended Date:
In cases where emergency action must be taken within the Harvey Public
School District and where the Board has provided no guidelines for
administrative action, the Superintendent shall have power to act, but any
decisions shall be subject to review by the Board at its next regular
meeting. It shall be the duty of the Superintendent to inform the Board
promptly of such action and of the need for policy.
Descriptor Code:              CCA             Superintendent & Administrative
                                              Professional Development
Adopted Date:                  8/10/2010
Amended Date:
The Superintendent and administrators shall comply with all licensure
renewal requirements established by the Department of Public of

Superintendent Professional Development:
The Board shall pay for the Superintendent’s membership in the following
    NDCEL
    NDASA
    AASA
    NDIAAA**
    NIAAA**
   ** If Requested/Applicable

The Superintendent is authorized to take 15 days for professional
development each calendar year; however, the Superintendent shall avoid
absences that will be detrimental to District operations. The
Superintendent shall notify the Board and receive approval prior to
attending any professional development training lasting more than two (2)
sequential business days. The Superintendent shall request Board
approval for participation in any professional development activities that
will incur costs in excess of $1,000 to the District. The District shall
reimburse the Superintendent for the activity’s registration/participation
fee and travel, lodging, and meals at state reimbursement rates so long as
the short-term leave was approved by the Board through policy or Board

Professional Development for Other Administrative Staff:
The Board shall pay for the administrative staff’s membership in the
following associations:
    NDCEL
    NDAESP and/or NDASSP
    NAESP and/or NASSP
For the purposes of this policy, administrative staff is defined as school
Principal(s), Business Manager, and Activities Director.

Administrative staff shall request and receive approval from the
Superintendent prior to attending any professional development training
during contractual time. Administrative staff shall avoid absences that
will be detrimental to District operations. The District shall reimburse
administrative staff for registration/participation fees and travel, lodging,
and meals at state reimbursement rates so long as the short-term leave
was approved by either the Superintendent or Board action.

Long Term Professional Development Leave:
The Board may grant unpaid long-term professional development leave to
the Superintendent or administrative staff for graduate study. The
granting or denial of a request for professional development leave shall be
at the sole discretion of the Board.

The Board shall make this determination based on the following criteria:
   The needs of the District (e.g., whether the training will assist the
    District with achieving its goal, the degree that the individual’s
    service is needed during the requested period of leave, etc.)
   Appropriateness of the course of study;
   The number of past leave requests made by the employee that have
    been granted by the Board;
   Number of years the employee has been employed with the District;
   The length of the leave request and the time of year the employee
    will be absent;
   Whether the individual has unused vacation, personal, and other
    applicable paid leave available to use.

Requests for leave must occur six (6) months prior to the commencement
date of the requested leave. The request shall detail leave dates and
specify programs to be pursued.

If the Board grants long-term professional leave to a member of the
administrative staff during the school year, the employee shall be
instructed that s/he has the right to return to a similar position but no
guarantee of returning to the same school or same position. The
employee shall agree to this stipulation as a condition of granting the
leave request.
Descriptor Code:               CCB            Superintendent Grievance Procedure
Adopted Date:                  8/10/2010
Amended Date:
The purpose of this policy to provide a step-by-step procedure that
guarantees the right of the Superintendent to administrative "due
process" to assure fairness and equity. The Board shall not discriminate
against, coerce, or interfere with the Superintendent, witness, or
representative for his/her/their involvement in the presentation or
adjudication of any grievance.

No action taken under this procedure shall in any way be construed as
forfeiting the right to seek redress through the courts.

If any provision of this procedure is or shall at any time become contrary
to law, then such provision shall not be applicable or performed or
enforced, except to the extent permitted by law.

      Grievance is an allegation by the Superintendent that s/he has been
       subject to a personal loss or injury because of a violation,
       misinterpretation, or misapplication of a specific article, section, or
       paragraph of the Superintendent’s contract.
      Day as used herein shall be considered a school day and the time
       limits set shall be considered a maximum.

Time Limit:
A grievance must be initiated within 30 days after the Superintendent
knew or should have known the term or condition giving rise to the
grievance existed. Failure to timely present the grievance in writing shall
be a deemed a waiver of the grievance.

Failure of the Superintendent to meet any of the deadlines contained in
this procedure shall terminate the grievance. Failure of the Board
President to respond to the grievance within specified deadlines shall be
deemed a denial of the grievance and shall allow the Superintendent to
advance the grievance to the next step.
Meetings held under this procedure shall generally be conducted on non-
school time at a place that will afford a fair and reasonable opportunity for
all persons proper to be present.
Each step in this procedure is intended to give bona fide consideration to
the grievance and is to be a separate review of the facts. Each official and
governing body to whom the grievance is presented shall issue a
1.   Informal Process: The Board encourages the resolution of
     grievances as near the point of origin as possible. Therefore, the
     Superintendent shall first discuss a grievance with the Board
     President. However, should such informal process fail to satisfy the
     Superintendent, then a grievance may be processed as follows:
2.   Formal Process: The Superintendent may be represented and
     accompanied by a representative of his/her choosing at any step in
     this process. The Superintendent must be present at each step in
     this procedure.
     a.    The Superintendent shall prepare a written statement
           containing his/her name, the specific contract provision being
           grieved and why, and the requested remedy. The written
           grievance must be signed and dated by the Superintendent.
     b.    The Superintendent shall present the written grievance to the
           Board President by the deadline contained in the “Time Limit”
           section of this procedure. The Board President shall make
           every effort to resolve the grievance and shall, within ten days
           of the filing of the grievance, render a written answer on the

If no agreement is reached or the time limit outlined above elapses
without answer, the Superintendent may present the written grievance to
the Board. This step must be initiated within four days of the Board
President's written decision, or within 14 days of the filing of the
grievance in the event the Board President fails to provide a written
answer. The Board shall consider the grievance at a Board meeting held
in accordance with law. The Board's decision is final, subject to court
review if the Superintendent files suit.

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