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Instructions for Downloading _ Installing Astrometrica


									        Instructions for Downloading & Installing Astrometrica
                                     August 2010

1.   Right click on your Desktop. Go to Folder and then to New. Create the folder
     Astrometrica on your Desktop.
2.   Download both the Astrometrica File and Configurations File into the new folder
     found under the Astrometrica tab on the IASC home page: http://
3.   Extract (unzip) both and into the new folder.
     Make sure the Configuration files are unzipped and placed into the Astrometrica
     folder and not a folder of their own.
4.   From the folder run Astrometrica.exe.
5.   To register Astrometrica, for free unlimited use, click on the help
      tab then click on register and enter:
             license:        Holmes Robert
            Key:            ZXD-338
     . (note: the license and key are case sensitive)
6.   Click on the settings button and then open the ARI-24.cfg file.

7.   After you have opened the .cfg file click on the “Environment” tab.
8.   In the environment tab change the folder locations to the Astrometrica folder on
     your desktop by clicking on the box with three dots and locating the Astrometrica
     folder usually found in desktop.
                 The tab should then look like this.

      9.      In the settings menu select the internet tab. Change the email login from Dr.
              Miller’sto your own. The password is not necessary.

                                                                                   2. Internet
1. Setting

                                                                                     3. Change to your login,
                                                                                     password(not needed) and
                                                                                     school name.

                                                                                        4. Save

                                                                                       5. OK

             10. Click on the save button.
 11. Repeat the above procedure for the ARI-32.cfg files.

 12. Download the MPC Orbital database. Click on the “Internet” tab in the main
     window and click “Download MPCOrb”. The initial download of the
     MPCOrbital database should be done once and then updated daily.

13.   To update the MPCOrb go to Internet on the main menu bar and click on Update
      MPCOrb, being certain to check all five options (Daily Orbital Update, Comets,
      Near Earth Asteroids, Distant Minor Planets, Unusual Objects). Update once a
      day when you begin Astrometrica.
14.     If you need help as you upload Astrometrica and prepare yourself to use it, you
        can contact either:

      A. Ginger Anderson, May High School<><>

      B. Denise Rothrock, Madisonville High School<>

Dr. Patrick Miller at Hardin-Simmons University is also available at the IASC email

      Welcome to the International Asteroid Search Campaign!!

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