Preparing to Read: �The Princess and the Tin Box� by zY4kni


									       Preparing to Read: “The Princess and the Tin Box”
                             page 764

I.      Key Idea: Superficial Person- Using words and images, create a “portrait”
        of a superficial person. What qualities does a shallow person typically
        possess. (don’t spend more than 10 minutes on this.

II.     Literary Analysis: Parody- 1. What is a parody? 2. What stylistic
        techniques are typically used to create a parody?

III.    Reading Strategy: Predict- 1. What qualities make most fairy tales
        predictable. 2. What assumptions can you make about the “fairy tale” you
        are about to read?

IV.     Author Online: James Thurber- 1. What type of writing is Thurber most
        known for? 2. Why did Thurber take being a humor writer so seriously? 3.
        How did Thurber continue to thrive even after his eyesight degenerated?

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