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                     A publication for the 80 member families of the NIPC                          May / June 2009
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 George & Sandy Primm
                                  Hours of preparation by                           many NIPC parents for our
Vice Presidenst:
                                  2nd Annual Chicago Nite                           had gone well. David &
 Tom & Mary Kashul                Janine Nyre left their home                       on Wednesday, April 15
                                  with a carload of food and                        items for the event and
Treasurers:                       then on Thursday, the                             weather forecast for
 Bruce & Terri Lanphear           Colorado Springs had 24                           inches of snow on Friday
                                  and more to follow on                             Saturday. Oh boy. We
Secretarys:                       had 160 Vienna hot dogs, 30# of Italian Beef, 32 Chicago style pizzas and
Fred & Karen Bell                 300+ give-away items all ready for Saturday. Not to mention 15 NIPC family
                                  members who were planning on traveling to the event to help set-up the
Past Presidents:                  room, prep & serve the food and then clean-up. What were we going to do?
Joe &Pat Budzyn                   Get it done.
 Class Reps:                      There was supposed to be a Noon meal formation which several members
                                  were going to watch from the Chapel wall, but that was cancelled due to the
 Peter & Sandy Johnson
                                  weather. We had planned on an on-site pre-event meeting at Arnold Hall on
 Michael & Austyne Bean           Friday afternoon but that was moved to the Residence Inn off of the
Nancy Greener-Parker              Interquest Parkway exit. The meeting was done in 25 minutes and we agreed
2011:                             to meet at Arnold Hall at 3:30pm on Saturday to start preparing for the 5pm
 Robert & Jodie Ells              event. The fog and snow were thick all day Friday, but an hour before our
2012:                             meeting on Friday the blue sky was out and it was sunny. By the time the
 Chip & Carol Wilson              meeting was over, it was snowing and foggy again; wow.
 Fumio & Claire Adachi            The roads were closed at the Academy and not only was there concern about
Don & Joan Kubik                  the event on Saturday, but the Cadets were "restricted" at first, but then they
                                  had the opportunity to get off base if they signed out by 8pm. A Lt. Col. Let
                                  us know that even with snow Arnold Hall is always open no matter what
IN THIS ISSUE:                    because the Cadets need a place to go. Plus there is always a snow route
- Chicago Nite
                                  open to the Hill and were given those details. Of course after the event was
- Firstie Salute / Meeting
                                  over, on Sunday it was in the 60's and the snow was basically gone.
- Appointee Banquet
- Doolie Picnic                   Welcome to the Hill.
 -Officer Elections               For many more pictures and information visit the club’s website,
- USAFA Squad Awards     . Over 100 Cadets and their guests enjoyed over 300
- Class of 2009                   items for their taking and a great Chicago DVD put together by Col. Bob Glitz
                                  and his wife Wanda. Tom Kashul and Bob Glitz hooked the laptop up to a
                                  built-in video and sound system for the DVD presentation. Also, we had 70
                                  copies of the DVD for the Cadets to take and enjoy later.

            Rosa Garcia arrived at USAFA on Wednesday for the wrestling team banquet. Rosa
            stayed at Rampart Lodge and she and Juan were the first ones to arrive at 3pm on
            Saturday. On the right is the picture of the hallway leading to the Chicago Nite room

               We had the same room as last year so we knew what to do. Bob Glitz
               had the great idea of putting together a Chicago Nite DVD, featuring
               Chicago songs along with Chicago pictures. He also asked that that
               parents send pictures of their Cadets so they could be included in the
               show. It was a hit and we had 74 copies on the tables and 50 were
               taken. There are copies left for parents who would want them. Here is a
picture of Bob and Tom Kashul hooking up the laptop to the projector in the room which projected
onto a large screen.

            As last year, Julia Knight was there to help along with her son, Kyle. Kyle
            was there early last year also, so thank you Kyle. On the pic to the right
            are NIPC members Rosa Garcia, Karen Schatsiek, Mary Kashul, Karen,
            Fred & Julie Bell prior to the event and setting-up.

               On the left is a picture of the Chicago table where Cadets could take
               any of the items. These included many styles of Chicago style T-shirts,
               Bears hats, White sox car flags, Cubs t-shirts & banners, Chicago hats,
               postcards & 150 boxes of Chicago's own World Finest Chocolate.

               Rosa, Karen & Karen getting the Chicago table ready for the Cadets. On the
               right is a picture showing some of the Chicago style T-shirts available for the
               Cadets to take and wear proudly. The Bears hats were particularly popular; Jake
               Cutler is giving us all much hope !!!

            C3C Brendan Lanphear arrives to enjoy the food. Terri, his mom, could not
            attend this year and gave instructions for him to receive a hug, which he did.
            C1C Dave Izzo, arrives to enjoy his second Chicago Nite. His parents Dave
            and Gina didn't make it this year, but he wanted to make sure they knew he
            enjoyed the night.

            Marty Marcolongo, aka, "The Webguy" attended with his family. He spoke at our
            Nominee Brunch and we invited the Marcolongo family to Chicago nite.
            On the left is Marty speaking with a fellow USAFA grad (& NIPC
            member) Bob Glitz and NIPC member Ken Olsowski. On the right is
            Marty’s wife and two of his three daughters.


His son was taking the youngest daughter to a function. While Marty had his Philadelphis Phillies T-
shirt on under his shirt (so he says) he did allow the girls to take some Chicago items.

                The tables were full. We started with 10 tables and as the Cadets
                came in, we had to roll out 3 or 4 more so they'd have a place to
                enjoy the food.

            On the left are 2 NIPC Cadets from CS-34. Dave Izzo, a huge Cubs fan, is caught trying
            to sneak out of the event with a Sox window flag. His fellow Loose Hawg, C3C Joel
            Primm is here trying to remove the flag before the pic was taken and used as blackmail
            with his parents. Actually this was staged. With 15 days of classes left Dave said he
            would go along with this staged pic, but after it was taken, he immediately washed his

There are more pictures for you to see of the night on under Meeting Recap. It
was enjoyed by all. We have to thank all the parents who volunteered, at their own expense, to get to
USAFA to put on this event. These members not only did work prior to the event, they set-up,
cooked and cleaned-up. Thank you!!!!
       Jim Riley
       Karen Schatsiek
       Rosa Garcia
       David & Janine Nyre, also drove out to bring food and giveaways.
       Ken Olsowski
       Jodie Ells
       Tom & Mary Kashul
       George Primm
       Bob Glitz
       Fred, Karen and Julie Bell
       Julia Knight

We need to thank Scott Saxon, Arnold Hall Facilities Manager, who was great to work with in setting
this up and providing us with all the items we needed to pull this off. For those who helped last year,
the kitchen and the utensils were great. It was much easier this year then last and it'll be easier next
year !!

SPONSORS NOTE: The Northern Illinois Parents Club would like to recognize and thank the
following Corporate Sponsors of Chicago Nite. It is their generosity that is allowing us to provide the
Cadets with the best event that we can. All funds donated were used for only the Cadets. Listed
below are the sponsors and their websites. If you should visit their business please let them know
you are an USAFA parent and appreciate their support and generosity.

       Accurate Color & Compounding, Aurora, IL. (owned by a U.S. Army veteran).
       American Asphalt, Lemont, IL.
       Bike Shop of Glen Ellyn, Glen Ellyn, IL.
       Fontana Flavors & Chicago Industrial Food Ingredients. (owned by a U.S. Marine veteran)
       M & O Insulation Co., Homewood, IL.
       Tri-City Fitness, St. Charles, IL.
       Urban Motors, Bolingbrook & Macomb, IL.
       Mr. & Mrs. Robert Meyer, NIPC members

                       Firstie Salute & Spring Meeting
                                  Class of 2009 Moto: "Our Time"
                            Class Exemplar: Col. Hubert "Hub" Zemke

             Firstie Parents reacting to the question, "What will you do at graduation?"

Beautiful day, perfect weather, great setting at the Park Ridge Country Club and celebrating with
friends. A wonderful way to spend a Sunday.

As usual the purpose of the meeting was honoring the Firstie parents, but the
benefits also include seeing friends and sharing the excitement and joy of their big
day. This picture includes Gina Izzo (on the left), mother of Dave Izzo who will be
graduating shortly. She is talking to Deanne Prochnow, whose son Christopher will
be graduating in 2010.

                 Starting around 11:40am with a call to the begin and the Pledge to
                the American flag and Marty Knight gave the Invocation. There
                was plenty of time to partake of the wonderful food, relax with
                friends while eating and then a call for the start of the General
                Meeting at 12:35pm. The picture on the left is of the members
                entering the room where the brunch was served.

After brunch we started the meeting, which included the approval of the past meeting's minutes,
Treasurers Report, Vice Presidents Report, Calendar of Events and a report on Chicago Nite. Then
began the official Firstie Salute.

The Firstie Salute includes each graduating parent giving an update on what their Cadet will be doing,
what their USAFA experience was like including all the ups & downs. This event should be a required
event for all parents, so they know what to expect and more importantly, they know that the ups &
downs are not unique to their child. Information on what is happening now, before and what will
happen in the future. Not all of the parents could make it, but each Cadet was included in the
Program and had a slide for the Salute.

                Dave and Gina Izzo talk about the adventures of their son David. They are so
                excited for David's many accomplishments, but cannot believe that 4 years went so
                fast; for them at least. David may have a different opinion !!

                Tim & Barb McCormick, parents of Erin McCormick, share the joy of seeing their
                daughter pursue her love of music while at the AFA. She has proven herself faithful
                in her duty and was given command of the Drum & Bugle corp.
                 FIRSTIE SALUTE CONT.
                Alan & Colleen Hansen discuss their Cadet Branden Lynam.

                Jim & Theresa Murphy talk about Louis their son. Their oldest son graduated from
                USAFA a few years ago and discussed the difference between the two and their
                experience. When the video presentation was shown, the song Louis chose was
                perfect with what they had just talked about.

              Gerry & Julie Phillips speak about their son Tim and the journey he took to USAFA.
              His experience of going to Wentworth Military in Liberty, Missouri has already helped
              an Illinois Cadet who did not get his appointment this year, but was asked to attend a
              prep school. After Gerry offer of personally visiting with the family and explaining the
              benefits, the family went from disappointment and "rejected" to now going to
Wentworth. Excellent job. Thank you Gerry.

                Steve Rodriguez, father of Tom shares some personal background. The family has
                been through much and the results are a fine graduating cadet.

                Rana Teope speaking about her son Kaz. She explained that not only is Kaz there,
                but her younger son, Jan, who is a 4-degree, followed in big brothers footsteps.

                Frank & Karen White talk about Trevor. They have had a unique experience. Both
                Frank & Karen are commercial pilots. Frank for Northwest (now Delta) and Karen is
                a "heavy" pilot for United. In fact, she just flew a 777 in from Hawaii that morning
                prior to attending the Firstie Salute.

             Peter & Sandy Johnson talk about their daughter Laura. Their son Andrew graduated
            last year, so they will be going back in a few weeks. Laura's experience included highs
            and lows, with most of the lows not being of her own making. Academically she did very
            well but an incident early in her experience there provided some challenges. Laura
            worked through them and as a result she received a graduate school appointment plus
            met the man of her dreams, who happens to also be a fellow CS34 member. Her
            perseverance has resulted in these rewards.

After the parents gave the updates on their cadets there was a fine 35 minute video presentation
which included the cadets chosen song and pictures of the cadet from baby to present. Very well

After the Firstie Salute we had the election of officers for the 2009-2010 term. The floor was opened
up for nominations for anyone who wanted to volunteer. The following members were elected:

       Presidents -        George & Sandy Primm
       Vice Presidents -   Tom & Mary Kashul
       Treasurers -        Bruce & Terri Lanphear
       Secretary -         Fred & Karen Bell

At the close of the meeting, the Presidents took the opportunity to say that the goal for 2009-2010 is
that the members of the NIPC look forward to every meeting, we all leave friends and we look forward
to the next event. We understand that no one is perfect and we all want one thing; that everything we
do we do to the best of our ability.

                              - DOOLIE DAY OUT PICNIC, JULY 12th -

In the past USAFA has let the Basic Cadets out to their Sponsors on the Sunday between Basic
Cadet Training-1 and Basic Cadet Training-2 (Jack’s Valley) and the NIPC Doolie Picnic was on a
Saturday. This was timed so that we, the Upperclass parents, could provide answers to the 4-Digs
parents and advice on what to expect. This year, Doolie Day Out is on Saturday. We cannot move it
to a week before because that is the July 4th weekend so the logical answer was to have it the day
after. Please check the website often for updated information and the Registration form. The
July/August newsletter may not be out by then, so please check the website for the registration.

We are fortunate to have the picnic at Bruce & Terri Lanphear’s in Elburn. It is a perfect place; plenty
of parking, secluded, plenty of room and VERY friendly hosts & members. The arrangements for
food have not been finalized, but please know that our goal is to keep the costs as low as we can.
       Date:          Sunday, July 12 .
       Location:      4N111 Farmview Rd., Elburn, IL. 60119-8835
       Phone:         630-365-5767

                           - APPOINTEE BANQUET JUNE 7 ; 5pm – 9pm -

On Sunday, June 7, 2009, the Illinois Academy Liaison Officers will be hosting the Class of 2013
Appointees and their families. Once again, we need NIPC members to do what has been done for
us; be there to help answer questions and provide advice to those who will be starting their USAFA

The location is the same as it has been for the past few years, which removes that barrier. We are
estimating that there will be 20-25 Appointees there and it would be nice to have at least 10 NIPC
families there. We will have at least 4 NIPC cadets there to answer questions.

If your Cadet will be home first session and is available to attend the banquet, please contact George
or Sandy Primm at 630-305-9537 and let us know. As an incentive, the ALO’s will let the Cadet
guests who are speakers eat free. While the event starts at 5pm the Cadets should wear their
Service Dress and hat and arrive early (4:30pm) to practice the posting of the colors.

Barbara Gutierrez, USAFA's Parents Club Parent's Liaison, forwarded the following Squad award
winners for this current year:
       AWARD:                        WINNER:
       Outstanding Squadron            CS-03
       Outstanding Group              CG-01
       Academic Achievement           CS-03
       Drill & Ceremonies             CS-22
       Leadership & Scholarship        CS-10
       Military Proficiency           CS-22
       Athletic Excellence             CS-30
       Core Values                    CS-31
       Intercollegiate Athletics       CS-30
       Intramural Athletics            CS-08

The parents of the Northern Illinois Parents Club wish to extend their congratulations, thoughts and
prayers to those cadets who are graduating and their parents. For those whose USAFA journey is
just beginning, and to those who are currently in the midst of the storm, the time for honor and
recognition has arrived. It is Your Time !!!



                   Make it a regular habit to visit your club’s website:


George & Sandy Primm
2 Cebula Ct.
Bolingbrook, IL. 60440-9005


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