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					                                                                                                              Issue 2 November 2011
         The Prince George’s
         County Planning
         Department                Greenbelt Metro Area and MD 193 Corridor
The Maryland-National Capital
Park and Planning Commission
                                   Sector Plan

  PLAN PROCESS?                  Thanks to your dedicated                                                •	     The preservation
  Please see pages 2 and 3.      participation, the                  NORTH VERSUS                               of the state-owned
                                 Greenbelt Metro Area                SOUTH CORE?                                land and the
 INSIDE THIS ISSUE               and MD 193 Corridor                 North Core refers                          creation of some
 Planning Lingo             2    Sector Plan marked two              to the properties                          passive recreational
                                 successful fall workshops!          extending east                             opportunities and
 About the Plan             2                                                                                   trails.
                                 On the evening of                   of the Greenbelt
 Missed a Meeting?          3    September 22nd, your                Metro Station to
 FAQs                       3    neighbors, community                Cherrywood Lane.
 Resource Corner            4    leaders, and local                  The property owners
                                 business owners shared              are the Washington
 UPCOMING EVENTS                 their thoughts on what              Metropolitan Area
                                 they would like to see in           Transit Authority
 Transportation Presentation     the future at the North             (WMATA) and the State
 and North Core Design           Core and South Core of the          of Maryland. South Core
 Alternatives Meeting            Greenbelt Metro Station.            includes the platted
 December 2011                   While participants had              townhome lots north                 Stakeholders join Greenbelt
 Greenbelt Middle School         a range of opinions on              of Branchville Road                 Councilmember Emmett Jordan
 8950 Edmonston Road                                                 (currently owned by a               and Dannielle Glaros, of Council
                                 topics such as desired
                                                                                                         Vice Chair Eric Olson’s office, to
 Greenbelt, MD                   uses, transportation                bank) as well as existing
                                                                                                         debate sector plan priorities.
                                 improvements, design                industrial land north of
 Youth Workshop                                                      Greenbelt Road.
                                 preferences, and
 December 2011                   development priorities, a                                               Other ideas/issues raised
 Greenbelt Middle School         consensus emerged for:             •	    “Green” or low-                at the breakout tables
 8950 Edmonston Road                                                                                     included:
                                  •	 Medium- (4-7 story)                  impact design.
 Greenbelt, MD
                                       to high-density (8+          •	    A mix of housing and           •	     Ensuring public and
 Community Workshop 5—                 story) development                 shopping choices at                   pedestrian safety.
 Development Alternatives              within 1/4 mile of                 the Metro station.
                                       the Metro station if                                                           CONTINUED ON PAGE 2
 December 2011/January
                                       handled sensitively.
 Greenbelt Middle School
 Greenbelt, MD
                                 Businesses are essential
 Community Workshop 6—           partners in our planning                                                  RUN A BUSINESS?
 Preferred Development           process. Recognizing                                                      Complete our
 Concepts                        that business owners                                                      quck anonymous
                                 are frequently unable to                                                  online survey at
 January/February 2012
                                 participate in evening                                                    www.surveymonkey.
 Greenbelt Middle School
 8950 Edmonston Road             meetings, the project team                                                com/s/KZ9X6HF.
 Greenbelt, MD                   organized a business open         Business owners discussed many
                                 house on August 5th at an         issues at the Business Open House                 CONTINUED ON PAGE 4
                                                                   including overall market conditions
  STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILED   office	in	the	Golden	Triangle.	   and transportation concerns.

    “Road Diet”, is          •	    Balancing the                 Spirited discussion spilled
    an increasingly                security needs of             into October at the fourth
    popular technique              a potential federal           community workshop.
    designed to improve            tenant with the               Participants focused on:
    safety and/or                  key features of                •	    Safety improvements
    provide space for              transit-oriented                     to Greenbelt Road
    desired pedestrian/            development (TOD).                   (including new
    biker amenities          •	    Determining the                      crosswalks, wider
    by reducing the                appropriateness of                   sidewalks, biker
    number of lanes on a           industrial uses along                amenities, and           Stakeholders at table #3
    roadway with excess            Branchville Road.                    medians).                discussed the importance of
    capacity. Newly                                                                              design standards for businesses
    freed-up space can       •	    Identifying the best           •	    Aesthetic and safety     fronting Greenbelt Road.
    allow for:                     locations for parking                improvements
                                   garage(s) at the                     to Beltway Plaza           ABOUT THE PLAN
    •	   (Wider)                   Metro station and                    and surrounding
         sidewalks.                                                                                The Prince George’s
                                   retaining adequate                   pad sites (such
                                                                                                   County Planning
    •	   (Wider)                   commuter parking.                    as additional
                                                                                                   Department of The
         landscaping         •	    Implementing short-                  landscaping and new
                                                                        pedestrian pathways        Maryland-National
         strips.                   term improvements
                                                                        through the parking        Capital Park and
    •	   Bike lanes.               at the Metro station.                                           Planning Commission
    •	   Cafe seating        •	    Enhancing                                                       (M-NCPPC) kicked off
         and other                 connections between            •	    The type and               the Greenbelt Metro
         amenities.                and across North                     design of potential        Area and MD 193
                                   and South Cores,                     new residential            Corridor Sector Plan
    “CIP versus CTP”                                                    development at
                                   Franklin Park at                                                and Sectional Map
    The Capital                    Greenbelt Station,                   Beltway Plaza.             Amendment in May
    Improvement                    North College Park,            •	    The suitability of         2011.
    Program (CIP) plans            Greenbelt Road, and                  non-industrial uses
    for the construction                                                                           The purpose of the
                                   Greenbelt East.                      between Ballew             sector plan is to
    and maintenance                                                     Avenue and the train
                             •	    Retaining certain                                               work with the Cities
    of the county’s                                                     tracks.
                                   provisions from the                                             of Greenbelt and
                                   approved 2001                  •	    The overall vision for     College Park, and
    facilities, government
                                   sector plan and from                 Greenbelt Road.            the Town of Berwyn
    buildings, and
                                   municipal covenants.                                            Heights to guide
    schools over the
    next six years.                                                                                sustainable TOD
    The Consolidated                                                                               around the Greenbelt
    Transportation                                                                                 Metro Station,
    Program (CTP) is                                                                               and commercial
    a detailed listing                                                                             revitalization and
    of the capital                                                                                 pedestrian-oriented
    projects proposed                                                                              improvements along
    by the Maryland                                                                                the MD 193 corridor.
    Department of                                                                                  The sectional map
    Transportation for                                                                             amendment will
    construction, or for                                                                           ensure that the
    development and                                                                                appropriate zoning is
    evaluation during the    Some participants at table #1 called for a more main-street feel      in place to implement
    next six-year period.    along Greenbelt Road and for a more coordinated approach to           the plan vision.
                             redeveloping the Beltway Plaza Mall.

AGENCIES AT THE TABLE                                                                           TRANSPORTATION
Following approval,            conducting a series of          Community Development,           YOUR PASSION?
the implementation             briefings	and	interactive	      Redevelopment                    Stay tuned for our
of the sector plan will,       work sessions to obtain         Authority, Department of         upcoming presentation
in great part, rely on         input and feedback from         Environmental Resources,         on current conditions
the commitment of              the Prince George’s County      Department of Public             and transportation
key county and state           Council, Prince George’s        Works and Transportation,        data collected at key
agencies to pursue and         County	Executive’s	Office,	     the Maryland State               intersections along:
support the sector plan’s      Economic Development            Highway Administration and        •	   MD 193
recommendations. To that       Corporation, Department         other local, county, state,
                               of Housing and                  and regional agencies.            •	   Walker Drive
end, the project team is
                                                                                                 •	   Lakecrest Drive
                                                                                                 •	   Cherrywood Lane
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                                                       •	   Breezewood Drive
 1.    What is the state        2.   Are federal security      As part of Executive Order        •	   MD 201
       of the condition              requirements              13514—a 2009 Obama                •	   Hanover Parkway
       market in the sector          compatible with           administration initiative that
                                     TOD and green             calls for federal agencies
       plan trade area?
                                                               to reduce their carbon
The sector plan trade                building?
                                                               footprint—federal agencies
area	is	generally	defined	     Protecting federal facilities   are to ensure “that
as the area within three       from unauthorized persons       planning for new Federal
miles of the Greenbelt         is a key component of
                                                                                                HAVE MIDDLE-
                                                               facilities or new leases
Metro Station. In 2010,        the U.S. General Services                                        SCHOOL AGED
                                                               includes consideration of
there were approximately       Administration’s (GSA)          sites that are pedestrian
151	office	buildings	in	the	   site selection criteria. Key    friendly, near existing          Be on the lookout
trade area totalling 4.9       considerations include:         employment centers, and          for our upcoming
million square feet. While      •	   Perimeter control—        accessible to public transit,    youth workshop at
the trade area accounted             fences, bollards and      and emphasizes existing          Greenbelt Middle
for only 6 percent of the            setbacks                  central cities and, in rural     School featuring a fun
county’s land area, it                                         communities, existing or         and interactive set of
contained approximately         •	   Traffic	controls	and	
                                                               planned town centers.”           activities!
19 percent of the county’s           remote controlled
                                     gates                     The recently constructed         The program will
office	space.	Rental-	and	
                                                               headquarters for the             give our younger
vacancy-rate trends are         •	   Elimination of
                                                               U.S. Department of               stakeholders an
shown in the table below.            potential hiding
                                                               Transportation—located           opportunity to voice
Third   Average Vacancy
                                                               across from the Navy             their opinions on what
Quarter Rental  Rates          While ensuring the security     Yard Metro Station—              is important to them in
        Rates                  of federal facilities and       demonstrates that                their communities.
2008      $22.86    22.4%      employees remains critical,     heightened security
2009      $22.09    22.1%      the importance of location      measures can be balanced
2010      $20.60    23.4%      and building characteristics    with pedestrian-design and
                               is gaining traction.            TOD.
2011      $20.81    22.4%
Source: CoStar 3rd Quarter
2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011
                                MISSED A MEETING? IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN US!
Over the past ten years
                                •	   Visit our website ( to view PowerPoint
an average of 49,500
                                     presentations and meeting notes from previous meetings, access background
square	feet	of	office	space	
                                     research, study reference maps, and sign up for news updates.
has been added per year
within the trade area.          •	   Participate in an upcoming workshop and the Joint Public Hearing.

    On August 19th and                 products and services             Chad Williams, LEED AP BD+C, Project Manager
    September 13th, project            offered by businesses   
    team members also set              located in and around             301-952-3171
    up an information booth at         the mall, some called for         Tamara Jovovic, Team Member
    the Beltway Plaza Mall to          improvements and new
    distribute information about       retail.
    our upcoming meetings               1.   New Uses
    and to survey shoppers on                                            Prince George’s County Planning Department
    what types of changes they         Respondents thought new           14741 Governor Oden Bowie Drive
    would like to see along the        shops, healthier sit-down         Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
    Greenbelt Road corridor.           restaurants, residential
                                                                         TTY: 301-952-4366
                                       development, such as
                                       townhomes, and a town   
                                       center atmosphere would
                                       enhance the mall area.          for enhanced lighting,
                                                                       pedestrian, and transit
                                        2.   Connectivity and
                                                                       amenities and for attention
                                                                       to shift from the widening of
                                       Public safety around the        the Baltimore-Washington
                                       mall and Franklin Park at       Parkway to Edmonston Road.
                                       Greenbelt Station was raised
                                                                       The lack of ramps along
    Team members reached out to        as a concern. One business
    Beltway Plaza shoppers in August                                   the rear of the mall
                                       owner pointed to the lack
    and September.                                                     property limits the access
                                       of coordination between
                                                                       of wheelchair users and
    Convenience, affordability,        mall security and the
                                                                       patrons with strollers to the
    and the popularity of existing     police departments of the
                                                                       front entrance.
    anchors—the movie theater,         surrounding jurisdictions.
    Target, and Giant—ranked                                            3.   Transit
                                       Respondents indicated
    high on shoppers’ reasons          that the intersection of        Respondents conveyed
    for patronizing the mall.          Kenilworth Avenue and           frustration with existing bus
    While survey respondents           Greenbelt Road would            service, particularly on the
    generally indicated                benefit	from	new	or	improved	   weekends.
    satisfaction with the              crosswalks. They also called

      RESOURCE CORNER—Check out these websites!

      Urban Land Institute—
      Project for Public Spaces—
      Congress for the New Urbanism—
      Reconnecting America—
      Center for Transit-Oriented Development—


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