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Golden Ponds Tributary
  A Newsletter of the Golden Pond Estates Homeowners Association                    2/29/2012

           Board of Directors!                                    HOA 2006/2007 ANNUAL
                                                              RESIDENTS BUDGET REVIEW AND
Dave Millert (President)      Johan Backman
                                                                    PLANNING MEETING
618 Teal Circle               649 Teal Circle                           MINUTES
303-682-1952                  720-494-1988              pamela_backman@hotmail.
                              com                            2006/2007 Annual Golden                       Pond
Hugh McCreery                                                Estates   Budget  Review                       and
619 Teal Circle                                              Planning Meeting.
303-776-3221                                                 Our 2006 year end budget & 2007 Budget planning                                            meeting was held on Tuesday December 5, 2006 and
                                                             resulted in the following:

         Officers             Committee                      The meeting was be called to order by 2006
                                                             President Herb Schaffer.
Vice President/Officer      Design Review
  Jim Nason                                                  Agenda of the meeting included:
                            Bill Rodriguez                         7 PM – meeting was called to order
  713 Allen Drive
                            615 Teal Circle                        Discussion to monitor the use of water in the
                            303/651-3392                            common park areas. A water brain may be
                            Herb Schafer                            installed this spring to prevent over or under
                            Candy Beck                              watering of the park areas.
                            Allison Gaptor                         Landscape      committee    needs    additional
  Lisa Gaffikin
                            Joel Trotter                            volunteers     for    2007.  Plans   for    the
  615 Allen Drive
                            Covenant Enforcement                    neighborhood included talk of re-painting the
  303-709-2870     Vicki Hergott                           south fence along the railroad track, a clean
                            636 Teal Circle                         up day and a planting day.
Treasurer/Officer           303-678-8988                           A    dumpster      will  be   placed   in   the
  Brian Corey               Landscape Committee                     neighborhood this spring, date to be
  727 Teal Circle           Helen Corey, Jim Nason,                 confirmed.
  303-651-7506              Marietta Gonzales                      Implement a water plan for common trees for           Social Committee                        the 2007 winter months to prevent drying
                            Erik Ingvaldsen                         out.
A NEW SECRETARY IS                         Actual final budget for 2006 will be included
NEEDED! DUTIES INCLUDE      625 Teal Cir.                           in this newsletter.
WRITING THE NEWSLETTER, Paula Wacker                               A home has reported a break in for December
ORGANIZING DISTRIBUTION Lisa Gaffikin                               2006. Please remind your neighbors to lock
& STORING DOCUMENTS.        Neighborhood Group                      up when leaving their homes and keep an
PLEASE CALL LISA IF YOU ARE Leader                                  eye on each others properties.
INTERESTED IN TAKING OVER GPE Group Leaders                        Owners of Rental properties in GPE are
THE POSITION FOR AWHILE. Association (NGLA)                         encouraged to report the names of
THANK YOU!                                                          occupancies in each rental property.
                            Marietta Gonzales
                                                                   Discussions of sign installed at each entrance
                            713 Allen Drive
                                                                    of common park areas to be installed this
                              303-485-8225                          year displaying proper use and private
                                                                    property for residents of GPE.
                                                                   Snow Plow service was discussed for common
                                                                    walkways. (continued next page)

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Golden Ponds Tributary                     2/29/2012

       Discussion of speeding in the neighborhood            Allen. Please let us know if you have any ideas of
        was mentioned and reminders to all                    what can be done.
        neighbors to keep your speeds under 25
        miles per hour. 25 mph may not be safe.                                     Contacts
        Under certain conditions. ie; children playing
        nearby. Please help our inexperienced and             The HOA maintains a neighborhood contact list for
        some of our complacant drivers with a little          those of you who wish to share your phone number,
                                                              email and other information. If you are new to
        reminder from time to time.
                                                              Golden Pond Estates, please contact Lisa Gaffikin
       Solar Panels for homes in the neighborhood
                                                              ( or at 303/709-2870
        was mentioned. Those homeowners with
                                                              to get your name on the directory and on our mailing
        interest are to contact Johan Backman to
                                                              lists. It will also give us a chance to welcome you to
        generate an interest list. 720/494-1988
       7:38 PM Budget Plan for 2007 was approved.            the neighborhood.
       Nomination for a new board member for                                      Volunteers!
        2007 was held and Johan Backman was                   We Desperately need more involvement from
        elected.                                              homeowners to help with the existing committees:
       8:00 PM meeting was adjourned.                        Social, Landscape, Covenant Control and Design
                                                              review. These positions are NOT terribly time
                                                              consuming and add a great deal of support for our
        Thank you Herb Schafer!!!                             subdivision and community! Please consider helping
                                                              out, to better the values and benefits of our homes.
Herb has completed his 2 year term as President and           If you would like to add your name to one of the
Board Member. He did a magnificent job and we                 committees please contact Lisa Gaffikin @303/709-
should all be very thankful for his contribution to our       2870 or any Board Member. Thank you!
neighborhood. Herb we THANK YOU!
                                                                             Social Activity Ideas?
         Mark your Calendars for this                         Erik Ingvaldsen has volunteered to team up the GPE
                Years Events!                                 Social Events. If you or someone in your household
                                                              would like to plan an event, do not hesitate! We have
    Spring Cleaning: Date: Saturday May 5th.                  a social event budget and we would be happy to help
                    Starting @ 9 AM                           in the planning and preparation of such an event.
Please join in for this years Spring Cleaning Event.          Please contact Eric to implement your idea @
We will clean the common areas from debris now      
showing after this long winter. Bring rakes and other
tools you see needed. A container will be brought in          Marietta Gonzales, our HOA representative may apply
the day before.                                               for mini grants from the city, for up to $200 to fund
**All Volunteers are invited to the Gaffikin                  social events. Please give her your social activity
House that afternoon for Cinco De Mayo Beers                  ideas and requests. In the past we have been
and appetizers!** Call Lisa for details 303/709-              approved for outdoor movies, chili cook offs, etc.

                 Fence Maintenance:
               Date: Saturday June 2.
                   Starting at 9AM.
The fence toward the railway needs to be repaired
and painted. Tools, nail guns, compressors, saws will
be needed. Please let Johan know what you can
bring. Paint and accessories, nails and spare boards
will be provided. The more people that supporting
this event, the faster it will go and we will have more

         Covenant Enforcement Committee
As there is only one person volunteering for the
Covenant Enforcement Committee, the board
members have decided to join the committee to
make one accountable group. Our goal is to have a
clean, safe and pleasant neighborhood. Our biggest
issue right now is the house on corner of Teal and

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Golden Ponds Tributary                   2/29/2012

              Trailers, Boats and RV’s                                          Safety Tips
Spriing and Summer is coming! Time to break out
the toy’s!                                                  The Fire Department reminds us that smoke
Please note that these items have limitations to            detectors may activate during dusty conditions.
hours allowed on your property. Please review page          Therefore, it is a good idea to clean them when
22 of your CCR’s (Covenant, Control and                     changing the batteries, approximately twice a year.
Regulations) for acceptable time allowed on your
property or street. As it states now 72 consecutive         The Police Department reminds us again to keep our
hours is allowed for coming and going between use.          garage doors closed during the daytime unless
Please try to abide by this rule to keep our                actively using the garage. Also, call your neighbors if
neighborhood free of excessive clutter. If you have         you see a garage door left open during late evening
questions directly related to this subject please           hours, occasionally one forgets to close the door
contact the CCR’s Officer. Thank You!                       before going to sleep, not realizing it is left open.

                                                            Welcome to the Neighborhood New

                                                            Paul, Archana, Dylan and Van Knipe,
                                                            Jon Hirota and Sharon Penny Family,
                                                            Rich, Sonia and Tim VanTuinen Family

     Approvals for Changes on Your Property
If you plan to make changes to the exterior of your
property please be aware that such changes may be
subject to the Design Review Committee and GPE
Before making changes ie: (painting, landscape,
building, adding sheds, etc.) Please contact the
design review Committee head for proper procedure
and approval process. Changes made without needed
approvals can become a problem for the HOA in
charge and the residents alike. We would like to
accommodate all requests and will do our best to
work out whatever changes desired as long as they
are determined acceptable in our subdivision.
All requests must be reviewed by the entire
committee and all officers must be notified of the
work immediately. Work should not begin before
approved in writing. Requests and Approvals must be
recorded within 30 days of initiation process with the
acting secretary. Committee head is in charge of
following the procedure.
   NGLA (Neighborhood Group Leader)
Marietta Gonzalez is requesting an additional
volunteer to attend the monthly community meeting
on occassions that she is unable to attend. Currently                        Our Mission Statement
she has 2 other residents that fill in for her in her       To promote the health, safety, welfare, and interests of the
absence. She would like one additional resident who         owners of residences located within the Golden Pond
may be interested to attend if needed.                      Estates, to preserve and enhance property values, and to
                                                            keep the community a preferred location for home
Contact: Marietta Gonzales, 713 Allen Drive                 ownership

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