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Work Freelance Photographer_ 2005-current Freelance Photo Editor


Freelance Photographer,               2005-current

Freelance Photo Editor,              2009-Current Los Angeles CA
House photography editor for events such as: Emmys, Critics Choice
Awards, BET Awards, Golden Globes, Comedy Central roasts, etc. Have
uploaded to the Picture Group website, and People magazine website.

Freelance Photo Assistant, 2008-Current

NBC Universal Photobank, Intern,                    Summer of 2008,
Burbank, CA.
Archiving, scanning, and retouching old negatives and new digital images
for T.V. shows such as Project Runway, SNL, Law and Order, the Olympic
Games, Etc. Learning the digital workflow of NBC Universal images and
the traditional proper archival organization of old negatives in the
vault and organization of images in MS Excel. Assisting with Bonfire
Magazine shoots for Lipstick Jungle.

Lyte Headbands, Photographer, Photographer for collection
Look Books.

 Pacific Outdoor Living, Sales Administrator
Assistant, 2007, Sun Valley, CA.
Input the salesmen data, basic office duties, and worked customer
service calling clients to see if they were happy with the job.

Volunteer Work:
Society for Photographic Education, Volunteer, Spring 2010,
Philadelphia, PA.
Siggraph Convention, Volunteer, Summer 2008, Los Angeles, CA.
Jump Rope Instructor & Camp Counselor, 2000-2008, Los Angeles, CA.

84th Annual Print Center Competition: Photography, 2010
Silicon Gallery Fine Print Award, 2010
The Innova Art Ltd./ Shades of Paper Award for Digital Printing, 2010
UARTs Presidential Scholarship, Fall 2006- Spring 2010

Major: Photography
BFA in May 2010
Graduated June 2006
ART CENTER, Pasadena, CA
Pre College Photography Programs 2005, 2006


Digital Workflow:
*Experience with Nikon, Canon, Olympus, and Hasselblad Digital cameras, SLRs and
backs *Experience with Minolta, Mamiya, Hasselblad, Canon, and Nikon film cameras.
*Experience shooting and scanning 35mm, 120, 220, 4x5, 8x10 including: color, black
and white, slide, and transparency film
Computer- *Experience with various storage devices and hard drives *Proficient in
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Bridge, Final Cut Pro, MS Office Suite,
Capture One, and Photo Mechanic. *Experience with color munki calibration, and
paper profiles for printing. *Metadata *File archiving and backup systems *Experience
Uploading images via FTP through programs such as Fetch and Photo Mechanic.
Video- Panasonic DVC30, basic editing in Final Cut Pro, and basic knowledge of video
*Experience with Audio capture devices and basic audio mixing
Darkroom: Color & Black and White traditional developing and
printing processes
Digital: Various Digital Camera experience including: Nikon,
Canon, Hasselblad, Olympus DSLR’s. Experience Inputting Metadata
into files, converting file types and sizes,
Transportation & Travel: Owns a reliable car, license, and
Equipment: 35mm, medium format, 4x5, and 8x10
Lighting and grip qualifications: 
 *Experience with: Various strobes, holights, and
flashes. ProFoto Kit, Visatec Kit, Hot lights, Quantum Flash lights, Nikon flash units,
and power packs, and slaves. *Knowledge of basic studio set ups, soft boxes, how to
use reflectors and umbrellas, and stands. *Set building and assisting experience with
other students during college.

The Print Center, “84th Annual Print Center Competition: Photography,
Juried Exhibition, May-August 2010, Philadelphia, PA.
Long Beach Island Foundation for the Arts and Sciences, “84th Annual
Print Center Competition: Photography”, Juried Exhibition, July-
September, 2010, NJ.
The Anchor Collection @ Goldmine Unlimited, “Identity”. Juried
Exhibition, April 2010, Philadelphia PA.
2424 Gallery, “38: Senior Photo Exhibition”, April 2010, Philadelphia PA
Dorrance H. Hamilton Hall, “38: Senior Photo Exhibition”, May 2010,
Philadelphia PA
Elle Bee Studio, June, 2009, NJ.
UArts Traveling Show, 2010, Philadelphia, PA.
The Five Star Bar, 2009-2010, Downtown Los Angeles, CA.
The Smell, 2006, Downtown Los Angeles, CA.
The Hear Gallery, Look Listen Shows, 2006, Echo Park, CA.

Current Membership in:
ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers)
SPE (Society of Photographic Education)

Chelsea Guglielmino
(818) 731-1275
Philadelphia, Los Angeles

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