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									  Advanced P & O Digest  technology news from advanced prosthetics and orthotics of the pacific
                                                                                                                         Volume	1	
                                                                                                                        Number	1
                                                                                                                       Winter 2008

Limb Loss Didn’t Stop Young
                                                                                  trips,	whether	it	was	going	to	
                                                                                  Mexico	or	to	the	inner	city,”	she	
                                                                                  said.	“I	have	been	on	four	trips	and	
Woman’s Zest for Life and                                                         volunteered	every	summer	from	
                                                                                  sixth	to	12th	grade	for	the	inner	
Helping Others                                                                    city	mission	work.		The	trips	and	the	
                                                                                  inner	city	missions	were	for	a	week	
                                             been	looking	toward	the	             to	two	weeks	long	and	we	would	
                                             positive	–	and	helping	others	       scrape	and	paint	homes	for	people	
                                             whenever	she	can.	                   who	could	not	afford	it	or	were	not	
                                             	 “Katie	has	a	wonderful	            able	to	do	it	themselves.
                                             attitude,	and	it’s	a	pleasure	for	   	 “While	in	Mexico,	we	actually	
                                             us	to	have	her	as	a	patient,”	       helped	build	on	to	homes;	I	helped	
                                             said	her	prosthetist,	George	        lay	the	concrete	foundation.	I	just	
                                             Newton,	CPO,	and	president	          really	like	to	do	that	kind	of	stuff.	
                                             of	Advanced	P	&	O	of	the	            I	love	to	work	hard	like	that	for	
                                             Pacific.                             people	that	can’t.	It	really	does	
                                                                                  feel	good	to	help	people	who	
                                              Making A Difference                 are	less	fortunate	or	can’t	help	
                                              	 Katie	was	one	of	25	              themselves.	I	know	that	sounds	
                                              military	spouses	who	became	        like	what	everybody	says	or	that’s	
                                              involved	with	ABC’s	Extreme	        what	people	are	supposed	to	say,	
                                              Home	Makeover	when	                 but	I	really	feel	it.	I	mean,	when	I	
                                              they	built	a	new	home	and	          see	the	joy	and	thankfulness	in	the	
                                              community	center	for	Theresa	       people’s	eyes	that	I	have	helped	it	
                                              Adana	and	her	nonprofit	            really	does	make	me	feel	good	and	
                                              agency	Keiki	O	Ka	Aina	Family	      that	I	made	a	difference.”
                                              Learning	Center.
                                              	 “The	Army’s	Family	                               continues on next page
 	 Twenty-three-year-old	Katie	         Readiness	Group	(FRG)	sent	an	
 Vrocher	of	Oahu	doesn’t	lack	for	      e-mail	to	all	the	spouses	asking	for	
 things	to	worry	about	–	her	husband	   volunteers,”	explained	Katie.	“We	
 is	about	to	be	deployed	for	the	       were	the	clean-up	crew.	We	picked	
 third	time	to	Iraq,	her	parents	and	   up	trash	and	cleared	the	area	so	
 two	siblings	reside	in	Alabama,	she	   the	landscapers	could	lay	down	the	
 worked	a	job	that	made	it	hard	for	    grass.”	
 her	to	get	to	medical	appointments,	   	 While	adjusting	to	a	new	job	
 her	insurance	carrier	balked	about	    and	life	as	a	military	spouse	doesn’t	
 healthcare	coverage,	and	she	is	an	    leave	Katie	much	time	for	volunteer	
 amputee.                               work,	she	had	been	a	dedicated	
 	 Many	people	would	find	any	one	      volunteer	in	her	hometown	of	
 of	those	things	overwhelming,	but	     Mobile,	Ala.
 Katie’s	approach	to	life	has	always	   	 “When	I	was	in	high	school	I	was	
                                        very	active	in	my	church’s	mission	
Advanced P & O Helped                  stance	knee	system,	using	
Katie Get the Prosthesis               artificial	intelligence	to	learn	
She Needed                             how	the	user	walks,	recognizing	
	 Although	Katie	never	let	her	        and	responding	immediately	
disability	slow	her	down	–	she	        to	changes	in	speed,	load,	and	
even	climbed	Diamond	Head	–	           terrain.	The	knee	has	multiple	
she	has	found	more	comfort	and	        safeguards	to	guard	against	the	
increased	mobility	through	the	        knee	buckling	unexpectedly;	
efforts	of	Advanced	P	&	O.             disturbances	in	the	walking	path	
	 Prior	to	moving	to	Hawaii,	          are	recognized	automatically	
Katie	was	wearing	a	prosthesis	        and	stance	support	instantly	is	        physical	therapy.	
that	wasn’t	a	comfortable	fit,	        activated	to	protect	the	user	from	     	 “Being	that	I	was	16,	I	was	
and	didn’t	provide	the	stability	      a	potential	stumble	and	fall.	          worried	about	how	I	would	
she	needed.		“I	was	getting	           	 “The	biggest	advantage	for	           look,	and	how	I	would	be	able	
along	okay	but	I	used	to	fall	a	lot	   Katie	is	that	the	Rheo	Knee	makes	      to	do	things,”	she	said.		“The	
because	the	knee	wouldn’t	lock	        it	easier	for	her	to	carry	out	her	     physical	therapists	really	didn’t	
when	I	needed	it	to,”	she	said.	       daily	activities	and	it	feels	more	     know	what	to	do	with	me.	They	
	 But	finding	a	prosthetist	who	       comfortable	for	her	walking	            were	used	to	working	with	
would	listen	to	her	needs	proved	      outdoors,”	said	George.                 older	people	who	had	lost	limbs	
challenging.	Because	there	were	       	 “The	Rheo	Knee	just	makes	            because	of	diabetes.	The	biggest	
still	some	“insurance	snafus,”	as	     every	day	easier,”	Katie	said.	“It	     challenge	they	could	give	me	was	
Katie	calls	them,	“when	I	called	      locks	like	the	other	one	didn’t.	       throwing	a	medicine	ball	against	
other	prosthetists,	they	said	they	    Stairs	are	not	a	problem.”	             a	trampoline	and	catching	it.”	
couldn’t	help	me.	But	when	I	          	 Katie	also	wears	Ossur’s	Iceross	     That	exercise	took	most	patients	
called	Advanced	P	&	O,	I	talked	to	    Seal-In	Liner,	making	it	easier	        30	minutes	to	accomplish.	Katie	
Summer	and	she	said	she	would	         to	don	and	fit	the	knee,	and	an	        did	it	immediately,	amazing	her	
help	with	the	insurance	company,	      adjustable	heel	height	foot.	“With	     therapists.
and	if	they	didn’t	come	through,	      one	push,	she	can	go	from	sandals	      	 As	Katie’s	recovery	progressed,	
there	were	other	options.”             to	heels,”	said	George.                 she	returned	to	school	in	August,	
	 “We	worked	with	her	on	                                                      was	elected	to	homecoming	court	
the	insurance,”	said	George.	          Amputation Didn’t Hold                  for	the	third	consecutive	year,	and	
“We	were	able	to	justify	to	the	       Katie Back                              resumed	fashion	modeling	for	a	
insurance	company	that	she	            	 Katie	became	an	amputee	six		         local	department	store.	
needed	to	change	her	prosthesis	       months	after	her	16th	birthday	as	      	 	“Because	I	was	on	the	
to	the	Rheo	Knee®.	She	was	            a	result	of	injuries	from	a	horrific	   homecoming	court,	I	started	
a	good	ambulatory	prior	even	          one-car	accident	near	Mobile,	Ala.	     using	a	cane	much	earlier	than	
before	she	had	the	Rheo	Knee,	         She	remembers	her	legs	being	           expected.	I	didn’t	want	to	walk	out	
but	this	improves	her	comfort	and	     stuck	between	the	front	seats,	the	     on	the	field	with	ugly	crutches,”	
gives	her	the	stability	someone	       Jaws	of	Life	extracting	her	from	       Katie	said.	“My	mom	and	I	even	
with	her	activity	level	needs.”        the	car,	the	ambulance	ride,	and	       decorated	it,	and	by	Christmas	
	 The	Rheo	Knee	from	Ossur	            eventually	the	Flight	for	Life	to	      break	I	stopped	using	the	cane	
is	a	microprocessor	swing	and	         the	University	of	South	Alabama	        because	I	just	didn’t	want	it	
                                       Hospital.                               anymore,	and	if	I	was	going	to	
                                       		 “In	the	ambulance,	they	kept	        fall	the	cane	wasn’t	going	to	help	
                                       asking	me	if	I	could	feel	my	toes	      catch	me.”
                                       and	I	couldn’t,”	she	said.	“I	didn’t	
                                       feel	much	pain.	I	think	my	body	        A Romance Begins
                                       was	in	shock.”	                         	 After	graduation	in	2003,	Katie	
                                       	 In	addition	to	her	mangled	           went	to	Auburn	University	and	
                                       legs	and	assorted	bruises	and	          when	she	returned	from	Auburn	
                                       abrasions,	Katie	had	two	pelvic	        in	2006,	she	began	a	romance	with	
                                       fractures.	The	doctors	told	her	        an	old	acquaintance	who	would	
                                       they	would	have	to	amputate.	           later	become	her	husband.	
                                       Nine	days	and	two	surgeries	later,	     	 “Jack	and	I	never	dated	in	high	
                                       she	was	released	from	the	hospital	     school	but	we	were	friends	and	
                                       to	recover	at	home	and	begin	

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would	eat	lunch	together.	When	I	
was	using	the	wheelchair	and	the	
crutches,	he	would	get	my	lunch	
for	me	and	in	exchange	I	would	
let	him	ride	on	the	school	elevator	
with	me	—	one	that	was	only	for	
the	kids	with	disabilities,”	she	said.
	 “We	also	went	to	middle	school	
together	for	one	year	and	I	don’t	
remember	him	at	all,	but	he	would	
watch	me	cheer	at	football	games	
and	he	can	still	tell	you	to	this	
day	where	I	stood	in	formation.	I	
never	really	thought	about	him	in	                  Bioness Inc. and Advanced Prosthetics and
a	romantic	way	until	I	saw	him	two	
years	after	we	graduated.”
                                                    Orthotics of the Pacific Partner to Provide
	 Katie	and	Jack	married	in	2006	                   Advanced Technology For Stroke Patients
and	moved	to	Hawaii	where	Jack’s	
unit	is	based.                                      	 For	stroke	patients,	regaining	         patient	is	actually	walking.		The	
	 “Dealing	with	my	husband	                         lost	mobility	and	achieving	greater	      L300	is	appropriate	for	a	broad	
in	Iraq	is	harder	than	being	an	                    independence	to	improve	quality	of	       range	of	conditions,	including	
amputee,”	she	said.	“I	can	make	                    life	are	among	their	most	important	      stroke,	traumatic	brain	injury,	
the	decision	to	get	out	of	bed	in	                  goals.		Advanced	Prosthetics	and	         multiple	sclerosis,	cerebral	palsy	and	
the	morning,	or	not.	But	there’s	                   Orthotics	of	the	Pacific	knows	           incomplete	spinal	cord	injury.
nothing	I	can	do	for	him	in	Iraq.	I	                that.	Working	with	Bioness	Inc.,	a	       	 Kai	Newton,	CPO,	stated	the	
can’t	check	on	him	every	night	to	                  world	leader	in	medical	technology,	      NESS	L300™	accelerates	and	
make	sure	he	is	safe.”                              Advanced	P	&	O	is	one	of	just	a	few	      compliments	traditional	therapy.		
	 Katie	added	that	she	is	                          clinics	in	the	country	to	offer	this	     “We	are	excited	about	incorporating	
appreciative	of	all	the	support	                    breakthrough	technology	and	user-         this	technology	into	our	acute	and	
she	received	from	the	staff	at	                     friendly	therapy	service	to	stroke	and	   outpatient	rehab	settings,”	Kai	said.			
Advanced	P	&	O.                                     other	neurological	patients	with	foot	    “We	can	maximize	rehabilitation	by	
	 “George,	Summer,	and	all	                         drop.                                     using	the	device	between	therapy	
the	staff	at	Advanced	P	&	O	are	                    	 The	device,	called	the	NESS	            sessions	and	even	encourage	
so	friendly	and	willing	to	do	                      L300™	neuro-rehabilitation	system,	       patients	to	purchase	the	NESS	L300™	
anything	to	make	things	as	easy	as	                 is	a	revolution	in	Functional	            and	take	it	home	with	them.”	
possible	for	me,”	she	said,	which	                  Electrical	Stimulation	(FES)	             	 Bioness	Inc.	was	formed	in	
included	arranging	appointments	                    technology,	designed	to	help	             California	in	2004	by	the	Alfred	
after	hours	to	accommodate	an	                      patients	“normalize”	walking	             E.	Mann	Foundation	for	Scientific	
inflexible	work	schedule.	“They	                    and	gait.	The	system	uses	wireless	       Research,	and	NESS	Ltd.,	a	
are	the	nicest	people.	I’ve	been	to	                communication	to	“talk”	to	its	           company	headquartered	in	Israel	
others	who	seem	they	are	in	the	                    components,	eliminates	cumbersome	        that	develops	and	manufactures	
business	just	to	get	money	out	of	                  wires	and	allows	the	clinician	ability	   innovative	devices,	neuroprosthetic	
it,	but	not	APO.”                                   to	fine	tune	settings	while	the	          and	rehabilitation	systems.	

APOP Practitioner Attends AOPA National Assembly
                                         	 Kai	Newton,	CPO,	attended	the	2008	           speaker,	Patrick	G.	Ryan,	chairman	
                                         American	Orthotic	&	Prosthetic	Association	     and	CEO	of	the	Chicago	2016	Olympic	
                                         (AOPA)	National	Assembly	held	September	        Committee	and	long-time	supporter	of	the	
                                         10-13	in	Chicago.	Kai	had	the	opportunity	      Paralympics,	tours	of	the	Rehabilitation	
                                         to	participate	in	business	and	clinical	        Institute	of	Chicago,	and	50th	Anniversary	
                                         education	programs,	as	well	as	visit	           celebrations	of	Northwestern	University’s	
                                         exhibitors	showcasing	the	latest	technology	    Prosthetic	and	Orthotic	Center	(NUPOC)	
                                         for	the	prosthetics	and	orthotics	profession.   and	Otto	Bock,	the	world’s	leading	supplier	
                                         	 Other	highlights	included	the	keynote	        of	prosthetic	components.
               Convenient Hours & Locations to Serve Our Patients
	 Our	offices	around	the	islands	are	open	daily	to	meet	your	needs.	We	also	offer	home	visits	for	patients	on	
Oahu,	Kauai,	and	Maui.	Our	hours	of	operation	are	as	follows:

     1580	Makaloa	Street,	Suite	910,	Honolulu
     Monday – Thursday
     8:30	am – 4:30	pm	
     8:30	am – 4:00	pm

     Maui	Memorial	Medical	Center
     Physical	Therapy	Department	
     221	Mahalani	Street,	Wailuku	
     Second and fourth Thursday of each month
     8:30	am – 4:30	pm

     In-home	visits	only
     One	day	per	month	by	appointment	


	 Our	staff	is	also	on-call	offering	24-hour	emergency	services.		Please	call	our	office,		
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