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									      Suffering From Shoulder Pain?

  Treatment For Rotator Cuff Pain

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Do you often experience pain in your shoulders when you
engage in physical labour? That is rotator cuff pain. The pain is
because the rotator cuff is being used all the time, although it
may appear stationary. If you work in front of a computer all
day, every day, your rotator cuff will get sore since the muscles
will be flexed most of the time due to poor posture or prolonged

Not following safety precautions when lifting heavy weights or
during exercise can also result in injury to the shoulder
muscles. Unknown to most people, the rotator cuff are the
bones in the shoulders near the shoulder blades. The muscles
in these parts are prone to soreness especially if you do not do
lots of stretching. Chronic pain, limited mobility and loss of
accuracy are common if any of the 4 main muscles or the major
tendons of the rotator cuff are damaged.

                           Large impact forces and stresses,
                           mostly generated during athletic
                           activities and heavy lifting results in
                           acute damage, even tear. Minor
                           stretches and tears often heal if
                           subjected to adequate rest.As with any
                           muscular damage, injury to the rotator
                           cuff results in fluid accumulation and
inflammation but if untreated calcium deposition occurs which
leads to arthritis. A quick rotator cuff pain relief would be to
stretch your muscles every half an hour when your job requires
you to sit in front of the computer for many hours.

Instant rotator cuff pain relief may be felt when you stretch your
arms all the way up, even if you are in a sitting position. You

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can also try placing one arm at the back of your head, with your
hands holding on to the upper arm of the other opposite arm
which is stretching upward. This can be alternately done 20
counts at a time. The cause of the stiffness of the rotator cuff is
the slouching and lowering of the head for long periods of time.
Anti pain medication like ibuprofen also helps numb the pain
but it is only a temporary solution.

Shoulder pain treatment does not always require intake of
medicines as there are also fast and effective shoulder pain
treatments that can be done at home. For one, you can opt to
do hot compress on the aching area so the muscles will be
relaxed. Accumulation of lactic acid is mainly responsible for
muscle soreness and a hot compress helps alleviate that. If the
damage is more extensive you will probably have to wear a
sling to avoid movement and prevent further damage. In any
case, if the shoulder pain is due to a sudden stress it is
advisable to consult a doctor before you try self medication.

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