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									         “Discover The Secrets To
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Dear Reader,
Not to long ago I was probably in the same situation you are in, maybe I was even worse off.
I was so broke that my wife and I HAD to work at restaurants so we could get free food to

We use to pay half of one bill to pay all of another

And grilled cheese or ramen noodle soups were our main meals for weeks at a time! Finally, I
got sick and tired of living that way and looked for something better.

I tried MLMS, PPC, affiliate marketing, CPA, lead gen., and even selling ebooks. NOTHING
WORKED! But then I found this place called the Sitepoint Marketplace (now

In this marketplace you could sell your websites to other people who knew what to do
with them. I figured well I got all these failed and old websites lying around now, I might as
well try and sell them.

Low and behold, people started buying them! $50... $150... $250... $500


So I focused on only that and reinvested my money several times to get into bigger projects.
Eventually, I was selling sites for $2,000... $5,000... $15,000... EVEN $40,000!

This digital book is the questions and answers from one of my best students interviewing me
on how I made my rise to the top. Don't misunderstand the shortness of this book as having
less value.

This information has made me LITERALLY hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not
to mention the hundreds of students of mine who've made thousands from it.

Read the questions and answers VERY carefully and then TAKE ACTION on your knew
knowledge IMMEDIATELY... All it takes is action and action builds confidence!

Let the interview begin:

   1.) Justin thanks for giving me this opportunity to interview you. I
      know you said you were pretty broke when you got started...
      How did you get started with such little money and did you
already know how to build websites?

No problem, thanks for having me... Yeah we were so broke I literally didn't even have
the $20 it costs to list your sites for sale in the marketplaces today. So instead of
listing my websites for sale in the typical marketplaces I listed them for sale in forums.

Places like,,, and
several other webmaster related forums. Those were the most successful ones though.
Then once I sold my first site I used the money from that to list others in the big
markets like Sitepoint, which is now

And yes I did already know how to build websites thanks to my grandfather teaching
me as a kid. However, that obviously wasn't helping me very much since I was still not
making money online.

In fact I made most of my money from “website brokering” which is where you find
one guy who wants to sell his site and another guy who wants to buy a site... Then
you hook the two up and collect a finders fee.

I got burned by that a couple times though because I didn't “keep myself in the
middle” of the deal. You should never connect the buyer and the seller before the
transaction has gone through and you should handle the transaction... Otherwise the
buyer and the seller meet up later behind your back and cut out your fee's!

Another way to get started without ever having to build your own sites is look for deals
where people are unloading several websites cheap just to pay a bill. There are college
kids doing this all the time. Best places to look are DigitalPoint forums, Webmaster-,, and WarriorForum WSO area.

In fact we have a coaching student who watched our videos on how to do this and
found one such case where a guy was selling a couple dozen websites for $15 each.
Our student then bought these sites one at a time and then re-listed them in for $50 each. She sold 13 or so of those sites like that within a week.

Those deals are out there all over the place and we show you how to find them in our
21 week coaching program (we also give you 5 ready to flip websites to sell
immediately). The next method for getting started without needing to learn web
design is to hire oversea's freelancers for cheap.

For $50 per week you can hire a part timer that can build you 10 websites per week. If
you sell each of those websites for just $150 each that's $1,500/week or $6,000 per

You can even hire them for as little as $20 to do one site one time and then reinvest
the money you make off that site to hire them again and again until you can hire a full
timer. We use to hire our overseas freelancers.
2.) WOW that was like a masters degree in website flipping in just
  one answer! Thanks... Now one thing you didn't mention in there
  was how to actually SELL the website and where you recommend
  doing that at.

  Hahaha, this interview could get very long if I gave you a MASTERS degree in website
  flipping. There are some very specific things that need to be done to actually sell a
  site, I'm glad you asked.

  First let's start off with where to list your websites for sale. I've mentioned a few good
  ones already but here's the official list.,,,,,, and

  After knowing where, you need to know what to say. Basically, you need to predict
  what questions a buyer will have about your website and then answer them in your
  listing. For example, most buyers want to know “What are you selling” “what comes
  with it” “what is it worth” “why should I buy it” and “why are you selling it.”

  And the one thing I tell all of my coaching students to do is ALWAYS make a video
  review of your website. You can do it with free software at – Including
  that video review of your website makes you stand out and gets the buyer to listen to
  you instead of skim over your listing.

  We give you example listings inside our 21 week coaching program and tell you exactly
  what to say, but that's the gist of it. In all there are about 29 different questions a
  buyer will ever ask you and we have that list inside our coaching program... It's worth
  a fortune but I just can't remember them all off the top of my head.

3.) That's some great information and no worries about not being
  able to remember all 29 questions off the top of your head.
  Another question I have for you is are there any scams that
  people should worry about in website flipping?

  YES! There are two biggies that everyone should watch out for and the biggest one is
  the buyer or seller is lying to you about owning the site. So when you go to buy the
  site from them they take your money and you never get a website. They'll usually use
  the details of someone elses website and claim it as theirs, we know of one girl who
  got ripper off for $2,500!

  It's kind of hard to describe how to stop that scam in an interview, but basically you do
  whats called a “whois” query which means you are asking a piece of software “who is”
  the owner of this website. You can do this at, just enter in the
  website name then scroll down and see who's listed as the owner.
  In the coaching program we show people how to do that with step-by-step over the
  shoulder video. We even show them how to verify that the traffic and revenue that is
  “claimed” is real or faked. Which is actually the second biggest scam I was talking
  about... Faking the websites statistics like saying it makes more money then it really
  does or traffic.

4.) That's great Justin thanks. This is going to help a lot of people!
  One last question... What is the FASTEST selling type of website?

  GREAT QUESTION! I need a second or two to think back through some of my sales,
  hold on for a minute...


  ...Ok here's my list, there's 5 of them and they are in order from fastest to least
  fastest. Number five is in now way a “slow” or “bad” type of site... Just the least

  Adsense Monetized Website With High Search Engine Rankings & 90 Days
  Revenue History

  That type of website is the most automated money machine you can create. You
  hardly ever see them for sale because of that and when they are listed they are
  snapped up within hours if not minutes.

  Custom Software OR Website Script

  People love to sell software thanks to dreams of being the next Bill Gates. When these
  types of sites hit the marketplace they are attacked.

  Active Membership Sites

  When a website makes a residual income like a monthly paid subscription membership
  site buyers go nuts because it's money that comes in month after month after month.


  Every webmaster knows the power of blogging. A well designed blog even without any
  traffic or revenue is the most successful “overnight success” generator we have in the
       Ebook Sales Sites

       These sites are products people bought a resellers license too and redesigned the
       sales website. A friend of mine sells these all the time for as much as $900 and more
       each... with no traffic or revenue coming in.

Well Justin that answers all my immediate questions, I'm gunna take these answers and go
freshen up some of my own deals. Thanks for letting me do this interview and I wish you the

Thanks for having me...

End of Interview.

Well I hope that answered your initial questions about website flipping and showed you just
how possible it is, if you need further help I suggest you check out our 21 week coaching

We're offering a $1 trial for the first 14 days and if you are a hard worker you can be making
more then the cost to join the class in that 14 day trial. In fact we even give you 5 ready to
flip sites and a quick start guide to make sure you can make more then the class costs.

We know that if we put more dollars in your pocket then you'll have more money to put in
ours! Go take the trial for just $1 at
now and I'll put you on our 30 day action plan immediately. Which means you'll get a tiny bite
sized task by email everyday for 30 days. At the end of those 30 days you should have made
hundreds plus the money made from the ready to flip sites and quick start guide.

It's a no brainer!

Go Bigger,
Justin Brooke

“All It Takes Is Action And Action Builds Confidence”
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