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“7 Streams of Income
  For The Average


    Oluwatoyin Omotoso

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This report has been written only for informational purposes alone and it
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only an overview.

Anybody who wants to make use of any of the information will have to do a
thorough research on each aspect or consult an expert to help.

Therefore, the author of this report is not accountable for any damage resulting
from use or misuse of the information in this report.

Uhn… “Average Nigerian” What does that mean?

I feel like telling stories I won’t because I have decided to keep this report as
short as possible.

From my own definition when authoring this report, an average Nigerian is
someone who is earns between N50,000 – N500,000 per month.

I have my reasons for choosing that range and I hope you will understand as
you read this report.

By the way, let me quickly introduce you to the concept of multiple streams of
income (7 is multiple)

Let’s do some research.

Look around you. Pick 10 – 20 people that you know including yourself and
ask them about how many sources of income they have got.

If you do this, I can guarantee you that the most all of them will say is 2
streams. Most people depend on only one and that is their salary (I hate that

No wonder they go broke after they have finished spending it and are waiting
till when the next one arises. I know, I know, I know. You feel like asking how
I know all that.

Well, the reason is this; My parents too used to be salary getters but they have
now created some extra streams of income for themselves (Why won’t they
when I am related to them)

If you are working in the bank for example, you are probably earning between
N50K – N200K on a monthly basis but then, that is the only stream of income
that you have. If something bad happens and stops that stream, you are
definitely going to be in trouble.

But let’s imagine another case of someone who works with the radio station.
She earns N45,000 per month but then, she also has a shop where she does
fashion design. Due to the fact that she is into fashion design, she also buys and
sells cloths and makes a handsome profit from doing so.

Now, watch this: That radio worker has 3 streams of income and so, apart from
the fact that she makes extra money from those 2 streams, she also has
something to fall on in case her salary seizes.

There are a lot of opportunities here in Nigeria for everyone to make some
extra money even as small as an extra N5,000 per month and that small money
can be of help.

For instance, this morning, one of my neighbours went into his garden to pluck
a lot of vegetables and I got thinking. Why can’t I make use of that same
opportunity to grow some vegetables like that which I won’t have to spend
money to buy stuffs like that in the market.

That would help me to save some money.

Face the reality.

Multiple streams of income is good for you as a person. I have discovered that
one of the very strong areas of our lives is finances and funny enough, most
people know little or nothing about the subject of money and finances in

Before I start, let me ask you a question:

Do you have a savings account? Or rather, do you have a savings culture?

If not, start now. It might just be 10% of your income but just do it because you
are going to need it to put some things in place. I know you might be saying
that how do I expect you to save 10% of that your measly salary? Well, that is
the price you have to pay if you want to move ahead.

Before I go ahead into the full details of what we want to talk about here, there
is one other thing I have got to clarify and that is the one that has got to do with
the six letter word ‘ACTION’

You read this report for more than six times but if you decide to do nothing
about the information it contains, then I hope you are not expecting something
big out of life.

For instance, if you finish reading this report and you know deep within your
heart that you do not have a bank account and you do not rush off to open one,
then, I pity you.

With all these settled, let’s delve right into business. The 7 streams of income

Let’s delve right into the issue at hand. I think the first thing is for me to list out
the 7 streams I want to talk about in this report.

Are there no other streams of income than these 7? Of course, there are but I
have just decided to pick on these 7.

Here they are:

   1.   agriculture
   2.   buying and selling of merchandise
   3.   infopreneuring
   4.   internet businesses
   5.   real estate
   6.   telecommunications
   7.   Offering services/skill selling.

Let’s take them one after the other.

                             Stream One

Now, don’t run away. Make sure you read this chapter to the end.

Let me quickly tell you why this chapter is important. Back in the 1960s up to
the 80s when Nigeria had not discovered crude oil, its major foreign exchange
products were those that came right out of agriculture. People made millions
from crops like oil palm, cocoa, coffee, kola nut, beans etc

But when crude oil was discovered, the level of agriculture dropped because
even the government stopped helping people and focused on the crude oil

That explains the reason why food has become expensive in this nation. As at
the time of writing this, a bowl of garri sells for N150 and a bowl of beans is
between 250 – 300.

And since food is almost life, a lot of people earning low wages are barely

Another thing you ought to know at this point is the fact that agriculture is not
just about going to the farm to plant crops alone.

There are other things you can do. Here is a list:

   1.   Backyard Garden and Nursery.
   2.   Grasscutter farming
   3.   Poultry
   4.   Goatery
   5.   Fish farming
   6.   Pig farming
   7.   Crop farming
   8.   Snail farming

There are definitely other ones than the ones I listed above but the focus here is
not just in the knowing. It is in the doing. However, let me quickly take those
ones one after the other and explain them.

1. Backyard Garden and Nursery – This is the easiest of them all and it can
be generating a minimum of N1000 for you on a daily basis and that is not bad.
It will also help you to save some money. Money you would have spent to buy
vegetables, tomatoes etc

This might not go well with those people living in places where all the land in
your compound is plastered.
The things you can grow in your garden are:
a. different kinds of vegetables
b. Pepper and tomatoes.
c. Garden egg.
d. Seasonal short lived crops like maize.

So, how do you make money from things like that? Are you asking me or you
are asking yourself? Sell them of course. Money is what comes into your hands
when you provide something needed by others.

About the backyard nursery – firstly, do you know what a nursery is? A
nursery is where seeds are raised into seedlings. Because of the nature of some
plants, e.g. cocoa you can’t plant their seeds directly. You have to raise the
seedlings in the nursery and then transfer it to the field.

Now, don’t take me wrong. I am not saying you should turn into a cocoa
farmer. All I am saying is that you can use the backyard of your house to raise
healthy seedlings and sell them to farmers who are looking for them.

For instance, I had a friend back in school who raised seedlings for the Tick
tree. I didn’t know how he got the seeds but he sold the seedlings for N200 per
one and all he spent money on was the seeds and the black nylon he used in
raising the seeds.

You do not need to have a space of land in your backyard. All you need is an
open space, black nylons (the ones created specifically for raising seedlings)
and the seeds you need.

You can choose any of the following crops to focus on cocoa, tick, Oil Palm

However, if you are too big to do this kind of a thing, don’t stop reading yet,
there are still plenty of ideas in this report.

Let’s move on.

2. Grasscutter farming – Do you know what a grass cutter is? Oh! Sorry. It is
not a machine used in cutting grass. It is an animal. It is called grass cutter
because it has sharp teeth used in cutting grasses.

So what is this all about?

It has been discovered that the grass cutter is good for the body most especially
because it provides a lot of useful nutrients like Iron and its meat lacks

cholesterol. Due to this, it has been hunted like crazy until it is now an
endangered species. The only way for people to raise it is by rearing it.

And the funny thing is that it is very easy to rear only if you will learn the
procedures and skills and you don’t have to acquire an acre of land to do so. A
room in your house will do the magic and that can be producing an extra N50K
every month from the sales of grass cutters.

They are also not expensive to feed. They normally feed on stuffs that are
normally thrown away like pineapple leftovers. All you have to do to get
started in this business is get the required training and move into action. An
expert on this topic is a woman called Janet Anwo. Her email is

3. Poultry- I don’t have to define or explain what this is. I believe you already
know and a poultry is set up to produce meat or eggs or both.
The only thing I want to mention here is the fact that it is not a big thing to do
like most people think. I am saying this from experience. I have a younger
brother who raised 80 broilers all by himself within 3 months and sold them at
a cost of N2,000 per one.

Also, I have a friend who currently has over 200 layers and he gets 7 crates of
eggs from them daily. When they stop laying, all he has to do is sell them off.
Like any other kind of business, what you need most is the required knowledge
on how to go about it. Once you get that, go right ahead and start. You don’t
need to start with 40 chickens. 10 are enough. But get started and be diligent.
You will appreciate it later on.

4. Goatery- This is a system of goat rearing and either you like it or not, goat
meat is sweet. Then you decide to choose to use would be based on where you
are living. If it is in the city, then it will be outskirt of the city. I really do not
know a lot about this aspect but I know that there is much money to be made
from this area. To get started, just get in touch with someone who can be of
help. It must be someone who is involved in it and not one theoretician who
studied Agriculture in school.

5. Fish Farming- Wao! This one is also big and the market is damn huge. As I
am writing this, Nigeria is in need of thousands of tonnes of fishes and we are
not able to produce it. That is why you see people importing different kinds of
stocked fishes from Australia and the likes.

Anybody can have a fish pond behind his house and earn money from it. As a
matter of fact, you might even decide to be involved only in hatching and
selling fingerlings, (small fishes) to other fish farmers. You might even be
involved with producing fish foods to fish farmers too.

This also is not something I can cover extensively in this report but I am sure
you will find people who can help around you. An example is a young man
named Moses Osas who has made over N40 million from fish farming. If he
can do it, you also can. All you need is a good training and the diligence to
make it work.

6. Pig Farming- I know what is running through your mind right now. “Swine
Flu, Swine Flu”. Before you run into a coma with that thought, let me quickly
bail you out. I am not saying you should go into pig farming right now but
truly, there is a lot of money to be made from this area. Definitely, swine flu
will still disappear and I know a young lady in her late twenties who has a pig
farm and makes a profit of over N300,000 from it on a monthly basis. You can
even put together a small joint and call it something like pork joint where the
only thing sold is fried pork and pepper soup with cooked pork and drinks. It
will be a bam!

-But that should be when the swine flu has died down anyway.
-Contact an expert too.

7. Backyard Nursery- Do you know what a Nursery is? A Nursery is where
seeds are raised into seedlings. Because of the nature of some plants, e.g.
cocoa, you can’t plant their seeds directly. You have to raise the seedlings in
the nursery and then transfer them to the fields.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying you should turn into a cocoa farmer.
All I am saying is that you can use the backyard of your house to raise healthy
seedlings and sell them to farmers who are looking for them. For instance, I
had a friend back in school that raised seedlings for Tick tree. I don’t how he
got the seeds but he sold the seedlings for N200 per one and all he spent money
was the seeds and the black nylon he used in raising the seeds.

You do not need to have a space of land in you backyard. All you need is an
open space, black nylons (the ones created purposely for raising seedlings) and
the seeds you need.

You can choose any of the following crops to start with; cocoa, tick tree, oil
There are others but make sure that any plant you choose is in high demand in
your area.

8. Crop Farming- This is the one people normally run away from like crazy
and I really do not blame them for that. It is the growing of crops like yam,
cassava, rice, beans, maize etc. Ideally, if you are in the city or you are working
in places like the bank, you can’t do this. But people living in places with lots
of land space and who are involved in occupations that give them time should
do something.

Most of the time, you might not be the one to do the work. You can make use
of labourers and pay them. Just do your calculations very well and the results
will be great. Even if you decide not to sell your stuffs, it will help you in
cutting down your expenses. Think about it and you can also have access to a
lot of vegetables as well.

9. Snail Farming- the last on my list here is snail farming. You can also get
this one done in your house but it also has its own advantages and
disadvantages. And you must consult an expert before you get started.
Snails sell like crazy and this would be responsible for an additional stream of
income for you and your family.

This ends the section on the Agriculture, let’s go right to the next section.

                              Stream Two

     Buying and Selling of Merchandise
I won’t take too much of your time here because this will not be any difficult
for you to comprehend. Why? Simply because Buying and Selling of
Merchandise is all as it sounds. You buy a particular product at a low price e.g.
N100 and sell it at a higher price like N13. That is a profit of N3.
The important things you have to consider if you want to add this stream of
income are:
    1. What is needed in your environment?
    2. How and where can you get at a low price?
    3. How would you sell to them?

Before I talk more about the 3 questions above, let me quickly tell you that you
do not need to start buying and selling products with a lot of money. If what
you want to be buying and selling is costly, don’t go and borrow money to get
started. Start with a little quantity and keep progressing.

                              Back to the 3 Questions.

   1. What is needed in your environment?
   By the word environment, I am referring the places where you spend most of your
   time. For instance your home, place of work and your church or mosque.
   It is your job to pick those places one by one and do a quiet research to get what is
   needed in such places.

   Here is an example:

   Some years ago, went to visit a friend of mine in his new apartment and while he
   was there, he wanted to buy some food stuffs and he had to go to a far distance to
   get it. When we came back,(because I went with him), I asked him if there was
   any place where he could buy things nearby and he told me none.

   So I gave him the idea to start selling food stuffs from his house. He thought he
   was too big to do that and he didn’t start. As I am writing this, a young lady who
   was took up the opportunity to sell such stuffs is currently resigned her teaching
   job because she is now a major supplier of food stuffs in the area.

    Even in your office what do people find hard to get or get at an expensive
price? Go ahead and supply it cheaper and add another stream of income flow
into your bank account.

2. How and Where can you get it at a low price?

Once you have decided on what it is that you want to supply, it is now time
for you to seek out how you can get those things a low price so that you can
have a nice cut of the profits. Here is an example: a friend of mine told me
the story told me the story of a female youth corper who was posted to

When she got there, she decided she was going to sell gold necklaces
because she discovered that the ones she saw there were expensive than the
ones sold from where she came from. She did a little bit of research which
was actually about where the merchants who sold it at her town got it from.
The research yielded something good. The place was Port Harcourt.

That means she could buy at a very cheap price in Port Harcourt and sell in
Kaduna at higher price for a reasonable profit. That is exactly what she did.
Her market moved forward like crazy because she sold them at prices that
were far more affordable than the other merchants. I hope you can clearly
understand this.

3. How would you sell to them? This is an aspect that you must settle
   because it would be a great disaster if you bought lots of products and
   you find it impossible to sell them.

   Selling is one of the skills that helps that a business to succeed and you
   need to master it very well i.e. be good at it.

   Where would you sell from? Would you take the products to people, in
   their offices or homes? How do you intend to advertise? By word of
   mouth, handbills or what?

   This all must be settled before you get started. However, if you aren’t
   any good at marketing, your best bet is to partner with somebody who is
   because marketing is the lifeblood of any business.

   For instance, part of marketing is the way you approach and talk to your
   customers. There are so many people out there who are high tempered
   and they transfer that to their prospects/customers which results in…
   loss of customers. Too bad!

    This is actually what buying and selling of merchandise is all about and
   I hope you will take it up.

   Let’s now move on to the next stream of income where I’ll be saying a
   lot of things on infopreneuring.

                        Stream Three

What does that word mean? Sure I know it sounds like Entrepreneuring.
So, let’s do something. The difference is just replacing the Entre- with
the Info-


So, you don’t have to open the dictionary (I don’t even think you can
find it there)

Okay… there is the meaning:

Infopreneuring is the business of making money by selling information.
And this is the most guaranteed stream of income that will bring you the
quickest results in this report. Because… almost everybody has some
valuable information to sell.

But funny enough, most people do not have an idea of how valuable
what they know is and secondly, they do not know how to sell the
information they have.

What kind of information can be sold?

Answer: ANY kind of information from How to produce something to
How to get, How to sell, Names, location, phone numbers etc. seriously,
the list is endless.

Let me make it more explicit.

There is a guy called Eben Pagan. This guy makes over 20 million
dollars (N3, 000,000,000) annually from selling information online and
the information he sells is based on what a lot of people are experts at:

                   How to attract and handle women.

Believe it or not, he has been selling stuffs on that area for the past 6
years and the guy is damn RICH.

Uhmm… Okay, before I tell you about Nigerians who have done
wonders with infopreneuring, let me quickly tell you about Ted

Ted Nicholas… the Six Billion Dollar Man.

Ted Nicholas happens to be American who has now retired to
Switzerland after making over 6 billion dollars in profits from…just
selling information.

I logged onto Youtube.com some few days ago and I opened a video of
a seminar held by Ted Nicholas and that was the first time I actually
heard him myself telling the audience that he had made over 6 billion
dollars from information.

What did he sell?

The first information that Ted Nicholas sold was a report on How you
can form your own corporation in the US at a time that it was becoming
so expensive for people to do so in the US.

He had previously formed 18 businesses. So he knew how to do it
cheaply and so he produced a report titled “How to Form Your Own
Corporation without A Lawyer Under $50”.

After he had sold millions of the report, he produced another report from
his previous experience titled “How to Write a Book and Sell One
Million Copies”. From that he went on to produce and sell a lot of
products and then consulted for so many big companies in the US.

Ted Na My Guy O… But

Let’s talk about some Nigerian infopreneurs too.

Let me talk about my Nigerian mentor first. His name is Dr. Sunny

As far as am concerned, he is presently the best infopreneur in Nigeria
because he has sold a lot of information in different formats (video,
audio, e-books, magazine, books, seminars, consultancy etc.)

Let me give you an example of his stuff. Dr. Sunny discovered in 1999
that there was something going on the internet and the thing was that
people were making a lot of money. So, he locked himself up in his
house for 3 months and focused on becoming an expert at Online Money

Due to this, he began marketing his knowledge via seminars to other
people and from that alone, he has made millions of naira not to talk
about other information been sold by him.
A challenging story here in Nigeria is that of a guy called Paul. Paul too
started selling information (most of them were not produced by him)
and he made his million. He did that at the age of 21.There are a lot of
people to really talk about but that won’t teach you anything.

Let me give you an insider to How to Make Money Selling

The first thing you have to come into terms with is the fact that this
world is ruled and maintained by information. What would happen to
the world if all the books in the whole world suddenly disappeared and
all the data on all computers got lost including those external drives like
CDs and flash drives?

Let me leave you to answer that question.

Either you like it or not, we are looking for new information everyday
on how to improve our lives and business and get rid of all our

So, when someone with that information that we need shows up, we
jump at it automatically. For instance, let’s assume there’s someone who
has the problem of body odour and it has been giving him a lot of
problems. Then, he happens to be reading a copy of The Punch one day
and he sees an advert that says:

                   “Experts Reveal at Last: How to
                 Totally Cure Yourself and Get Rid of
                  Even the Strongest Body Odour”
                       For details, call 080xxxxx.

What do you think he will do?

He will grab the phone and call of course and depending on the person
selling the product, he will eventually make the purchase.

One of the various reasons why I like infopreneuring is that you can still
make a lot of money from it even if you are a Dullard.

For instance, a friend of mine made some money from Forex last year
even though he knew next to nothing about the topic. All he did was to
get an expert on Forex and made a deal with him. He then marketed the

seminar, held it and paid the expert a commission. He went home with
over N300, 000 in profits.

And… anybody can do just that!

You can sell information from your job experience, skills, passion,
success or even failures.
Infopreneuring is a very broad area giving each person who is serious a
chance to come in and make some profits in a cool way.

The system of selling information is ideally a 2 step process:
1. Look for a topic with a market and create products
2. Develop a marketing system to sell the products.

The result is …lots of CASH.

I will also want to admit right here that those 2 steps above are really
deep and as such cannot be detailed in this manual.

However, if you really want to learn more, I will advise you to go to the
website at http://infocashtank.com to download my free 45k/week
report. By downloading the report, you will have access to lots and lots
of free reports that I have written concerning infopreneuring.

Other resources:

You should also look around and lay hold your hand on a copy of Dan
Kennedy’s How to Make Money from Your Ideas.

Below is a list of different means to make money by selling information:

1. Via audio- You can sell information through audio CDs and tapes by
   sharing a valuable information with people e.g. 3 Ways to Raise a
   Female Child.

2. Via magazines- what do magazine sell? The answer short articles
   that providing information on little topics and anybody can do just
   that. All you have to do is add the graphics designs, printing and
   distribution and you are set.

3. E-reports- Normally known as e-books. They are ways of selling
   information online and people buy them like crazy all over the globe
   yet it does not cost a penny to produce.

4. Seminars and Workshops- there are so many stuffs that can only be
   taught deeply via seminars and this is another way to make loads of

   cash from selling information.

5. Books- this is the generally known one. The secret is that anybody
   can become author even if you are a dunce. For instance, Candy
   Cashman wrote and sold a million copies of a book titled:
   “Everything Man Knows about Women”. The secret is that Cindy
   Cashman was not the original author of the book. Today, there are
   tons of thousand of products with rights to sell or re-prints them all
   over the place.

6. Videos – You can sell a lot of topics via videos such that people who
   watch them can fully comprehend what you are dishing out.

   There are a lot more than these ones because infopreneuring is
   VERY…VERY deep.

   Summary: The real secret of great infopreneurs lies in their
   marketing skill and that is why it is normally referred to as
   Information Marketing. If you need more training on the topic, sign
   up today at http://infocashtank.com

                       Stream Four

                  Internet Business
I know that you have probably heard about the goldmine on the
internet but you’ve laid hold on it yet.

The truth is that it is bigger that you think. This morning, I read the
story of a 28 year old guy who pulls in an average of 3 million
dollars per month from the internet.

I don’t need you to believe that. I am just telling you the awesome
power that the internet has to provide money for serious people. So,
how do people make money on the internet?

Correct question- How does money circulate on the internet?
Answer: just like in the real world, money circulates via buying and
selling of products and services.

But online, things are much easier and less stressful and another truth
is that not all kinds of businesses succeed online.

The major business templates that individuals can use in generating
income online are:

       Selling Information Online – Apart from pornography,
       information is the second bestseller on the internet.

       Regardless of the niche you are in, you can find customers for
       your products all around the world. However this will work
       best for you if you can monitor infopreneuring first and then
       see how to add the internet to it.

       Affiliate Programs – I like this a lot. Can you believe you
       can make money selling other people’s products for them?
       That is exactly what affiliate programs help you to do. All you
       have to do here is to help merchants sell their products. For
       every sale you make, you have a certain commission when
       they are leaving.

       The work here is the marketing and you need trainings from
       an expert on areas like this. A good book that can help a
       beginner is Ewen Chia’s Newbie Cash Machine. If you need a
       copy, you can send me an email but better still, a practical

training is needed in order to get it very well.

If you only work as an affiliate alone online, you may have to
fire your boss because a lot of people are making lots of
money online selling affiliate products. All you need to get
started is the desire to succeed and the necessary trainings.

Blogging – It has now been over 3 years since the art of
blogging took the whole world by storm and with even the
conception of free blogs. It has become literally possible for
everybody with an internet connection and the right
knowledge to make online.

Blogging has to do with blogs. Blogs are a new type of
websites that make it easy for people to publish information
online. Some people prefer to call it online journal and that is
exactly what it is.

With a blog, it means you can start to write stuffs that
concerns you e.g. news, discoveries, stories online and once
you start getting a lot of people to come and read the stuffs
you have on your blog, you can start making money from
advertising revenues or by recommending affiliated products
and earning commissions.

You can even build the blog to a stage where you can sell it
for a huge price depending on its value. Here is another
stream of income online that is possible.

Anonymous – The truth is that there are lots of ways to make
money online such that I won’t be able to say them all here.
For instance, we have:

   • Sport Betting – The most powerful one here is Football
     Betting and I have lots of friends who make money
     with this unlike millions of folks all over Nigeria who
     only waste their time and money to watch all the
     foreign leagues without making a dime. You can make
     money with football betting check nairabet.com for
     evidence .

   • Domain Flipping

   • Offering Services Online e.g. graphic designs, web
     designs, article writing, coding etc.

          • Domain Registration and Web hosting.

Regardless of how easy any of these means of making money may
be, the fact remains that one needs proper trainings in order to


NOTE – You will notice how I have been talking about training…
training… training throughout this manual simply because it is very
important if you really want to succeed

                        Stream Five

                         Real Estate
Real wealth

Real properties

Real estates

So, what is Real Estate?

Real Estate is not just about estates or about buildings or about lands.
It is about how to deal with them in a way that it leads to cash

So, how do you learn how to play the game? No! the first question
should be “How is the game played?”

Really, there are different ways to it.

1.   You can buy a land and resell it after sometime.
2.   You can buy a house and resell it.
3.   You can build a house and sell it.
4.   You can buy a land; build on it and leas it out.
5.   You can buy a building and lease it out.

But just like anything else, you need someone to guide you and teach
you the ropes on how to make money dealing with real estate.

I know that by now, your mind will be saying to you: “where would
you get the money to buy a plot of land or a building?” That reminds
me of a story… a useful one. It was narrated to me by my pastor in
the year 2006. One of his church members who happened to jobless
yet a graduate went to meet a friend in a restaurant for some
discussions and that was where he learnt that a man wanted to sell 4
plots of land for N600, 000.

The land had a good location along a commercial road which made it
marketable. This guy had no dime on him but he got an idea. He sold
his TV and some of his assets and placed an advert (size
2colx2inches) in The Punch newspaper about the land.

After 2 days, he got a man who was ready to buy the land for N1.2
million. So, he arranged a deal between himself, the owner and the
potential buyer of the land.

After they closed the deal, the guy was N500, 000 richer.

That is an example of what can happen when you think outside the
box and believe that anything is possible.

I will recommend Robert G. Allen’s Nothing Down and
Oluwafisayo’s Mafia Landlord for anybody willing to take hold of
real estate.

Another reliable thing about real estate is that the risks are very low
and the profit margin is enormous.

Let me give you another idea.

If you are passionate about this thing called real estate, and you have
no money, you can stat to help people looking for lands to build on
or houses to buy or live in.

It is called a real estate broker. You position yourself in between the
customers and the louse/land merchants and you get a commission
each time you make a sale.

This is what I mean:

You start going out and you have an idea of buildings/lands for
sale/rent. The next thing you now do is to start telling people all over
the place that you can help them get a land/building. So, if you have
a customer who needs a 3-bedroom flat and you go out to shop. On
shopping, you get a 3-beroom flat for N200,000 after careful

You now present it to the customer at a price of N250,000 and he
pays for 2 years rent. That is an extra N100, 000 into your pocket.
Did I hear you say that is impossible? Wrong. I have a friend (Ben
by name) who uses this powerful technique.

Ben has stayed in Anambra for 5 years and he has a lot of contacts
there. Later on after he left Anambra, he started getting people who
were in need of shops, offices and houses and he started calling his
friends in Anambra to help out and he was able to make lots of
commission just with his phone.

You know what?

I am just touching the surface of this great stream of income.

There is a lot to it and with some research and training, you’ll be
making a lot of money. It all depends on how powerful your desire to
succeed is.

                        Stream Six


These guys have made billions in this nation and the billions keep
rolling every single day.

Some smart chaps have been able to crack the code on how they can
also have their own cut of the telecommunication cake. (Not the
obsolete national cake)

And you too can pick from the so many options to get a cut. Gone
are the days when the only way you can have a cut is via phone call
business or selling of recharge cards.

One of the biggest hits right now is printing of recharge cards and
selling them.

We also have bulk SMS solutions where you help people in sending
customised bulk SMS to a lot of people. I wrote a report on it
sometimes last year. You can download it here at

Apart from those ones, there are still a lot of ideas I came across in
papers like Success Digest Extra that are very hot. For example
“How to Make Money Every 90 days from GSM Short Codes”
One thing I have discovered about this aspect/stream that it is some
how closed and not open to the public.

One way to break that barrier is to always read a copy of Success
Digest Extra (comes out twice in a month) and attend their trainings
on any areas you are interested in.

I wish I could say more but I can’t right now as I will like to do some
further research before I would be able to.

Thanks for the understanding.

                        Stream Seven

      Offering Service/Skill Selling


I have said so many things in the course of this report and I really
believe you have been able to grab at least one thing but in case you
haven’t, here is another area that will also induce some motivation.

I get very annoyed anytime I go out and see people who have a lot of
skills to offer complaining that they are broke. I hope you understand
what I mean by a skill. A skill is something you are able to do very
well due to the fact that you have been working on it.

Should I give you some examples? En… okay, I will.

1. Barbing
2. Hair styling
3. Drawing
4. Painting
5. Designing (graphics, web etc.)
6. Programming
7. Making friends
8. Dressing
9. Cooking
10.Organising events

…the list is endless.

Let me talk about offering services.

You can offer your skills in away that would be of service to people
and you get paid for it. A vivid example is Dry-cleaning. It is so
funny that there are a lot of people on the streets with no jobs and
they keep on blaming and cursing the Nigerian government.

I have a friend who does some consulting but at the same time he
also does personal dry-cleaning and he does that without an office.
He is skilled at ironing clothes and stuffs like that.

So, he would just write out the list of people who he thinks would
need his service. He would now approach all these people and tell

them about his services. He makes a lot of money from this. As I am
writing this, I just got the idea of creating a report on How You Can
Make Money from Dry-cleaning and You Do Not Need any Capital
to Start.

What other things can you do? Can you barb hair for people very
well? There are people who do not like going to barbers shops. Why
don’t you create an advertising letter and distribute it to these people
so that they can call for your services:

Can you decorate?
Can you organise programme, events or parties?
Can you make people look beautiful?
Can you draw?

The truth is that people need you out there but you are probably
wasting your time or those skills away. Stop that!
Turn that skill into an EXTRA stream of income.

Of course, the skills I have mentioned above are low priced ones but
I deliberately did so because I know that so many people who have
these skills are not using them for getting any income. They simply
think that they need to get very expensive and professional skills like
programming before they can make any thing out of it. How away?

                  How To Start Now
  1. Get a pen and a clean piece of paper- Think of all the things you
     know how to do and write them on the paper using a first person
     approach e.g. if you can draw, write “ I can draw very well etc.
     Make sure you write everything you can do.

  2. After that, give number to each of those skills. For instance give
     number one to the skill you are excellent at most and number two
     to the next one and like that.

  3. Take skills number 1, 2, and 3 and write out the likely people
     who would need your services and where you can find them. For
     instance, check this out.

  Dry-cleaning- Bankers – Banks
  Business people – check their offices.

  4. Now, depending on the kind of market (people) you want to start
     with, design a marketing plan to advertise your services to

     The easiest way of doing this is via word of mouth. If you can
     help people with dry-cleaning, start telling your friends, families
     etc about what you can do and dress it.

     Before you know it, jobs will start to come but make sure that
     everything you do is excellent so that people will go out their and
     help you advertise your skills. That is how this works but you
     won’t get anything if you decide not to take action. So, get started
     right NOW!

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I know there are so many things I couldn’t cover in this report and that is why
you need to do your personal researches on these things and be sure to attend
my seminar as well in August.

I want you to succeed. I really, really do. Send all your comments and
questions to my email expertoluwatoyin@yahoo.com and to specify that you
read this report.

Thanks a lot for reading and I pray that may the Lord God bless your life real




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