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					        How To Create Your First 6 Figure Month In Network Marketing

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 The Insider Report For
  Network Marketers -
  How To Create Your
 First 6 Figure Month...
                      By: Terry Duff

For The First Time Ever Revealed…

     “After Years Of Frustration And
  Struggling I Finally Cracked The Code
  And Discovered How To Add 20, 30, Or
  Even 40 People Into A Downline Every
           Week Without Fail”

              How To Create Your First 6 Figure Month In Network Marketing

      “For The First Time Ever, I Am Pulling Back The
    Curtain And Revealing The Secrets To Growing A
    Massive Organization…And How To Guarantee That
   You Don’t Become A Part Of the 95% Of People Who
                 Fail In Network Marketing”
   Dear Friend And Fellow Network Marketer,

   First off, I want to thank you for ordering my free report. You have taken a huge step in
   knowing and understanding how to build a huge network marketing organization without
   “leveraging” your warm market.

   I’m going to be going through some business-saving information in just a few minutes,
   but first, why did you order this report in the first place? Hopefully for one of the
   following reasons:

1) You don’t believe that it should take 5 years or more to reach the top 5% of
   income earners in your company.

2) You are truly ready for a peek behind the curtain, and learn the secrets used by your
   upline to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars.

3) You’ve put forth an effort in your business, and you’re seeing that the tools and
   techniques that you’ve been taught are not working very well.

4) You have seen all the training videos, been to all the seminars, attended all the Tuesday
   Night “Rah-Rah” meetings, and your bottom line is heading south, not north.

5) Even though you know your compensation plan inside and out, it doesn’t really
   matter because you’re not making any money with your business.

6) You don’t actually believe the top-earners in your company made their “list of 100”, and
   passed out fliers and business cards to build their huge down-lines. (you also probably
   realized that if duplication worked, YOU’D BE SITTING ON A BEACH IN THE BAHAMAS

   This list could go on for a very long time. The bottom line is this: you want success in
   network marketing, but what you are doing just isn’t working like you thought it would.
   You (like many others) are sold “the dream” that all you have to do is hand out some
   flyers and business cards, talk to a few friends and family members, and someday soon
   you will wake up with a huge business.

   The fact is, it just doesn’t work that way for most of the success stories in network
   One of the reasons that the people who are up on stage make it look so easy is because
   they have a skill set, and they know how to target their markets and they know how to
   properly communicate with those people using several different marketing "channels" (I'll
   elaborate on that shortly).

           How To Create Your First 6 Figure Month In Network Marketing
That is one of the biggest keys to becoming a truly successful home-based entrepreneur.
If you’re looking the truth on how to add dozens of reps each week into your downline,
then you have come to the right place.

CAUTION: If you honestly think 3-way calling, home parties, and handing out product
samples are all good ways to grow your business, then you can stop reading now. I
would encourage you to go use those techniques, and once you have realized how
archaic, outdated, and ineffective those techniques are, then come back and read this
report. But I simply cannot help you until you realize that what is preached in network
marketing isn’t the “full story”.

                             Now before we begin…

I know you might not be a big reader. I’m not either, so I can relate. However, this
material is just too critical for you to miss, so if you’re serious about your business, then
grab something good to drink (cup of coffee, a nice chai latte’) and enjoy this material. I
can assure you that it will be worth your time.

Moving on...

 Your Upline Leaders (At Least The Ones Making Serious
Money) Will Never Give You The Full Scoop On How To Be
                    Truly Successful

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that they don’t care about you, or that they don’t
want to help you, or that there is some crazy conspiracy against your success. I am
saying that vast majority of the leaders in network marketing did not build their huge
organizations by the traditional methods that are taught. Most of the time, these leaders
come from other companies, and swing their downlines over with them. It’s called “cross
recruiting”, and it happens frequently.

Let's say they built a downline (likely using "old school" techniques) and that company
went out of business, changed their comp plan, etc - the leader would then "swing"
his/her business into a new one. Happens all the time. Doing this, they literally go from
"zero" to hero with their new company in DAYS or months. This is why you can have
someone in your upline who has been involved for 4 months, and they are already at the
# 1 or # 2 position in the company!

Ask the top earner in your up line who they used for 3-way calling when they started
out…like they actually called the President and Board of Directors from your company
with each new prospect they added to their business.

What is sad is that these “upline Guru’s” might be kind enough to show you a few of their
tricks, but only if you pay them for it! So, you already paid to be in their downline, and
you truly want to be successful: Wouldn’t it make sense for them to show you their full

           How To Create Your First 6 Figure Month In Network Marketing
“bag of tricks”? Wouldn’t they become even MORE successful if you were successful?

This is what I mean: Some of your up line might give you access to flyers, pamphlets,
DVD’s and CD’s, and other “tools” to grow your business, and then you go and dump
these things all over town and wait for a line to develop out on your porch with people
wanting to join you in business.

Have you ever tried that before? Well, I did too, and it flat-out didn’t work. I generated
a little interest, and a few people took a look at what I was offering, but most people
were simply not that interested. The few people that were a little interested would never
really commit, so I ended up calling them back 4 or 5 times trying to get a straight
answer out of them. Talk about frustrating!

The bottom line is that these types of techniques can work…BUT NOT VERY OFTEN, and
NEVER QUICKLY. If you have $50K to throw down and have 5 – 10 years to wait for
results, go right ahead. A large corporation has the assets to wait to collect their capital
on the back end, but if you’re anything like me, I wanted to join a Network Marketing
business and start generating revenue immediately…If I wanted to wait 10 years to
collect a return on my investment, I would have been a doctor.


 Most Of The Marketing Techniques That Are Taught In
Network Marketing Work Great…For Your Company! But
                    NOT For You!

I know that might not make sense, so let me explain: The tools and techniques taught in
this industry serve as “positioning techniques”. I’m not going to get too technical here,
but positioning is how your prospect views you compared to the competition. A
positioning technique is a tool or action that acts to create a position in the mind of a
prospect. Think about this: Business cards, flyers, compensation plans, 3-way calling,
taking your friends and family to a meeting to hear one of these “Top Dogs” talk about
how they are making $20,000 per week…All these are positioning techniques that place
the light of expertise DIRECTLY ON THE COMPANY and the “Top Dogs” at the top
‘inner circle’.


What do these positioning techniques do for you? Very little. Well, that’s not true,
it actually positions you as a gopher, or as someone who can’t handle the business
yourself, so you need validation from some other source (your upline). And here’s the
kicker: all these tools were NEVER meant to position you as a self-sufficient BUSINESS
OWNER to your warm market, or any other market!

                This Is Why Warm-Market Strategies Don’t
                    Work For The “Average” Distributor

          How To Create Your First 6 Figure Month In Network Marketing
And while we’re on the subject of the “warm market”, when your warm market runs dry,
what are you supposed to do then? Do a genealogy search on the internet and find some
long-lost relatives that are looking for an income opportunity?
When I asked my upline about this issue, they recommended I “get out in the market
place and tell people about my opportunity.” Yeah, right. So I went out to ever mall,
public event, fitness center, health-food store, swap-meet, restaurant, and picnic I could
find and talked to people about my business. Guess how many reps I signed up? ZERO.
All my prospects could see that I had positioned myself as a whipping-boy for my
company, and they wanted no part of it.

Like I said, these techniques were never designed to position the distributor, they were
designed to position THE COMPANY and these “upline guru’s” as the true experts.
These techniques make it so the guru never has to prospect again, because they know
that the failure rate in the network marketing industry is a monstrous 94%, so more than
likely they know they probably won’t be seeing you again after six months.

Now, before you throw this report down and jump on the phone to get your sponsor’s
opinion about this…and definitely before you call your sponsor to tell them that you’re
quitting, you need to know this…THE HOME-BASED BUSINESS INDUSTRY IS
YOU OR ME TO GROW AND CREATE WEALTH. The trick is finding someone to tell you
the truth about how to legitimately and effectively grow your enterprise. There is no
doubt that ANYONE can succeed in this industry, so long as they have the right set of
tools. Keep reading, this gets even better…


    You Have To Know More Than Just The Information
           About Your Product And Service…

You need to become a marketer. This might come as a shock to many who have heard
that all you need to do is study your product line and comp plan, but knowing all there is
to know about why your company is so much better than any other company, why your
comp plan is so much more lucrative, why your competitors can’t even hold a candle next
to your opportunity…none of this is what making $100,000 per year from HOME (not the
local coffee shop or hotel meeting, but from HOME) is all about.

It is about USING SOUND MARKETING PRINCIPLES, principles that every successful
business around the world uses, principles that are used by all successful network
marketers to produce all the money they are making.

Here’s an easy way to understand what I’m saying: I live just outside of Phoenix,
Arizona, and out here, my wife and I LOVE to go camping with the kids on occassion and
do some fishing.

There's a beautiful lake called, "Canyon Lake" that's less than 40 minutes from our home.
Now, if we go to Canyon Lake, we have to do 2 simple things to catch a BOAT LOAD of

          How To Create Your First 6 Figure Month In Network Marketing

   1. We have to know where the fish are swimming. In other words, we can just
      throw our lines in the water wherever we want!
   We have to know the areas of the reservoir where the fish like to huddle and relax,
   where they congregate.

   2. We have to know what the fish want to eat. We can just hook pumpkin pie up to
       our fishing lines and hope they bite! Even if we know where the fish are hiding,
       we have to make sure the bait looks good, is something that they want. Once
       you know where the fish are hiding and what they eat, you will catch fish, more
       than you can eat in a lifetime!

Success in you network marketing business is exactly the same. This is why your
“list of 100” doesn’t work. That’s NOT enough fish, or even the right kind of fish! To
have a chance, you have to go where there are TONS of fish. Think about it, a
commercial fisherman doesn’t float around on the local creek and hope to bring in a big
catch…They go to the ocean, where there are millions and millions of fish to catch.

In order to succeed, you must have a continuous stream of new clients, new prospects.
You need to be swimming in new prospects, and when you know how to do this, it’s the
best feeling in the world!

Ultimately, building a sizeable network marketing organization boils down to
efficiencies...yep. That's it - to get there one needs a decent skill set.

You need to position yourself in the pathway of what prospects are ALREADY searching
for. Honestly, how many new distributors could you put into your business daily if you
had 15-30 new prospects beating down your phone wanting more information about your
products and opportunity?

Even on a rough day it's realistic to put 30% or more into your business. But...we need
to learn how to effectively position ourselves to make this happen. We need to master
the 3 most powerful forms of communication to have this become a reality.

Earlier I touched on the "channels of marketing". We're revisiting now, but with some

A "channel" is nothing more than the marketing medium that we're using to get in the
pathway of our audience that is already looking for what we have.

The "channel" could be the Internet (or breaking it down even further, it could be article
marketing, social media, pay per click advertising, etc), using the phone, direct mail, etc.
It's nothing more than the medium that we choose to communicate our message to our's how they're going to find you so you can position yourself as an authority
figure or expert in your niche.

If there's one thing you take away from this report take this...

Prospects buy from experts and authority figures...over and over and over again.

WARNING – Before you think that those overpriced, double-dipped chocolate-coated
“opportunity seeking” leads are the answer, think again! Those leads typically cost $5 -
$20 per lead, and they are an absolute WASTE of money! Those are not the kind of fish
you are looking for, and even if they were, $20 per lead is WAY too much money. You’ll
spend yourself out of business before you even give your business a chance to grow!

          How To Create Your First 6 Figure Month In Network Marketing

You need to position yourself as the expert. This is best done when you're generating
your own lead...not paying for them.
This way, you're positioning yourself throughout the entire're in control of
every aspect of the marketing campaign that you're creating.

When you purchase were not positioned as the expert (likely, it was a very
generic landing page the prospect went through that was heavily incentivized and they
were promised a $25 gift card at Home Depot just for filling out there information in the

That's not what you want. I'm sure you're starting to get the picture at this point...

                           So, Who Am I Anyway?
Right now, you might be asking yourself who I am, and how I learned all this information
in the first place. I live about 45 minutes to the east of Phoenix, Arizona. I have a
beautiful wife and 3 precious children. My family is truly the light of my life. My big

I got involved with my first network marketing company at the age of 16 (my mother
had to sign up for me as I wasn't of legal age yet). I struggled for years and years. I
was doing everything my companies and upline were telling me to do...passing out
audios, brochures, fliers on vehicles, house name it, I was doing it.

When I was struggling, I'd call my upline and he/she would say...Terry, keep doing what
you're's a numbers game. I did this for 3 years. Finally, I recognized that If I
was going to continue doing what I was doing, it was only likely, that I'd keep getting
what I was getting...

I knew there had to be a better way...

I began studying everything I could get my hands around. I began studying to communicate with prospects, both over the phone and using the
written word.

I became a sponge. Studying some of the brightest marketers of our time and even
before our time...I purchased books, DVD's, attended marketing workshops...etc.

At the age of 22, I had my first big breakthrough. From my 2 bedroom apartment, I
began bringing in as much as $20,000.00 per week.

I don't say this to boast - I share this because I want you to know that you can do it too!
Since then, things have also improved quite a bit. To the point where I recently
generated $96,000.00 in under 24 hours. Yes, just under 100k in less than 24 hours.

I also regularly have dozens of prospects sign up with me on a daily basis
without once speaking with them over the phone.

All because of one thing...

I know how to communicate with prospects, based upon their needs - NOT my own.
When you properly communicate with your prospects (using various marketing
channels), your mission is to solve their problem. In turn, yours become taken care of.

           How To Create Your First 6 Figure Month In Network Marketing
At the end of the day you're a problem solver. Someone has a problem, they hop online
and search for a solution and low and behold...they find you, the expert.

Think about it...don't you think it's a lot easier to build a business being a problem solver
rather than making lists, chasing friends and family, holding house parties and all the
other things that most of us are taught?

That’s why I’m sharing this information with you. It took a tremendous amount of time,
effort, and energy to put all the pieces together, and I’m more than happy to provide you
with them because I want you to find the success you're looking for. That leads me into
my next tidbit…


 At The End Of The Day, It Really Only Takes 3 Things To
            Succeed In Network Marketing…

  …And If You Bring These 3 Ingredients To The Table, I
  Will Guarantee That You Can Be Creating A Windfall Of
   Cash, Part-Time, With Your Business Starting Today

Here they are…

all about wanting to achieve that success that had always eluded me. Nobody likes to
lose, and after all the losses I had experienced, I vowed to myself that I would discover
the way to succeed in this industry, no matter what. After all my wife and family had
sacrificed, and sticking by my side all those years, I needed to give them something, a
better life. All those setbacks just stoked that BURNING DESIRE TO SUCCEED.

2. YOU MUST BE WILLING TO LEARN. Look, if you think you have it all figured out
(and you have the cash to prove it), then I honestly wish you the best of luck. When I
first started learning how to succeed, I had to become a student again, and I had to be
willing to learn. If you truly want to become wealthy, you must always be willing and
open to learning. The wealthiest people on earth all have the habit of being willing to

3. YOU MUST BE WILLING TO APPLY WHAT YOU LEARN. Look, you can do all the
studying and desiring you want, but if you never apply these things, it just won’t happen.
If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, then save yourself the time and trouble and
GO BUY A LOTTERY TICKET AND HOPE FOR THE BEST. It takes a focused effort to apply
what you’re learning if you hope to get results.

    Even With These 3 Things, You Need One More Tool
       To Help Get You To Where You Want To Be…

          How To Create Your First 6 Figure Month In Network Marketing

                                   A Blueprint
What kind of blueprint?

There needs to be 3 things that you are looking for in a workable blueprint:

   1. It Needs To Work – This might seem like an obvious one, but in this day and age,
       we shouldn’t take ANYTHING for granted. You need a blueprint that is effective, a
       blueprint that works in the “real world”. You have to find a way to target your
       market, to use good, effective marketing tools that work today, not 50 years from
       now. You need to find a strategy that brings people to you…quickly. It needs to
       work, and work well.

   2. It Needs To Be Cost Effective – I’ll be the first to say that spending ten grand on
       your business can be great if it product 100 grand of profits. It just makes sense,
       right? Well, you probably got involved in your business because you didn’t have
       tons of money to start a retail business, so this blueprint has to be cost effective.
       It needs to produce results soon than later.

   3. It Needs To Be Replicable – Notice I didn’t say “duplicatable”. You have a unique
       personality, and the people in your upline and downline with have their own
       unique personalities as well. Therefore, I don’t think that duplication is possible.
       But I know that you can REPLICATE a process.

   That’s what McDonald’s does every day, they show a simple replicating process that
   works time and again. If you can replicate a process, then you can make so much
   money in your business you won’t be able to spend it all in your lifetime!

Frankly, I’ve been pretty blunt with you so far, so I’ll keep with it: the honest
bottom line is that you don’t. The only way you can know if I’m the real deal is by
results. But I do know this: I KNOW that I’ve shared more with you in the last several
minutes than ANYONE in your company will probably EVER share with you.

I know and understand what it’s like to get the “runaround”, how frustrating it is to want
to go out and fall flat on my face, time and again (one month, I was so broke that I ate
noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner). It really breaks my heart that so many people
in the home-business industry spend their entire business life making donations to their
company and never see a penny of compensation for their work.

The world really would be a better place if we all lived by the “Golden Rule”, and I do
what I do because I would have really appreciated someone stepping in and showing me
the RIGHT way to do things before I had spent all that time and money doing the wrong
things. And speaking of “spending money”, that brings us to the next point…


          How To Create Your First 6 Figure Month In Network Marketing

Watching so many networkers come and go, I get to see some similarities.

One of the things that happens when a person goes to one of these company-sponsored
“Mega-Events” is that the person gets very excited by all the energy around them, and
they decide to dump a boatload of cash on some new “tool” to explode their business,
and about four weeks later they are just about in the same position as they were in

have to be able to break down your expenditures and your profits. You owe it to your
business to STAY in business, and you can only do that if you don’t break the bank. If
campaign until a cheap one gives you results. Don’t advertise on the internet until you
KNOW HOW TO USE IT. Be economical, be frugal.

The only exception to this rule is when it comes to investing in yourself, and your
BEGET LARGER PROFITS. And while we’re at it, here is another nugget of gold: YOU
techniques such as meetings at hotels and coffee shops and home parties are terribly
inefficient from a time-management standpoint.

Do yourself (and your warm-market) a favor and leave them alone. Your warm market is
just not big enough to support a full-fledged business. Stop buying every prospect a free
dinner, and instead invest that money in learning the art and science of marketing and
learn how to channel those monies into cash-producing vehicles that match your skill

        “So How Can I Guarantee My First 6 Figure Month?"

These marketing methods work so that a person actually has a home-based business.
You can literally fire those hotel events and house parties and learn how to add 20, 30,
40, even 50 and more people into your business each and every week. I’m actually not
going to tell you how many per week you will be able to add to your business, because it
will just sound silly, but one of the best parts about this is that you can do it all from
your home, in your bathrobe and slippers if you want.

This is not some TOO-GOOD-TO-BE-TRUE marketing scheme, you still have to learn how
to build relationships, but the fun part is that when you are doing something that benefits
people, and they thank you for it, it turns out to be much more valuable than any
compensation plan. You really can learn how to attract prospects that are already
looking for what you have, and learn how to create the urgency to buy just like the
largest companies on the planet, who never seem to have to beg you to purchase their

           How To Create Your First 6 Figure Month In Network Marketing


Good question. I still utilize everything I’ve learned on a daily basis, so I’m staying busy.
There are 2 main reasons I’m helping others:

1) I know there is a HUGE market out there, so there is no way anyone else is going to
take food off my table.

2) I absolutely LOVE this industry, and love the opportunity to help anyone who wants to
learn how to control their own financial destiny. This is supposed to be the “land of
opportunity”, not the “land of making OTHER PEOPLE rich”.

   This Sounds Good, But I Have Some Questions First…

You probably have some concerns right now, and I’d love to address them:

Why Do I Need You Terry? Why Can’t I Just Learn From Upline?

You bet! In fact, I know that ANYONE can learn this stuff all on their own, you don’t
need me to show you the way. The downside is that you will spend a whole lot time
using trial and error (just like I did) trying to put all the pieces together. You will also
need to spend a WHOLE LOT OF MONEY and you will experience A WHOLE LOT OF PAIN
in the process. Remember Key Ingredient #1? I know that I wasn’t teachable for a long
time, and I paid the price. Unfortunately, this is the only way some people learn. You
also need to consider how much time you’ve spent already. How much time are you
willing to spend walking the “trail of tears” before demanding results?

How Long Will It Take To See Some Results?

Another great question, and some people see results, BIG results, within 24 hours.
Sometimes it takes a few days, weeks, or in some rare cases…months. The answer
depends upon the individual student, and their willingness to bring those 3 Key
Ingredients to the table. Students who IMMEDIATELY bring an open mind, and bring a
willingness to apply at least a part-time effort …they usually see results so fast it comes
as a shock.

But I’m Broke! Can You Still Help Me?

Well, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that there is no free lunch, and
as good as I am at showing people how to generate profit, I still haven’t figured out how
to make money grow on trees. Nobody can start or learn to grow a business without any
expense. The good news is that you can learn the right way, the most efficient and
ECONOMICAL way to grow a business from scratch, and by learning from my mistakes,
you WILL DEFINITELY SAVE THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dollars and a whole lot of

Will This Really Work For My Business?

          How To Create Your First 6 Figure Month In Network Marketing
Bottom line, it doesn’t matter what your up line, downline, crossline, or hairline has told
It’s about the numbers, consumers, demand, your ability to harness those numbers and
put them in your favor.
You have to learn how to create the urgency to buy, and stop begging and convincing
prospects to take advantage of your offer. You can use as many gimmicks as you can
find, buy expensive clothing and show up for all the house parties and hotel meetings
you want, but if you don’t understand sound marketing concepts…

I Know How To Add Dozens Of Reps Each Week Into Any
  Downline…And I Can Show You How To Do The Exact
            Same For Your Own Business

Look, this isn’t about tooting my horn, I just understand how to put the numbers to my
advantage, and I can show anyone else how to do the same.

Can I really use these techniques where I live? I live WAY out in the country.

Yep. As long as you have a phone with long distance, can speak clearly, and know how
to use “spell check” on your computer, you can absolutely apply all these things to your

                         So What’s The Next Step?
Yeah, I did mention that earlier, and here’s the scoop: Even though I can show you how
to add numerous people to your business, and how to manage that business efficiently
and effectively, I couldn’t possibly squeeze everything into this report, and your
computer memory probably couldn’t hold all the information.

So here’s the deal: I want you to call me right now. It will go to my personal voice mail
that I check several times a day. I deliberately let it go to voicemail so I can week out
the serious from the curious.

I'll personally call you back schedule you for a FREE 45 Minute Consultation that will
provide you with the blue-print of adding 20-30 people per week into your business. You
can reach me directly at 602-435-2401.

I’ll personally take the time to walk you through some more information that will blow
your mind.

 After spending less than one hour of your time, you will
   learn how to literally guarantee yourself $50,000 of
               additional income…period.
I really hope this report was interesting and helpful. Again, to speak with me personally
call me at 602-435-2401.

When you call, let me know:

1. The name of the company you're with.

          How To Create Your First 6 Figure Month In Network Marketing

2. How long you've been in network marketing.

3. Your first name and number (with the area code).

4. Your single biggest struggle. What's holding you back from building a massive

Thanks for taking the time to get some of the facts about this industry, and I look
forward to providing you with more honest information in the near future.

To Your Success,

Terry Duff
Business Building Expert

P.S. – If you are doing some sort of crazy gifting program, a rip-off electronic marketing
system, or sell fake Rolex’s, then do not come to me for help. I only work with those
with the highest levels of integrity.

P.P.S. – Oh, one last thing. I’m extremely busy these days, and due to time
constraints, I can only help 15 new people per week. If I’m booked up for this week, I
help people on a first come, first serve basis.

How To Create Your First 6 Figure Month In Network Marketing

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